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Insomniac Theater: Disney Documentary - Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary, Alien Encounters: In March of 1995, Walt Disney Television aired a most intriguing one-hour television special on UFOs titled Alien Encounters from New Tomorrowland. This highly unusual UFO video special presents UFOs and alien visitation to our planet as a matter of fact. Though the film's existence is acknowledged by the respected website of the Internet Movie Database, you will not find it available anywhere for purchase.

Those who tracked this incredible production state that it was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US cities.

At first glance, this unique Disney television special appears to be an elaborate promotion of a scary New Tomorrowland ride on alien encounters which was about to open at Disney World. But on closer inspection, it is much more. The entire program, which opens with a short segment by Disney CEO Michael Eisner, does not even question the existence of UFOs and a major UFO cover-up. In fact, at times it has a tone of ridicule towards those who still deny the existence of UFOs.

Considering the very limited showing and audience, and the highly unusual stance on UFOs taken, many suspect that this program was a probe to measure public reaction to news of the reality of visitation and interaction with various forms of non-human intelligent life on Earth. The 10-minute section on alien abductions seems particularly designed to scare viewers. For information that the abduction phenomenon may not be as scary as presented in this film, read about the thought-provoking documentary Touched, based on the careful research of Harvard Professor John Mack.

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Carrickfergus

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No More No More (Live)

Track Your State Lawmakers with Conservative Review (@CR)

by Kim D.

Somehow we've gotten away from the notion that the people we vote for and send to Washington are not accountable to we the people. "We" are the boss and should check and see if we have employed the right people to represent us in Washington.

Conservative Review offers an easy way to do this - simple register here then view those linked to your zip code. Within seconds I could see how my Senators scored:

#TedCruz and Dr. Alveda King Give the Cold, Hard Truth about #PPACT

by Kim D.

Two of America's most respected and conservative voices have co-authored an article in the Conservative Review discussing the truth about Planned Parenthood while making the case that no tax dollars should fund this organization. According to Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Alveda King:
Click here to read entire article, and click on Twitter links below to follow both of these great Americans.

Resources for the #PinkOut Pals

by Kim D.

With Planned Parenthood under fire for the questionable and probable illegal sale of fetal tissue, those in support of the organization and for retaining taxpayer funding came out in full force yesterday, wearing their pink and promoting that without Planned Parenthood, women's health care would be in jeopardy. One of the most visible and vocal was none other than Hillary Clinton who quickly seized the opportunity to spread propaganda on her Twitter feed:

The PinkOut crowd lapped it up and had a mission to prove - Planned Parenthood is so much more than a place to have an abortion and a medium through which to donate fetal tissue. However, pesky facts keep coming up to negate this argument. 

The Center for Medical Research has promoted many undercover videos which show the true nature of Planned Parenthood and those who work for the organization. CMR has been repeatedly demonized for releasing edited videos, but how many of its detractors have watched the full-length versions? All are available here. Another great resource is offered via The Federalist: "A Quick and Easy Guide to the Planned Parenthood Videos."

Planned Parenthood boasts that it has over 700 health centers across the country; however, the interactive map at Get Your Care shows there are a sea of qualified health centers that receive federal funds. These community health centers provide care to the millions of uninsured and poor. So, to say the Planned Parenthood is necessary to the health care of women isn't factual when seeing the other choices which claim to provide a fuller range of services to women, men, and children.  

Another good resource is which scours the Web, non profits, the Yellow Pages, and medical sites to offer a comprehensive listing of free medical clinics. When compared to Planned Parenthood and the services it can provide, it is quite easy to see how unnecessary this organization is when compared to other clinics that can offer so much more.

Trey Gowdy Versus Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards

Kevin McCarthy - how he would differ from John Boehner

I'm not a FOX or Hannity fan, but I'll give Sean props on holding MCcarthy and GOP's feet to the fire in this interview.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Rep Carolyn Maloney's (D-NY) Pro- #PlannedParenthood Talking Point Debunked—by @CecileRichards

How Hollywood tried to make Hillary Clinton likeable

The Battle Over Houston Bathrooms Heats Up!

by Kim D.

Houston soon has a decision to make thanks to its mayor who pushed the Hero ordinance which ensures equal rights to everyone.  Sounds great right? Who wouldn't want equal rights? The problem is the ordinance is not about equal rights when it comes to public restrooms. Mayor Parker wants public restrooms to be open to transgendered people, trumping the rights of privacy men and women normally expect when visiting such facilities.

In a nutshell, Parker pushed the Hero ordinance into law by keeping it off the ballot. Then when an overwhelming majority opposed it and signed a petition to defeat it, her lawyer found a way to disqualify a majority of signatures. Those silenced voices took the case to the Texas Supreme Court and won. Mayor Parker would either have to get rid of Hero or put it on the ballot. So the mayor thought she would be tricky about it and change the ballot language so if you were against the ordinance you would have to vote "Yes," Again the Texas Supreme Court has spanked her and ordered the language be clear and logical.

Now on the November 3rd ballot, Houstonians only need to decide a simple yes or no:

10 Last Meal Requests On Death Row

How can #Benghazi committee be sure about Hillary emails?

Is there a silver lining to the Republican "outsiders" phenomena?

By Rob Janicki

The single greatest resulting benefit of the outsiders in the Republican presidential primary might well be the sinking of what was once thought to be the titanic campaign of Jeb Bush.  These days the Jeb Bush campaign is more closely resembling the sinking of the RMS Titanic, much to the satisfaction of many conservatives.

I, for one, have thought the Bush brand name was worn out and needed to be retired.  No more family dynasties in American politics.  Putting aside, for the moment, my many political differences with Jeb on immigration/amnesty, Common core, etc., Donald Trump may have been right.   

Something about Jeb just never set right with me in his visual presentation before audiences.  His style may have played well in the past in Florida retirement centers, but he just didn't seem to have the energy and the natural enthusiasm to get me excited about anything.  Watching Jeb campaigning was like sitting in a required college course lecture in sociology taught by a very boring professor that no one wanted to sit and listen to, but for the fact it was required. 

Jeb is at a critical juncture in his campaign.  Like Hillary and the Democrat Party, Jeb was the presumptive Republican Party candidate.  After all, Jeb had the Bush brand name and early on in the campaign cycle, raised an astonishing $100 million dollar political war chest that probably superseded the cumulative funding of the remaining field of Republican candidates.

How times have changed.  Jeb has never really gotten a foothold in the polls and he is currently mired in the lower end of the top 50% at around 9%.  This mediocre performance has lead wealthy contributors to rethink their continued support and funding of Jeb's campaign, especially in light of the folding of the once popular campaign of Scott Walker.  Will this specter of Walker's failure be deja vu all over again for Jeb?

They say it's darkest before the dawn.  In Jeb's case it may be the last ray of light he see's in this campaign cycle.  The problem is that Jeb has enough money to stay in the campaign through the primaries, if his ego overwhelms his good sense and the writing on the wall from voters who want anyone but Jeb.  Perhaps another falling rock in the Republican presidential campaign, in the form of Donald Trump, has saved America from another Bush.  Only time will tell.

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We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: If I Were A Carpenter (Live)

Just Another Night (Live)

Ruh Roh! I'm running late for Happy Hour: Dear Miss Lonely Hearts

#GunSense Trolls Prove They Are Scum of the Earth #2A

by Kim D.

It takes a special kind of evil to portray a NRA spokesperson in this manner. The maker of the video claims it is satire meant to focus on accidental shootings. I'm not buying it . . . nor is Dana Loesch.
Dana Loesch: If you think it's "satire" to make a video shooting a mom in the face that you've harassed for eons, you need to learn word definitions. -- I'm not responding to the guy personally. I will let law enforcement handle that. He has a history of violent rhetoric and harassment. -- Yes I am going to reach out to the FBI and cyber crimes. I take death threats seriously, especially when they make videos about my murder. -- I’ve contacted the FBI. I will keep you updated. I am going to pursue this to the fullest extent.

#TedCruz Wins Values Voter Straw Poll

Can Bill Nye da Science Guy Stop Mansplaining Abortion?

by Kim D.

Bill Nye has a new video advocating for abortion. He wants pro-lifers to "stop telling women what to do with their bodies." His argument stems from the fact that when women and men have intercourse, boocoodles of sperm are released which have the ability to fertilize tons of eggs. That doesn't make a pregnancy. The rare fertilized egg that attaches to the uterine wall does. Well, that's partially true. Nye conveniently forgets to mention that abortifacients prevent fertilized eggs from implanting to the uterine wall, but that doesn't stop him from claiming pro-lifers are clueless:
"It’s just a reflection of a deep scientific lack of understanding and you literally or apparently literally don’t know what you’re talking about."   Really?
For the most part, pro-lifers object to the ending of viable pregnancies. Many pro-life believers concede that, abortifacients aside, fertilized eggs, which are not viable, are not part of the "when life begins" argument; however, the science guy wants them too.
But if you’re going to hold that as a standard, that is to say if you’re going to say when an egg is fertilized it’s therefore has the same rights as an individual, then whom are you going to sue? Whom are you going to imprison? Every woman who’s had a fertilized egg pass through her? Every guy who’s sperm has fertilized an egg and then it didn’t become a human? Have all these people failed you?
I'm not going to claim if Nye doesn't have a uterus that he shouldn't have an opinion on abortion. Abortion is not only about a woman and her body. The decision to end life is not only a  woman's issue; it is a human rights' issue. However, personally, I wish the science guy would stop mansplaining anything in regard to women's reproductive rights. 

I have had four pregnancies. The first, twins, I lost at 22 weeks. I had to have a D&C to evacuate the failed pregnancy. The next two were fertilized eggs which never developed fetuses although they were attached to the uterine wall. In both of these instances I had to take the morning-after pill in conjunction with other medication to force my body to expel the non-viable, yet fertilized eggs. The fourth pregnancy worked like a charm and we have a rock-star of a kid to show for it.

Technically, on three separate occasions, I have had to use abortion techniques to evacuate my body of failed pregnancies. As a woman, each time was difficult even though I knew I was not ending a viable life. Abortion of a viable pregnancy is an extremely difficult decision to make. It is not a choice I would personally make, although I do have sympathy for people who believe they must make the decision to abort a potential life.

The current law of the land is that abortion is legal. This very fact places the power to decide into the potential parents' hands which can be overly burdensome, especially in cases where genetic defects are found or in the instances of danger to the mother's life or for those who fall victim to rape or incest. However, common-sense restrictions on the process should be considered in light of the full-length videos released by The Center for Medical Progress.

Planned Parenthood's contribution to "science" should be debated. If, after being thoroughly investigated, it is determined that the organization's value falls in the realm of promoting abortion over other viable life options and reaping the rewards from the sale of fetal body parts, then taxpayers should not be asked to fund these morally questionable practices. The pro-abort crowd is getting nervous, as they should be, and if they are relying on the "My body, my choice" and "don't tell women what to do with their bodies" arguments, they perhaps need better logic and a better spokesperson than Bill Nye.

Timelapse captures rare supermoon eclipse

Is shutting down government over Planned Parenthood a good idea?

Editor's Note: The opinions expressed in this op-ed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the rest of staff at Righting on the Wall.

By Rob Janicki

Let me be clear from the outset that I am pro-life and anti-abortion in almost all instances.  That said, I have a problem with shutting down the federal government over what some conservatives would have us to believe is solely a principled stand against abortion that can be accomplished by challenging the Obama administration to a stare down to see which side blinks first.  I just don't think many conservatives understand the legislative process and how Planned Parenthood is funded at the federal level.

The problem with shutting down government over the prospect of an Obama veto over defunding Planned Parenthood seems to me to be a false flag issue, which Democrats are inviting Republicans to fall victims to.  Let's not forget the fiasco of government shutdown in 2013 by Republicans.  It did not end well then and, in my opinion, will not end well over this issue of defunding Planned Parenthood.

Sure, I would like to see funding for Planned Parenthood abortions abolished.  It's eugenics in action to reduce minority populations in America, most notably black Americans.  The proof of that statement lies in the numbers of aborted fetuses, which annually is about 40% of black babies, the largest minority group to receive abortions.

Here's the problem, as I see it, with defunding Planned Parenthood as the conservative argument  presently stands and that few, if any conservatives are addressing.  There is no specific funding dedicated to Planned Parenthood for abortions, which amount to about 3% of Planned Parenthoods annual expenditures.  It's a violation of federal law to fund abortions.  I realize that funds are fungible and thus can be spent on anything once in the treasury of Planned Parenthood.  

But, here's the deal with federal funding of Planned Parenthood.  It is a budgetary discretionary expenditure made by the Secretary of Health and Human Services as the representative of the president.  The only real way to completely defund Planned Parenthood is to elect a Republican president who can then, by Executive Order, direct the Secretary of Health and Human Services to cease allocating any funding to Planned Parenthood or what specific services of Planned Parenthood should be terminated in order to receive any funding going forward.  That's how it works and that's how it should be done, in my opinion.

Much as conservatives might all detest Planned Parenthood, they do provide legitimate health care services to women.  Additionally, Planned Parenthood receives significant revenue from sources other than the federal government that amounts to over 50% of their revenue stream.  76% of Planned Parenthood expenditures are for STI/STD testing and birth control devices and medications.  Denying these services to Planned Parenthood as a provider will only shift these costs to other state and federal agencies.

Planned Parenthood will not disappear if federal funding is withheld in its entirety.  It is simply larger than conservatives are either aware of or will admit to.  I think conservatives need to use some discretion over their call to shut government down over the issue of abortion and Planned Parenthood. I simply do not see how shutting down government in this instance will result in a victory for conservatives.  My purpose in this commentary is to stimulate debate on the topic and not to condemn those with opposing views.

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We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Ole Buttermilk Sky

Bryan Ferry - All Along the Watchtower (Live)

Nancy Pelosi: Probe anti-abortion group over #PlannedParenthood videos

RadioActivity: Jack Benny - Buying a New Car (Feb 24, 1952)

WTF?: Hillary admits she didn't participate in her email review, can't guarantee FBI won't find anything

Faux Conservative Boehner warns about unreasonable Republicans: 'Beware of false prophets'

Et tu #meetthepress? - Montage of Hillary Clinton flip-flops - accuses her of political expediency

Disgraced former President blames GOP, media for 'full-scale frontal assault' on Hillary

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Insomniac Theater: Biography - Gracie Allen

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Joanne (Live)

Romeo Had Juliette

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Dance, Dance, Dance (Live)

Ain't too proud to beg

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Been Caught Stealing

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September (Live)

h/t Lizzy Lou Who

I Just Come Here for the Music

Sucker For Love

It's Drink O'Clock: Powderfinger (Live)

Couple Robs Bank, Posts Photos of Loot on Facebook

Yahoo News

A couple was busted for allegedly robbing a bank after posting photos of their loot to Facebook, according to a police report.

John Mogan, 28, and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe, 24, were charged with robbery for the heist at the Savings Bank in Ashville, Ohio on August 24.

Mogan allegedly walked into the bank wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gave the teller a note demanding cash, and the teller did as told.
Mogan's mugshot and Facebook photos show he is heavily tattooed with ink across his face including the phrases “Loyalty’s Thin” and “Betrayal’s Thick.” But authorities allege that Duboe applied makeup to his face and neck to cover the tattoos before the robbery, according to The Smoking Gun.
Police say that four days after the robbery, the couple posed together with cash in their hands. On August 31, Mogan also posted images of him posing with a wad of cash in his mouth.

RadioActivity: Archie Andrews - Nazi POW In Riverdale (May 18, 1946)

Would You Eat It?


SHE LIED! State Dept. Finds Discarded Benghazi Emails on HIllary's Home Server

It's Cartoon Time: Clutch Cargo - The Case of Ripcord Van Winkle

#TedCruz Delivers Powerful Speech at the Values Voter Summit #Cruz2016

When in Doubt, Rep. Bob Brady Drinks the Holy Water

by Kim D.

Ignoring the 7th Commandment and sneaking the glass of water Pope Francis sipped from while addressing Congress and having a taste of holy water couldn't hurt, right? At least that's what Democrat Rep. Bob Brady is claiming after he swiped the glass and shared the Pontiff''s leftovers with family and staff.

According to The Hill, this is not the first time Brady has swiped the glass of someone he deemed holy.  "This is not the first heist that the congressman has pulled off. Brady also took the glass from President Obama’s first inaugural address."

Friday, September 25, 2015

Marco Rubio draws applause announcing John Boehner's resignation

#BoehnerResigns and They Be "Dancing in the Streets"

RadioActivity: I Was A Communist For The FBI - I Walk Alone (April 23, 1952)

Tweeters Finding #ItsNotHardToSayGoodbye When Learning #BoehnerResigns

Kim D.

Breaking news is buzzing everywhere - especially on Twitter -  that John Boehner will retire as Speaker of the House. Perhaps Speaker Boehner should avoid social media at least for today. There's not enough Kleenex in the world that could mop up the tears.

White House suggests Russia is 'desperate' to meet with Obama #LOL

Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz Reached a New Low in Political Discourse?

Rapper Goes Cray and Calls Flight Attendant a "F***ing F***ot"

by Kim D.

Don't bother clicking on Twitter handle @AZEALIABANKS right now. She's locked up tighter than a tick to "protect" herself from the barrage of expected hate tweets after letting her freak flag fly on a recent Delta flight. She already has confronted a disgruntled fan on Instagram, and it wasn't pretty:

A poster called @a_sanctuary_found wrote to the musician: 'Imagine the pain young gay fans feel when they hear the vile things you say @azealiabanks.'
To which she replied: '@a_sanctuary_found oh well imagine how I wanna spray a gay man in the face with pepper spray everytime he calls me a bitch a slut or a hoe. Kiss my ass. Goodnight.'
The Instagram user, clearly shocked, wrote back, '@azealiabanks if the shoe fits,' before adding, 'omg what an evil thing to say??'
'Keep f**king with me if you f**king want to,' the 212 hitmaker replied, before continuing with: 'One day your hemmroids (sic) are going to burst and you'll bleed to death bitch.'
What led to her recent homophobic rant on Instagram was Banks being caught on camera and taking her frustrations out on a flight attendant. Apparently a French couple (seated in the third row) were trying to get their luggage and made Banks (seated in the sixth row) wait too long as she was trying to debark the plane. According to the Daily Mail

The other passengers were getting their luggage out of the overheard storage, but Azealia wanted to get off immediately without any hold-ups. The singer, who had been sitting in seat 6A according to TMZ, went ballistic at the unsuspecting pair, who had been seated in the third row for the duration of the flight from New York.
As the French man put his hand out to tell her to wait, Azealia went mad, and according to an eyewitness, spat and punched him in his face and clawed at his shirt. Taking her frustrations out on a flight attendant, she started screaming and called him a 'f***ing f***ot.' 

The GOP conundrum: How to bring two opposing forces together to elect a Republican president.

By Rob Janicki
America may not know it, but it desperately needs a Republican in the White House on January 20, 2017, to right the ship of state nearly sunk by Barack Obama and his liberal progressive cohorts.  But, does that mean anyone running under the Republican banner will work to to achieve the principles of the Republican Party?  Apparently a sizable number of grassroots conservative Republicans consider a candidate's "authenticity" more important than, say, the historical conservative Republican principles of governance.  

The proof of that statement is found in the number of grassroots folks who are adamant supporters of Donald Trump, despite the documented fact that he supports, or has supported, many substantial liberal positions in the past 15 years, that these very same grassroots conservative folks have historically opposed.  

It just doesn't make sense to me for these grassroots conservative folks to turn their back on their core principles in order to send a political message to the GOP establishment in the form of someone who is clearly an authoritarian and aspiring despot, all because they view him as "authentic", whatever that means. 

Looking back at 2012, the Republican establishment gave short shrift to the grassroots conservative element of the party, only to see that group of voters stay at home to send a message to the GOP establishment.  In the end the message said that the grassroots were much more interested in their message, than electing a moderate to liberal Republican like Mitt Romney. 

In 2010 conservatives, in the form of the Tea Party, did send a message to the Republicans in the congressional elections by electing a sizable number of conservatives to Congress to temper the actions of the moderate/liberal Republican leadership.  But that was a congressional election and not a presidential election.  The dynamics are completely different between the two events.  Witness the results of the 2012 election for Republicans.  Conservatives thought they could use the same 2010 congressional strategy in the presidential election and 2012 became a circular firing squad that killed the chances of getting rid of a far worse force in Barack Obama.  

Remember, Obama won in 2012 with far fewer votes than he received in 2008.  Had the grassroots conservatives of the GOP come out to vote for Mitt Romney, America would be looking at a Romney second term in the current presidential election cycle and not the cataclysmic political storm we see before us.  Imagine what a Republican Congress could have achieved with a Republican president in the White House?  We would be looking at Obamacare in the rearview mirror of history.  The outrageous actions of the EPA and their hoard of global warming alarmists would be reversed.  Much more would have been accomplished, even with the groveling likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, as they would not have had any excuses for their pathetic behavior. 

Will 2016 see a similar kind of message to be sent by grassroots conservatives or will the GOP establishment send some kind of tangible statement to grassroots voters to bring the two disparate groups together to save America?  One can only wonder, as both sides seem be entrenching themselves in positions that are potentially intractable and thus impossible to reverse, whether grassroots conservatives will sit this election out if they don't get their favored candidate nominated.

My hope is that Republican primary voters will make all of this speculation of conflict and messaging irrelevant in the end and will choose the best candidate, whoever that may be, that is capable of defeating the Democratic nominee.  I don't completely trust any of the Republican candidates as much as I trust the sum total decision of Republican Party primary voters to make the best selection possible among the candidates running.  But once those primary voters have spoken, it will behoove all Republican voters to show up on November 8, 2016, to cast their vote for the Republican candidate.

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Insomniac Theater: Meet John Doe (1941) Gary Cooper - Barbara Stanwyck

Furious at being laid off, newspaper reporter Ann Mitchell prints a letter by a fictional "John Doe" threatening suicide in protest against social injustice. When the letter becomes a public sensation, Mitchell's editor Henry Connell plans to capitalise on the interest in John Doe to boost newspaper sales. They hire John Willoughby, a former baseball player and cash-strapped hobo, to play the fictitious character.

John Doe preaches charity, plain-speaking and good neighbourliness and becomes a national figure. His philosophy catches on and inspires a popular grassroots movement with "John Doe Clubs" springing up across the country. D. B. Norton, the newspaper's unscrupulous publisher with fascist tendencies, plots to use John Doe's popularity to further his political ambitions. When Willoughby discovers Norton's intentions, he denounces Norton publicly and exposes his deception in the process.

Meet John Doe was director Frank Capra's first independent production and the third in a trilogy of Capra films about American individualism, the other two being Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936) and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939). 

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Ode to Billie Joe (Live)

Czar Nicholas II remains exhumed

Baba O'Riley (Live)

South Park to Trump: "Sorry, Not Sorry"

by Kim D.

Last week South Park took on Caitlyn Jenner and the ridiculousness of a politically correct society. This week the cartoon viciously attacks Donald Trump and his views on immigration and then depicts him being raped to death.

Yeah, me too. If you missed the episode, click here for a replay. But, if you are looking for a recap, basically Mr. Garrison goes off the rails about Canadian illegal immigration and laments:
"Where has my country gone? It was the land of opportunity that we helped do, but now all these other assholes are coming here. Where has my country gone? It was here just like two seconds ago - cause when they said that this was the land of the free, I'm pretty sure they were referring to me. And my country's gone! It got upset and now it's wandered away. It took 43 presidents to make us stand tall, and just one black guy to unravel it all. Country's gone! Please tell her that we need her back home. There's a great big hole in the liberty bucket cause someone forgot to tell the foreigners to suck it, and now they're all hanging out on my lawn."
Fired up with more to say, Mr. Garrison starts holding rallies where several in the crowd are carrying the "Make America Great Again" Trump logo. Then he proposes his immigration policy which includes building a wall (sound familiar?) and proposing "F*** them all to death; let's make this country great again." But, when Garrison is informed that the Canadians have already built a wall, he is enraged and vows to confront the leader of Canada who resembles Trump. 

Determined to lead by example, Garrison sneaks over the Canadian border in a barrel over Niagara Fall, and to his surprise, he finds the country deserted except for Trump whom Garrison ultimately confronts and fights before raping to death. Once this news travels back to Canada, the immigrants rejoice, return home, and Garrison proudly boasts that his policies work and he's taking them all the way to Washington along with his running mate, Caitlyn Jenner.

So, why did South Park creators go to such lengths to denigrate Donald Trump and his candidacy for president? It's a simple answer, one most will expect:

Sen. Ted Cruz at the Defeat Jihad Summit

Carly Fiorina super PAC releases graphic video of live fetus

by Kim D. 

After Fiorina's powerful debate-stage moment where she questions the moral character of a nation that would fund Planned Parenthood and its practice of harvesting body parts from live fetuses, many have questioned whether she was exaggerating her claims. In response to criticism, a Carly Fiorina super PAC has borrowed clips from the Center of Medical Progress undercover videos as proof she was telling the truth
The graphic footage purports to show an aborted fetus lying on a table as while it kicks it moves one of its arms and kicks its legs.In another clip an aborted fetus is filmed, before a former Planned Parenthood technician describes how she was told: 'We're going to procure brain.'

#TedCruz on "The Republican Party's Surrender Politics

by Kim D.

Below are excerpts from Senator Ted Cruz's op ed published in Politico. Consider reading the entire piece as it is a powerful argument for why Republicans capitulate to everything the Obama administration desires. We can do better!

The core of this capitulation comes from Republican leadership’s promise that “There will be no government shutdown.” On its face, the promise sounds reasonable. Except in practice it means that Republicans never stand for anything . . . 
Yet today, Republican leadership is unwilling to use the current “must-pass” legislation, a continuing resolution, to honor our commitments to the voters. Instead, the president knows he can send Republican leadership running for the hills by uttering a single word: “shutdown.”
If leadership is correct that we can never win against the president, why did it matter to win a Republican House? A Republican Senate? If Republican majorities in Congress will acquiesce to and affirmatively fund the identical Big Government priorities that Obama supports, then what difference does it make who is in charge of Congress?
In 2010, we were told that Republicans would stand and fight if only we had a Republican House. In 2014, we were told that Republicans would stand and fight just as soon as we won a majority in the Senate and retired Harry Reid. In both instances, the American people obliged. Now we’re told that we must wait until 2017 when we have a Republican president . . . 
But, many Republicans fear, we could never win this fight. The premise of that belief is that Obama will never, ever give in, so it must be Republicans who ultimately surrender. But, if we cannot win on these issues, with the facts overwhelmingly in our favor, then what possibly can we win? Nothing? Ever? . . . 
It’s worth noting, the next step—likely coming in December—is that Republican leadership intends to give in to Obama and bust the budget caps, exploding the deficit even further because if Republicans do not Obama will threaten another shutdown . . . 
Thus, President Obama’s position is that, if Congress doesn’t give a half-billion dollars to a politically favored private organization currently under criminal investigation, then he will shut down the entire government. Likewise, on Iran, his position would be that he is so committed to sending over $100 billion to the Ayatollah Khamenei—which would be used by jihadists to murder Americans and Israelis, and to accelerate the Iranian development of nuclear weapons—that he will shut down the government . . . 
And, notably, after President Obama forced the 2013 shutdown over Obamacare, predictions of electoral calamity proved false; instead, Republicans won a landslide victory in 2014. 
When Reagan was president, there were eight partial shutdowns, including six before his historic 1984 reelection. The world didn’t end. But that’s what happens sometimes when a leader fights for his principles. The alternative—Republican leadership’s current strategy—is to surrender on everything and leave Harry Reid as the de facto leader of the Senate. We can do better.

Rich Lowry: Carly Fiorina Cut Off Donald Trumps Balls In Debate

Catch the Wind

Join me on the Lunatic Fringe

New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Live)

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Insomniac Theater: Behind The Music - Thin Lizzy

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Taxi

Road To Hell (Live)

The Collins Kids - Hush Money

A remarkable duo. HERE is the skinny on them.

Brother Louie (Live)


"Politician" by Club for Growth Action

Suicide Bomber Crying Like a Baby #RotInHell

Jihadist suicide bomber was filmed breaking down in tears before being sent to his death in war-torn Syria. The frightened fighter, named as an Jafar al-Tayyar, from Uzbekistan, is seen being comforted by his fellow militants moments before he launches his deadly attack on Shi'ite town of Fua in Idlib Province - an Assad regime stronghold. After he climbs into the explosives-packed armoured personnel carrier, the young man starts sobbing. An fellow militant says: "Jafar, my brother, don't be afraid. When you are scared, remember Allah," the militant says.

Why Has POTUS Blocked Conservative Teen, @thecjpearson?

by Kim D.
Yeah - that kind of stinks when a vocally conservative teen is blocked by the President's personal Twitter account. Wonder what CJ did to get shunned?
He also dared to criticize the Tissue-Paper-Feelings in Chief on the subject of inviting Ahmed and his fake clock to the White House. But, on the bright side . . .
 . . .  just don't tell her what you think of school lunch.

If anyone wants to support CJ on his quest to visit the White House and interview the president - click here.

Students Say Ahmed's Clock Looks Like Bomb

Appetizer Deluxe: Drunk in Love [Hungry Edition]

It's Drink O'Clock: Take it Easy (Live)

Chris Matthews goes on weird rant during Pope visit: 'We're not a bunch of crazy capitalists'

App company launches Hillary Clinton-themed emoji package

WH Cabana Boy Josh Earnest: Critics of Obama on Religious Liberty Need to Take Him At His Word

RadioActivity: The Withered Arm (Feb 14, 1951)

Crybaby Geraldo Explodes with Giant Hissy Fit: ‘You Said That to Make Me Look Stupid and I Don’t Like It!’

Ominous German Highway Banner: "Your Children Will Pray to Allah or Die"

by Kim D.

According to . . . 

The Marine Billboard that You're Gonna Love

by Kim D.

Across America billboards warning jihadists display a simple message: "It's God's job to judge the terrorists . . . It's our mission to arrange the meeting!"
Simple, direct, and to the point, this is the kind of message that reflects the attitude that most Americans aren't going to treat terrorist threats lightly. 

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Judge Napolitano: Potential Fraud Case If Ahmed Mohamed's Clock Was 'Purposeful Hoax'

#SJW Feminist Festival Crashed By #LouderWithCrowder...In Underwear

Clockgate Gets More Interesting #StandWithAhmed

by Kim D.

So Ahmed didn't really build a clock making #StandWithAhmed nothing more than a crock. But that didn't stop the President from tweeting an invite to the White House before actual pictures of the suitcase clock were officially released. Something smells fishy with this whole clock controversy, almost like it was intentionally staged and some in the Muslim community have a direct line to Barack Obama.
At least it appears this is some of what Irving, TX Mayor Beth Van Duyne is alleging. According to an interview the mayor gave to Glen Beck, this all started with the issue of the Muslim community wanting Sharia law in Irving, TX and the city council denying this desire because it would be contradictory to American Constitutional law. She also revealed the facts of the clock controversy from the perspective of the police and the school.

Mark Steyn on the future of the GOP field, Clinton campaign

Poll shows Democratic nomination fight now a 3-way race between Clinton, Sanders, Biden

This is the same as asking who is your favorite Stooge; Larry, Moe or Curley?

It's A Clock

Top Secret Advanced Military Weapons

Is Carly Fiorina doing the heavy lifting for the GOP?

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By Rob Janicki