Monday, September 26, 2016

Righting on the Wall is Moving

By Ecklebob Chiselfritz

We are changing our url due to unwarranted and continuing harassment from the social justice warriors at the helm of Twitter.

They have targeted and labeled me, Kim and our blog as being unsafe to the general public.

We may be dangerous to their delicate Liberal Progressive sensibilities, but we are not unsafe.

Please visit us at our new location on the innerwebz  Righting on the Wall

4 Easy Steps to Writing Misleading and Highly Spun Columns

by Angela Durden

Memo to the newsroom: Sit and be a zombie

First they banned journalism from newsrooms in favor of advocacy (apparently). Now the York Daily Record’s publisher wants to ban profanity. Publisher Sara Glines doesn’t want to hear it, even when the computer system crashes on deadline. Her memo:

WTF? Is this sh** for real? Swear words have been tossed around newsrooms forever, but in this era they almost always come from women. (Hey Angela, a gang of longshoremen just came through on a tour; I think they were offended by your language. You kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?)

Anyway, that memo from January 2015 (I know it’s old, just saw it) wound up on the website of Jim Romenesko, who has covered newsroom doings for nearly as long as they have been declining. With it was a companion memo from Ms. Glines about the banning of Mountain Dew and Snickers bars from vending machines.

The twin memos inspired a string of comments, including this from Brian O’Connor of the Detroit News: 

A quick check of Ms. Glines’ career shows she is moving up the ladder, having just been appointed president and publisher of The News & Observer of Raleigh. She takes over today. Staffers there are advised stock up on candy bars. Soon there may be a black market.

Hot Damn! It's #Debate Night!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Take Me Down To The Infirmary

By Ecklebob Chiselfritz

I pulled lower back muscles mowing the lawn yesterday.
Now a cold is trying to take hold and kick my ass.
I'm thinking about sticking a fork in the toaster to complete the trifecta.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Gotta Keep A Runnin'

Ecklebob Chiselfritz - I'm done. Twitter has locked my account...again

This is ridiculous. I have done nothing to warrant the harassment I have received from Twitter. I'm done with Twitter. I will concentrate on blogging for the forseeable future. I hope y'all continue to visit us here at Righting On The Wall and interact with us in our comment section.


Sept 21, 206 -  Ecklebob Chiselfritz - Twitter has locked me out

Sept 22, 2016 - Ecklebob Chiselfritz -Twitter has unlocked my account

It's Drink O'Clock: Laredo (Live)

RadioActivity: Granby's Green Acres "Granby Quits His Job" (Audition Program)

Original Air Date: March 30, 1950

Is the horribly run Twitter up for sale?

The progressive liberal social justice warriors at the helm have done nothing except lose billions of dollars for shareholders in every quarter since day one of becoming a publicly traded company.

Of course Twitters founders and the investment bankers who rolled out the initial public offering made billions of dollars.

Shadowbanning sucks! It's Rather Orwellian

by Kim D. 

Are you feeling neglected on Twitter? Did your followers stop chatting with you? If so, you might be shadowbanned.
According to the article "Twitter Meets Orwell," 
Take consolation in the fact that you certainly aren't alone in your Twitter ostracization. It's nothing personal - you probably are rooting for the wrong team in Election 2016 or appear to be doing so by a hyper-tweeked algorithm.

Don't get too upset by shadowbanning, says Daddy Warpig, who claims it usually is temporary punishment, but how do you know for certain if this had happened to your Twitter account?
What stinks is that there is no way to reach out to Twitter to rectify this problem unless you are on Jack's good side or are a verified account with some clout:
At present time, no one knows for sure how one catches a temporary case of the shadowban bug. And, if you cannot see my tweets or view our blog, you might not even see this information, but in case you should happen to break through this Orwellian barrier, here are some tips to avoid this Twitter hell:
Good luck out there in the Twittersphere. With the new rules, suspiciously creeping in as we are 40-some days from a pivotal election, you will need it.  Either that or just start posting cat memes.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Ecklebob Chiselfritz -Twitter has unlocked my account

So after I send a couple of emails Twitter admits it made a mistake...

BUT they continue to malign our blog Righting On The Wall...

@Instapundit Is Free

by Kim D.
In case you missed it, Glenn Reynolds (aka Instapundit) was temporarily suspended for tweeting about the riots in Charlotte. He made the suggestion (sarcastic joke really) that if one were trapped in their car and threatened by rioters, one should simply "Run them down."  Evidently this advice crossed the line and he was punished until he removed the offensive tweet.

This is another reminder that Big Brother is always watching and Twitter has joined the Gestapo using its power to silence.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ecklebob Chiselfritz - Twitter has locked me out

Twitter has locked me out of my account. They claim I am an automated bot and they need to protect other users from spam.

They also claim our little blog here is dangerous to whatever device you are accessing the internet with.

They say Righting On The Wall might be a source of malware, chicken pox, measles, Hillary Clinton's kennel cough, 'taters and whatnot.

They are doing this under the guise of claiming "suspicious activity" on my Twitter account. The only thing suspicious about my account is my horrible spelling and atrocious grammar.

My Twitter account has never been hacked.

This blog site has never been hacked.

Please look at my Twitter time line.
I am not a serial tweeter much less a spam bot.
Some people even tell me they enjoy reading the sentences I manage to string together.
I am careful in what I post so as to not to violate Twitters terms of service policy.
Please scroll thru Righting On The Wall and read what we post.
We ask for no money. We don't even run ads.
We ask for no personal information.
We respect anonymity.

If I were a paranoid individual I might believe I'm being targeted by Twitter solely for posting my Conservative views/opinions.

I'm not a paranoid individual.

But a little voice in my head is telling me...

Blood and Roses (live)

Dear Prudence (Demo)

Green Grass & High Tides (Remastered)

Trying to sell books? Good luck with that

The founder and chairman of Barnes & Noble moaned on the quarterly earnings conference call about the “terrible” climate for retail. Leonard Riggio said traffic in the chain’s 638 stores was “close to a historic low point.”

Same-store sales were down 6% year over year. Revenue was $45 million shy of analysts’ expectations. Surely it’s that darned retail climate, which Mr. Riggio called “one of the worst I have ever experienced in the 50 years I have been in this industry.”

In short, Mr. Riggio came off sounding not only stupid, but the special Macy’s strain of stupid. He tried and failed to make it sound like being in the book business had nothing to do with the results. B&N sells at high-overhead stores in major malls. also sells books -- at lower prices, delivered to your house. You pick the winning business model.

Amazon is also having success in e-books. Paul R. La Monica of CNN Money nailed the situation: 

Mr. Riggio is 75. He had planned to retire but recently kicked out his CEO after less than a year on the job. The ex-CEO wanted redesigned stores that included restaurants. B&N already has a partnership with Starbucks.

Nobody knows what will happen now. Perhaps the company, which has relatively little debt, will be taken private. It has been speculated that Starbucks might make an offer. Maybe B&N will follow its former competitor, Borders, and just go away, leaving books to be sold exclusively at modest shops in strip malls.

I love books. They contain much knowledge. But public tastes have changed. Selling a book at any level, wholesale or retail, is tough. Maybe Mr. Riggio should take a different tack and convert B&N stores into giant liquor warehouses. The retail climate he speaks of is much better in that space. For that, politicians might shoulder a smidge of blame.

Hey Twitter...

3 Jokes That Make People Instantly Like You

State Department Defends Clinton Appointing Foundation Donors: We Look for 'Diverse Backgrounds'

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#Skittles Song - Oldie but Goodie

So #TrumpACandy Is now a Thing

by Kim D.

How could it not? Usually these kinds of tags produce a lot of boring jabs; however, #TrumpACandy looks promising so far:

Heh :-) Relax Trumpkins - jokes don't care about your feelings.

Are You a Court Junkie?

by Kim D.

Are you exhausted by #Skittlegate or the angst over Brad and Angelina's breakup news? Put the social media away for a day or two and tune in to a new podcast. Consider it a much-needed Calgon moment.

That was my mindset last night when I saw that Court Junkie had followed me on Twitter. Ever since I had injured my back in the 90's and spent a week at home recuperating and watching the OJ Simpson trial live, I admit it - I'm a court junkie and lover of true crime stories. So, I found the Court Junkie podcast on Itunes and gave it a listen. 

This podcast is the creation of Jillian LeCompte:
I’m fascinated by the human mind and the choices that people make, along with the consequences of our criminal justice system. But above all, I think it’s important for everyone to know about these cases, and to know that anything detailed on this site could happen to any one of us. More awareness of these types of things might eventually lead to safer streets.
If you have a similar true-crime fascination, you will love this podcast. The sound quality is excellent and the information shared about the cases and court proceedings are well researched and professionally presented. The editing is done well mixing LeCompte's narrative of the cases with actual witness audio. While the podcast is new and few episodes are available, I think you will be interested in the first cases presented.

Three episodes cover the story of Melissa Calusinski, a daycare worker who was convicted seven years ago for the death of Illinois toddler Benjamin Kingan. According to LeCompte in Episode 1:
The cause of death was ruled a skull fracture and the manner of death a homicide. Melissa Calusinski, a 22-year-old Teacher’s Assistant at the daycare, was charged and ultimately convicted of his murder. Years later, new evidence was discovered that shows Ben may not have died from a skull fracture after all, and that his death may not have been a homicide.
As a mother whose son dove from a chair head first on our tile floor when he was about Benjamin's age, I found this podcast series fascinating. Thankfully, my son survived his horrific fall with no damage at all, but I can relate to how accidents like this unfortunately happen all the time and perhaps did in the Kingan case. Calusinski was the last caregiver of the toddler before he died and naturally was suspect, but the facts surrounding the case are fuzzy, leading many to believe Melissa has been unfairly convicted.  

Episode 2, Melissa Calusinski's Bombshell Hearings, is enhanced by the fact that LeCompte, a Illinois resident, could actually attend the trial and speak directly to family members. Currently Calusinski's lawyers are arguing for a retrial due to alleged witness perjury and questionable autopsy photos. 

In the original trial, a forensic pathologist provided damning testimony that he had actually attended the toddler's autopsy:
At the trial, Montez said that what he found was “significant trauma, violent trauma to the head,” adding that he then “went to where the organs were kept after the autopsy,” and “looked at the brain itself.”
However now this testimony has been challenged by the coroner who claims the pathologist did not physically see the body and based his opinion on autopsy notes and photos of the brain injury. 

In addition, the defense claims the autopsy photos received from the prosecutor were degraded jpegs and not good representations of the brain injury. When actual tiff images were revealed in 2015, the cause of Benjamin's death was questioned along with the possibility that Melissa was unfairly convicted.
Among the new evidence is legible X-Rays of Benjamin’s skull that were discovered by Lake County Coroner Thomas Rudd in June 2015. Calusinski’s attorneys say they prove that the 16-month-old did not suffer a skull fracture, as the prosecution told the jury — 32 times — at Calusinski’s trial.
Yesterday LeCompte recorded a case update after attending day three of the evidentiary hearing which explores new evidence in the case. 

If you like listening to this new podcast, you may also be interested in reading about other cases explored on the website - and if you love listening, you might consider supporting this project on Patreon which will allow Jillian to maintain podcast equipment and provide funding to attend more live court cases and provide an "inside" perspective.

#SkittlesGate Continues with #SkittlesWelcome and a New Plot Twist

by Kim D.

Not even Brangelina can detract from the Skittles outrage. To keep alive the narrative that Trump is a racist, bigoted, xenophobic jerk, now #SkittlesWelcome is currently trending.

The outraged:
The realists:
Thus the Skittles debate continues even amid a plot twist - evidently the man who took the Skittles photo for the Trump ad is a refugee. Hmmmmm . . . . 
Cue up the lawyers . . . this could get interesting! 

George H.W. Bush Will Turn out for What?

by Kim D.

Democrats are rejoicing today! Supposedly, 41 has declared he will vote for Hillary Clinton this November.

Perhaps the 41st President will actually vote for the wife of the man who took his second term or not. Who knows? After all, this information was leaked by Democrat Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, daughter of  Robert Kennedy. 

According to Politico: On Monday, Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: "The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

While the idea that a former Republican president would vote for Hillary Clinton is a head scratcher, let's pause for a second to consider why he would consider betraying his party's nominee. Perhaps Trump's needling of Jeb was a touch too much and unforgivable. Perhaps 41 believes that Establishment politics are worth saving, thinking only Hillary would keep the status quo and elitism in politics.

After all . . . .

#PresidentStompyFeet Strikes Again

by Kim D.

The desperation is palpable :-)

Now Jennifer Aniston Is Trending?

by Kim D.

Twitter doesn't disappoint :-)

Why is Brad Pitt Trending?

by Kim D.

After Skittlegate, I'm afraid to look and see why Brad Pitt is trending on Twitter; however, I'll take one for the team and find out - be back in a sec.

Okay - that was quick - here's the scoop:
Let the speculation and celebrity worship begin:
Perhaps this is the "boring" truth:
Cue up the Trump attacks - there must be a way to tie the Republican nominee to this tragic breakup, right?  According to Twitchy, one NBC reporter thinks so:
That's all folks - back to Skittlegate.

Sarah Silverman Opens Mouth and Inserts Purple Heart

by Kim D.
She should just stop thinking at this point - it's way too dangerous. Fun fact here - Democrats are getting nervous that Hillary promoting Obama's failed foreign policy is detrimental to her election chances. So they have to push the narrative that she will be more effective in eradicating the evils of jihadism. After all, Hillary was Secretary of State when Bin Laden was killed (not captured Sarah *eyeroll*). She's the badass who should get the credit, right?

But Sarah didn't stop while she was ahead and added more stoopid, proving she obviously doesn't have a clue how Purple Hearts are earned.  Progressive idiots see the Purple Heart award as something to be desired not once considering the price our military members pay to wear that badge of honor.

In walks the education team - hopefully Sarah will listen and avoid similar mistakes in the future (but, personally, I wouldn't count on it):

#Terror Strikes Again! But that #Skittles Comment . . .

by Kim D.

Yes, folks, we have officially entered the Twilight Zone. Ahmad Khan Rahami has been captured as the mastermind behind the terror attacks that rocked New York and New Jersey over this past weekend. He is believed to have constructed both the pressure cooker and pipe bombs. It was an "intentional" act, according to NY Mayor De Blasio, who quickly emphasized that it remains to be seen if it was actually terrorism. Wut? According to the Hillary Clinton camp, it's possible Rahami was "triggered" by Donald Trump.
(I know this logic is nuts, but bear with me - this is the progressive world in which we now live.)

While Rahami was creating havoc on the coast, Dahir Adan went on a stabbing spree in St. Cloud, Minnesota. CNN reports that Adan was in a "joyful" and "happy" mood when he went to the mall to buy the new Iphone 7. Somewhere along the way he was majorly triggered because his shopping event turned into the horrific stabbing of infidels:
According to police, he asked at least one person if they were Muslim and made references to Allah while carrying out the stabbings. 
While an ISIS-affiliated media outlet claimed the attacker was a "soldier" of the terror group, no evidence has emerged to suggest ISIS had a hand in planning or executing the attack. 
The liberal mindset will tell you that these attacks are the result of hateful rhetoric. These poor men have obviously been radicalized and have simply gone off the deep end during this election cycle. And it's all Donald Trump's racist, bigoted, and xenophobic fault.

In walks Donald Trump, Jr. and the tweet/meme that shook the Internet yesterday:
To more rational thinking people, this analogy makes sense. If we are allowing refugees into America, knowing that ISIS has made explicit claims that it wants to infiltrate this exodus with jihadis hell bent on spreading the caliphate to the West, then we logically can expect some of these refugees to be poisoned by radical Islamic ideology which can be deadly.

Bearing in mind that we've just witnessed terror attacks in three states, Jr.'s tweet simply reminds that perhaps we shouldn't admit people from a region of the world where such acts are commonplace. In other words, the poisonous Skittles are already here - should we take the chance of bringing in more? Cue the outrage:
Thankfully, not all of Twitter has gone off the deep end and called out the faux outrage and hypocrisy:
The moral of this story is, yes, the Twilight Zone is real and we have officially entered. Personally I think The Sweet Meteor of Death has it right:

How Many Genders?

Leggo Yer Eggo: Kellogg recalls Eggos

James O’Keefe - University of Houston Facilitates "Emotional First Aid Kits" for Students

Monday, September 19, 2016

Painting Hillary Clinton with Bob Ross #LouderWithCrowder



Media Elite and HRC's Team Dance the Tarantella

by Angela Durden

The Media Elite, women of a certain age, radical feminists of all ages, and cuckolded men are bound and determined goddammit to see a woman president before they go out of business or otherwise die. 

That Hillary is painfully and seriously ill is so freaking clear as to be ridiculous. The entire world knows it. The only truthful clarity on this whole HRC health thing seems to be coming from the American public who are posting memes worthy of any snarky British tabloid. Kudos to all of you. Keep it up. I love to laugh. 

But to the aforementioned groups in paragraph one, none of that matters, you see, because she must be president. She deserves it, doncha know, champion of women's rights that she is...and a woman, to boot. We as a nation must prove our allegiance to Women's Rights under threat of having our collective balls cut off and must support this most deserved of women because she is the creme de la creme of all things female.

[Excuse me while I barf. Thank you. Back to the column.]

In any case, with this latest emergency of HRC's at the 9/11 ceremony, and the quick public appearance of an obvious body double (somebody should be fired for that choice), something kept niggling at my brain.

In the explaining away of this story . . . 

 . . . The Media Elite were smiling and happy dancing their way to a presidential win. Gosh, where have I seen that dance before? Then I remembered. 

Why, a little piece of music I had learned as a child on the piano called The Tarantella where, as the story goes, one bit by a wolf spider (tarantella) must have the poison exorcised via a happy dance. In my piano exercise book was a drawing of that happy dance. 

So I went online to find it. YouTube did not let me down. That I have connected the HRC/Media Elite to this video, well...I make profound apologies to the wonderful Polish Dance School that is featured. But when you watch this video, you will totally know what I mean about the explanatory responses of the Media Elite, Hill's team, RadFems, and pussified men.

Stop President Obama's Internet Giveaway!

Could Hillary's double have signed on with the campaign?

When I wrote about the upcoming presidential debates on Aug. 22, I mentioned that Hillary Clinton had health problems “the mainstream media go to great lengths to never mention.” That brought admonishment from a friend of the blog who brought up the term “conspiracy theory,” a term invented by the CIA decades ago to belittle people who question illogical statements from the government.

Well … then came Hillary’s early exit from a 9/11 commemoration in New York. While stepping into her van, she collapsed and lost a shoe. The campaign had banned news cameras from the area, and her wranglers would have whisked her off attracting little notice had it not been for one meddling man who captured video on his cellphone and posted it on Twitter. Rut-roh.

Then the denials and changed stories started coming in too thick to keep track of. When it comes to Democratic politicians and their operatives in the media, I have ADHD (as does Donald Trump, according to reports). But one aspect of affair caught my eye: Hillary has a lookalike. Could she have signed on with the campaign?

The woman who popped out of the apartment building a couple of hours after the 9/11 incident, waving and breathing pneumonia germs to a little girl for a photo op, looked from a distance like Hillary minus 30 pounds or so. She also carried a handbag over her right shoulder, the opposite of Hillary’s habit.

Will the media even ask questions? Of course not. But the Daily Mail of London carried a story in mid-July about Teresa Barnwell, 61, a former advertising executive from Palm Desert, California, who quit her job 23 years ago to become a Hillary imitator. From that story:

The Hillarys met in 1996 at a book signing. The Mail carried a picture of the two, and the real deal appears to be five or six inches taller. It is obvious from subsequent pictures of Ms. Barnwell that she worked hard to get some finer details down pat, including hairstyle. Aside from physical attributes that cannot be changed, she is almost an exact double. Was she the mystery woman?

After teasing followers on Twitter as speculation swirled, Ms. Barnwell came back the next day and posted this:
In an era when too many conspiracy theories become conspiracy facts, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel had the best assessment: “You know, these conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s health would be a lot harder to believe if they didn’t actually come true.”