Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sarah Silverman Opens Mouth and Inserts Purple Heart

by Kim D.
She should just stop thinking at this point - it's way too dangerous. Fun fact here - Democrats are getting nervous that Hillary promoting Obama's failed foreign policy is detrimental to her election chances. So they have to push the narrative that she will be more effective in eradicating the evils of jihadism. After all, Hillary was Secretary of State when Bin Laden was killed (not captured Sarah *eyeroll*). She's the badass who should get the credit, right?

But Sarah didn't stop while she was ahead and added more stoopid, proving she obviously doesn't have a clue how Purple Hearts are earned.  Progressive idiots see the Purple Heart award as something to be desired not once considering the price our military members pay to wear that badge of honor.

In walks the education team - hopefully Sarah will listen and avoid similar mistakes in the future (but, personally, I wouldn't count on it):

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