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Righting On the Wall Special Report: DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz From A to Z

By the staff of Righting On The Wall 

And we’re not talking Playboy – although ‘Hustler’ might be appropriate for her.  A lot of information has been rounded up by Righting on the Wall and the overall picture it paints is one of lies, deceit, ignorance, and incompetence, just to name a few. We want to lay out the whole ugly story of Little Debbie so that you, our readers, can decide for yourself.  And you readers in Florida – pay careful attention. 

Frankly, we are tired of looking at her face (which is why we wanted to get it over with) so let’s move on to some hard numbers regarding her campaign donors. Lawyers and lobbyists are at the top of the list, along with alcohol, which explains a lot.

Whatever You Want

It's Drink O'Clock: Jazzman (Live)

Act Naturally

By Meg Dare

Donald Trump Discusses Donations to Veterans, BLASTS Political Media

by Kim D.

This press conference was a masterful spanking of the press. However, not many believe Trump doesn't want the credit for raising funds for Veterans.  One question remains: If the issue was vetting the Veteran organizations and distributing money transparently, why didn't Trump's team address this process months ago. They didn't, leading to tons of questions about how much money was exactly raised and which organizations did it go to.

The biggest loser - even bigger than the more liberal speaking press - is Bernie Sanders who made a mess of the VA Hospital system under his watch. However, giving credit where it is due - this appears to be a huge win for Trump in the area of public opinion.  Expect poll numbers to go up.

NBA player finds out not to mess with Texas

Ever hear of Bryce Dejean-Jones? Until about 3:30 Saturday morning, he was a guard for the New Orleans Pelicans, a guy who worked his way up from the NBA Development League and appeared in 14 games before suffering a broken wrist. Now he is in the Dallas morgue, his life ended before his 24th birthday.

From the police statement: 

CNN.com filled in some of the blanks:

Other accounts have called that girlfriend an “estranged acquaintance” and quoted the agent as saying his client “was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Perhaps Dejean-Jones was angry and kicked the door in because he thought his baby’s mama had locked him out. (He played for three colleges, leaving one because he broke a teammate’s nose; there had been other incidents and scrapes with the law.) Perhaps Dejean-Jones was high on something; toxicology reports will sort that out, slowly.

This unfortunate tale has generated reactions of shock and sorrow and best wishes for the mother and 1-year-old. I concur. It has also elicited the usual hopeful speculation from bleeding hearts about whether the unfortunate apartment owner, who did nothing but protect himself from a threat on his premises, should somehow be charged with a crime.

Texas law is fairly specific. An individual is entitled to use deadly force when they feel threatened in their home. In recent years, that right has been extended to anyplace a person “has the right to be.” According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, at least 22 states (including Texas) have laws saying persons feeling threatened have no duty to retreat.

In other words, case closed.

Hispanic Trump Supports Tell Protesters To Go Back To Mexico

If Hillary Wins in 2017, Will Men Be Dressing as Dogs? #PuppyPlay

Katie Couric Responds to Deceptive Editing Charges in Gun Documentary

Hillary's Email - and the New Excuse Is . . .

by Kim D.
John Podesta is on his 10-speed bicycle and spinning the wheels as hard as he can. At least he is in one of the latest memos to Hillary's big donors, offering, yet another, explanation for why Secretary Clinton used a private email server. Click here to read the entire memo, as published by Buzzfeed.

So what's the new spin?
Had Secretary Clinton known of any concerns about her email setup at the time, she would have taken steps to address them. She believed she was following the practices of other Secretaries and senior officials.
So why the memo and need gloss over the email issue?
The letter comes in the wake of a damning report from the State Department’s inspector general which found that Clinton violated agency policy as secretary of state by using an off-the-books email system, which consisted of a personal email account and home-brew server.Clinton did not inform State Department officials about the system, though the watchdog’s report said she had an “obligation” to do so. She also failed to follow State Department policy by failing to tell State Department information security officials about two attempted hacking attempts on the server, which was managed in secret by State Department information technology specialist Bryan Pagliano.
For anyone who thought EmailGate would die down and fall into the obscure pages of Clinton history . . . think again. 

LET’S GAY ALL THE THINGS! #LouderWithCrowder

PETA and P.C. Domme's crack their Caring Whips...again. Is your boohiney sore yet?

PETA and the P.C. Domme's and Dominatrices cracked their Caring Whips again as is evidenced by this headline on MSN.com:

wait for it...
wait for it...
here it comes...
the whips are flicking...
the whips meet skin...

Outrage. A word that shows the world the P.C. crowd cares more than you. But exactly what were they outraged about?  Why, that a precious gorilla, [wailing!] endangered, [beating of chest in agony] was shot and killed when everybody knew the way to handle it was simply to charge with a crime the parents of the little boy who, by the way, was being dragged around by the friendly gorilla who only wanted to educate the boy on the ways of his kingdom.

Yes, high crimes and misdemeanors! Impose fines [gnashing of teeth] on those awful, awful parents and let the courts settle the issue, but don't shoot the animal that is dragging the human child right now. How dare those uncaring gun-lovers shoot the precious -- and highly popular -- animal who, through no fault of his own, had his natural habitat destroyed by global warming when the ocean rose and took over his property and now, [gloom, despair, and agony] has to live in a [gasp] man-made zoo?  Horrors. Why, if they had only asked the advice of Those Who Care, the gorilla would still be alive and available for stud.

Yes, PETA (we all know how ethical they are, right?) and the P.C. Whippers and their acolytes, the P.C. Whipped, were absolutely beside themselves when they saw a gun was used, an endangered animal was killed, and worse: a human child was saved. Don't you, the heaving masses of the great unwashed in the ways of Caring with a C, know that it is the human which must be sacrificed if there is a choice between saving it or an animal?

Oh, I can double guar-oh-damn-tee you that if the child had been killed or otherwise harmed and the gorilla was still alive, PETA and the P.C. crowd would never have said a word. With the P.C. crowd, the evil people are the good men and women who must quickly assess a situation, weigh options, make a decision, and take a tough and unpopular action to save a human life by using a gun against an animal.

I applaud the actions of those people who had to quickly make it happen. They did the right thing. As for the parents, they've already been sacrificed on the altar of public opinion. Let's only hope that those who must decide to bring charges against them will weigh all the evidence in the light of what it means to be a parent. Because every parent I know has had close calls wherein their child did something so stupid that got them hurt or within a finger's breadth from getting killed. Every parent has -- or will soon -- experience this. 

That these parents had a child who chose a most-public moment to do something stupid will forever haunt them. Ten years from now some P.C. Whipped pseudo journalist with writer's block will go back in the archives and look for a story to revisit. There will be pictures of the kid in school, and a picture of the parents that will be spun to either make them look suitably chastened or will be captioned to make them look like the evil people they are so that, in any case, the P.C. crowd will feel vindicated in their outrage.

These parents are probably just like the parents you and I are. The kind that has every gray hair and wrinkle for a reason, but who moves on with their life and lives to tell the tale in their old age of that son of theirs that just about died because of that time he was so curious he crawled in to the gorilla cage, and, Lordy, have they had their hands full keeping up with his curious ways, and boy, oh, boy, are they glad he's got a kid just like himself so he can know what they went through. Yes, that's most parents' prayer, much like this comedy routine:

Personally, I blame the P.C. crowd for the boy crawling in. You see, the boy probably saw many pictures of a gorgeous gal hugging a wild animal, with a caption that reads in pure P.C. style: 

Animals know when we CARE about them. See? They will live in peaceful co-existence with humans if our attitude of CARING is strong enough.

Sure they will...
until they get hungry.


Donald Trump is what he is and he will not change.

By Rob Janicki

It's been suggested to Donald Trump, by many professional political types, that he become more presidential, since he is now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee with only a perfunctory vote to be held by GOP delegates at the July GOP presidential nominating convention to make his nomination a political and legal formality and fact.

However ...

Don't expect Donald Trump to change his behaviors one iota from what he has exhibited to date.  Trump's personality won't permit it and furthermore Trump at his core sees no reason to change, since he has been successful beyond his wildest dreams in this 2016 GOP presidential primary season beginning back in mid 2015.  Donald Trump cannot change his personality anymore than a tiger can change its stripes or a leopard its spots.  It's now permanently built into Trump's personality and psyche as if it was hard wired from birth.

I honestly believe that Trump never believed that he would accomplish what he has at this point in time.  I really believe that this was Trump's effort to remain a relevant player in his social circle and to support his oversized ego in his later years.  Trump is, after all, 69 years old and will turn 70 on June 14.  I am certain that Trump realized early on that if he was going to make a splash of any kind in politics, that this would have to be the time.

The premise of my commentary is that Trump will not change his habits, which have served him so very well throughout his successful business career.  Trump primarily operates from, among things, gut instinct at the moment he is confronted with a challenge.  He has been right far more times than he has been wrong with this internalized emotional decision making process.  Trump's decisions are less analytical and more emotional responses to circumstances that confront him.  Trump has always said he was a counter puncher, rather than someone who was particularly proactive.   It's the Trump thing to do and what Donald Trump knows best.  Trump's decision making process simply will not change, nor will his style of campaigning.

Trump will continue to be on the attack throughout the election process with absolutely no change in his style or temperament.  Trump's narcissism simply will not permit him to adapt and change from what he really believes is an almost messianic driven process of leadership.  People have asked what the difference is between God and Trump and the simple answer is that God doesn't believe he's Donald Trump.  Groan!  Meanwhile, Trump has been eminently successful  with his reactionary response when challenged.

I now believe that Donald Trump will win the presidency despite all the shortcomings of his personality.  What shakes me to my very core is that Trump will assume the presidency of the most powerful country on earth with the exact same set of behaviors he has exhibited throughout the campaign and the post election victory carrying over to his swearing in on January 20, 2017.

Upon assuming the swearing in as President of the United States, Donald Trump will exercise the presidency with all the very same behaviors he has exhibited throughout his adult life.  There is absolutely no reason to believe he will do otherwise, based upon his entire adult life experiences and resulting behaviors.

The world is unprepared for Donald Trump, just like the American political system was unprepared for someone like Donald Trump.  How the leaders of the world will react to Trump is the great unknown and that will become even more troubling with the passage of time and Trump's unique behaviors as he addresses issues of great importance to the rest of the world and its leaders, both allies and enemies

Trump has demonstrated, that when confronted by an opponent, he will do anything to destroy his opponent.  How that mindset will play out on the world stage has to be troubling to friends and foes alike and will only become more troubling as Trump reveals that he will not or cannot change.

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Bitch (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: I'm a Loser (Live Audio)

It's Drink O'Clock: I Don't Care Anymore (live)

From Actress to Gender Studies Professor - #Jolie2016

by Kim D.

Pay close attention to Angelina Jolie - if Hillary cannot break the ultimate glass ceiling in 2016, Jolie can in 2020. The Democrats are taking note of how pure celebrity can breed a nation of fan boys and girls while turning a blind eye to actual credentials needed to lead the greatest nation on earth.

Back to Angie, though, in addition to being an actress and super mom, she will soon be adding gender studies professor to her dossier:

#MemorialDay2016 - Mansions of the Lord

Tim Wise: You Might Be a Racist, if . . . on the #TrumpTrain

Coco Chanel loved this tale of a most excellent beatdown of an unthroned king by Baudelaire

Coco was interesting in that she absolutely knew she could not depend upon any human being to help her. Yet with the unerring sense of an arrow with a mind of its own seeking a bullseye, she turned tricks, picking successful johns and working her way up the social and economic food chain until she found benefactors willing to inspire her and fund her business until she could get on her feet. This was a process that took at least 15 years. 

I'm sure I could write a lot about that subject, but that is not the purpose of the post today. Today, my post is a prose-poem mentioned in a biography of Coco Chanel that served as an important catalyst for her business sense. I'm not reading her biography because I'm a fashionista or a clothes horse, but because I do enjoy understanding how one goes about building an empire when one comes from nothing -- especially an empire that ends up getting larger and stronger even after one's death. 

I personally found this poem to be spot on in certain sermons preached by the politically correct in our time as they go about building the new slave class to suit their own economic dreams. 

“Let's Beat up the Poor!"

also known as “Knock Down the Poor.”

by Charles Baudelaire (“Assommons les pauvres!”)

Written somewhere in the mid to late 1800s 
(Bold italics are in place at Angela Durden's discretion) 

For 15 days I was confined to my room, and I was surrounded by the sort of books that were fashionable then (this was 16 or 17 years ago) – I mean to say those books in which is treated the art of making people happy, wise, and rich in 24 hours. I had, then, digested, – I should say, swallowed whole, – all the lucubrations of all of these entrepreneurs of public happiness, – of those who council all of the poor to make themselves slaves, and of those who persuade them that are all unthroned kings. You won't be surprised to learn that I was in a state of mind close to dizziness or stupefaction.

It seemed to me only that I felt, confined in the depths of my intellect, the obscure seed of an idea superior to all the old wives’ tales collected in the encyclopedia that I had recently read through. But it was only the idea of an idea, something infinitely vague. And I went out with a great thirst. For a passionate taste for bad reading engenders a proportional need for fresh air and refreshments.

As I was about to enter a cabaret, a beggar held out his cap to me, with one of those unforgettable gazes that would cause thrones to tumble, if spirit could move matter, and if the eye of a hypnotist could make grapes ripen. At the same time, I heard a voice whispering in my ear, a voice that I well recognized: it was that of the good Angel, or good Devil, who accompanies me everywhere. Since Socrates had his good Demon, why shouldn’t I have my good Angel, and why shouldn’t I have the honor, like Socrates, of obtaining my own certificate of insanity, signed by the subtle Lelut and the well-advised Baillarge?

There is a difference between Socrates’ Demon and my own, and that is that Socrates only appeared to him to forbid, warn, and prevent, whereas mine deigns to offer council, suggest, and persuade. Poor Socrates only had a prohibitive Demon; mine is a great affirmer, mine is a Demon of action, a Demon of combat. Now, his voice whispered this: “He alone is equal to another who proves it, and he alone is worthy of liberty who knows how to conquer it.” 

I immediately leaped upon the beggar. With a single punch I gave him a black eye, which became in a second as big as a ball. I tore one of my nails breaking two of his teeth, and since I didn't feel strong enough – having been born delicate and being little practiced in boxing – to beat this old man to death quickly, I seized him with one hand by the collar of his jacket and with the other I grabbed his throat, and I began to bang his head against the wall vigorously. 

I must admit that I had previously inspected the area with a quick glance and that I had verified that I would find myself, in this deserted suburb, out of the reach of any police officer for a fairly long period of time. Having then knocked down this weakened sexagenarian with a kick in the back, energetic enough to have broken his shoulder-blades, I seized a big tree limb that was lying on the ground and I beat him with it with the obstinate energy of a cook who wants to tenderize a steak.

Suddenly, – Oh delight of the philosopher who verifies the excellence of this theory! – I saw that ancient carcass turn, stand up with an energy that I would never have expected to find in so singularly broken-down a machine, and, with a look of hatred that seemed to me a good omen, the decrepit ruffian threw himself upon me, blackened both of my eyes, broke four of my teeth, and with the same tree branch beat me to a bloody pulp.

Through my energetic medicine, I had returned to him his pride and his life...

Then I made him numerous signs to let him understand that I considered the discussion ended, and getting up with all of the satisfaction of a Stoic philosopher, I said to him: “Sir, you are my equal! Do me the honor of sharing my purse with me; and remember, if you are really a philanthropist, that you must apply to all of your brothers, when they ask you for alms, the theory that I had the sorrow of testing out on your back.”

He swore to me that he had understood my theory, and that he would obey my advice.

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Hatred (A Duet)

Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (LIve)

S/O to Lizzy Lou Who

Fast As You

S/O to Spew

Creep (Live)

Shout out to Danimal


The song you are embarrassed to admit you like: Honey

It's Drink O'Clock: Brand new Cadillac

Two Tickets To Paradise (live)

Partridge Family Ignores #FemiNazi: I Think I Love You

Hugh Hefner: Cool ain't what it once was

Most of you have heard that Playboy magazine will no longer publish photographs of naked women. Some say it is a sign of end times; others say they won’t notice because they only look at the profiles and trend articles. By “others,” I mean liars.

There is also a sad story from London’s Daily Mail, relaying reports from British supermodel Carla Howe, 25, who spent time at the Playboy Mansion. It seems the legendary abode in Beverly Hills has become a retirement home for Hugh Hefner, 90, who prefers to spend evenings watching vintage movies rather than cavorting with models.

Says Ms. Howe, “Hef is so frail he goes everywhere with a group of nurses.”  She further disclosed that women living at the 22-bedroom home must adhere to a strict 9 p.m. curfew and it’s “like being in prison.”

Hef was once was the epitome of cool. He founded Playboy in 1953. The original working title was Stag Party and the first issue’s photo layout was of Marilyn Monroe, so he made good editorial choices early. The magazine led to syndicated TV shows in the 1960s, a string of nightclubs in major cities and a reality show on cable. We’ll spare you details of his love life.

Back to Ms. Howe and the mansion. She tells of damp bedrooms, stained sheets and squalor. I wouldn’t want to visit because we cats have 10 to 20 times the sense of smell of humans. (Dogs’ noses are thousands of times more sensitive. Ever heard of sending cats to hunt down somebody who walked off a prison road crew?)

Writing this, we mean no disrespect for Hef. Imagine what shape your sorry ass will be in at age 90.

The Most Cringeworthy Face Tattoos On People

Captain America Goes SUPER GAY!! #LouderWithCrowder

Your Feelings, Your Problems

by Meg Dare

Is anyone else tired of this? It seems in our modern society, people expect me and you, dear readers, to either validate their feelings or manage the fickle things for them. Essentially, that is what the core of social justice warriors is all about, am I right?

As a counselor (in the making), let me save you a lot of money in therapy SJWs…your feelings are your problems. I know, right? I’m brilliant. Don’t get me wrong—I believe in empathy, compassion, understanding, etc. But they can only go so far. And I only have so much patience with whiners. This Movement of Progressive Feels Whiners (MPFW) is not only obnoxious and a nuisance for those of us who aren’t emotionally disturbed, but it causes a deeper issue people aren’t seeing from the surface.
We are creating a generation of people who do not know how to regulate their own feelings and emotions. They make it the job of others, even the courts, to deal with an offense.  Parents need to teach their children how to calm themselves down. Remind them that it isn’t Timmy’s fault you got mad, so you shouldn’t screech at him and throw your Tonka truck; I don’t care if you are 37.
Photo Credit
With idiotic concepts like “hate speech,” “trigger warnings,” and “safe zones,” we are wussifying generations and who knows the consequences on down the line. Instead of emergency hatchets and fire extinguishers in red cases, college campuses will eventually have teddy bears and blankies in case of emergency, mark my words.
My little brother knows this well; whenever there is someone whining at me, especially in regards to placing their feelings in my hands, I typically say, “You want some cheese and crackers to go with your whine?” He hates it. But it gets the point across. No, I don’t say that sort of thing to clients. But I do tell them when they are complaining about crap instead of getting to the root of issues and let them know when they are the problem, and throw a bunch of good one-liners that would get me fired if I wasn’t doing pro-bono work.
One of my favorite things to say to a client is, “Let me stop you right there. I don’t care about your feelings. I care about you. There’s a difference.” It goes over so well, let me tell you. As a counselor, feelings are important to me, but they are mere indicators, not dictators. They are like warning signals, telling me there is a bigger problem, not something I pay homage to.
So if any SJW is reading this and gets their feels hurt, remember this…I don’t care.

Vomit Bag Alert: The Obama’s Plan for Life After the White House

Guess what song was blasting...

over the inside/outside intercom at our elementary school yesterday at dismissal time.


CBS: Obama's Hiroshima speech was 'remarkable' for not including apology for A-bomb

Watters' World: Memorial Day edition

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Back Stabbers (Live)

Brand New Key

Candy-O (Live)

Senator Harry Reid responds to getting "owned" by Tom Cotton #Popcorn

#Popcorn Tom Cotton Rips Into Reid: ‘Vulgar, Incoherent Ramblings,’ ‘Cancerous Leadership’

@RedSteeze Suggests New Conservative Anthem

H/T Stephen Miller

The first "The Conservatarians" podcast, which partners Stephen Miller with Jon Gabriel, is out and 100% worth a listen.

The Big Bear is laughing at us

In Siberia, they’ve discovered that nothing warms things up like a Cold War. That is the theme of the President Cafe, a shrine to Russian leader Vladimir Putin. From The Guardian of London: 

I mentioned the new Cold War. That’s addressed by the bathrooms: 

One of the cafe’s managers studied in the U.S. for three years before returning to her homeland. She told the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that there are “no leisure activities” on these shores and described Americans as “like helpless kittens” when faced with a crisis. (She might be half right; I’ve known kittens far more resourceful than some people.) She continued:

Recent Russian military provocations against the U.S. probably entertained customers at the President Cafe. The Obama administration’s tepid response likely caused more laughter. At some point we will have to respond – or get out of the Big Bear’s face.

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We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: I Remember You

Next (Live)

Name of the Game

Northern California Girls (Live)

Candy's Going Bad

Born Late '58

It's Drink O'Clock: Lookout (Live)

Roll me away #Election2016

Gary Johnson and Austin Petersen Debate Religious Liberty

Lord Darthos 4: Citizenship #VoteVampire #Darthos2016 #Constitution

MSNBC marches Asian-American Trump supporter around to be confronted by other Asians

#TransMasculine Teacher Gets $60k After Co-Workers Won’t Call Her ‘They’ #MakeItStop

Got a GPS? Turn at your own risk

Paraphrasing your mother, if your GPS told you to drive into a lake, would you? A woman in Bellevue, Washington, did when commanded to turn. Then there were the Japanese tourists in Australia who drove into the ocean trying to reach an island from the mainland. These wrong turns didn’t result in fatalities, but some do.

Trying to determine what these hypnotized drivers might be thinking, Cornell University researchers found that “the process of interpreting the world, adding value to it, and turning space into place is reduced to a certain extent and drivers remain detached from the indifferent environments that surround them.” Bottom line: "GPS eliminated much of the need to pay attention.” As these devices become more ubiquitous, pray for other cars on the road.

Being a man, my personal assistant can read a map and has little use for GPS. But he still gets in trouble now and then. Like that time at Spring Training when he was correcting a wrong turn and wound up bickering with my other assistant like Tarzan and Jane in the GEICO commercial.

Stay Away from Public Pools

Hey, Pops, Guess What? Syrian Refugees Are a Comin'

by Kim D.

This morning started off pretty well until I saw this in my Twitter feed:
My first thoughts are great - that's 10 minutes down the road from where my parents live and about five minutes from the Robinson Nuclear Plant. Besides, why McBee - the heart of Bubba land? 

There are only three, main things to know about McBee, South Carolina:
1. Unless you want to be severely reprimanded or punched in the face, never call the town McBee. It's pronounced MAC - Bee.
2. Watch your speed - the town has always been known as a speed trap. It's one of those small, Southern towns that has a courthouse, a jailhouse, an old caboose as a library, a Subway, a few gas stations, an elementary and a high school, and a couple of churches. Highway 151 cuts straight through the center of town which is the main road which leads from Charlotte, NC to the Darlington 500 races and Myrtle Beach. It's one of those towns for which if you blink while driving through, you miss it. Add to that, the police have nothing better to do on most days than to sit in concealed areas and wait for unfortunate speeders to pass through.
3. McBee's main claim to fame sits on the outskirts - McLeod Farms - one of the largest peach producers in the state.
So, I ask, again, why McBee, SC? Before the trolling begins shaming me into acceptance of people who cannot be fully vetted and are coming from an ISIS-infested region of the world, please stop. This is happening in South Carolina for one reason only - federal dollars. South Carolina is one of the poorer states and it has suffered greatly under the Obama administration. 

One website describes McBee as being located "within the state’s “Corridor of Shame,” a broad swath of poor, rural South Carolina that features some of the most corrupt local governments and most poorly-run government school systems." Just down the road, folks in Hartsville would nod their heads in agreement, especially my dad. 

Well watch out Pops because they are a comin'. According to Fits News . . . 
. . .  lawmakers in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina have been desperately trying to reach Haley to voice their opposition to a new planned resettlement complex in McBee, S.C. Haley – who has been a bit, um, “busy” lately – hasn’t returned their calls.
These lawmakers say they have received word that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – is in the process of relocating more than five dozen mobile homes near McBee, S.C.The purpose of these homes?  To provide accommodations for a Syrian refugee resettlement.
Governor Nikki Haley has recently been sued for rolling over and allowing the influx of refugees into the state:
While this drama plays out, remember again that the proposed refugee resettlement complex in McBee is just down the road from a nuclear power plant. Knowing not all refugees can be 100% vetted is it worth the risk? It only takes one ISIS jihadi to make things go BOOM!

Trump Vince Fostering Hillary - Of Course He Went There

by Kim D.

Conspiracy theories are sensational when the focus of their intended target has led a questionable public life.  For this reason, only the Kool-Aid drinkers believed that Ted Cruz had multiple affairs or that his father was somehow involved in the killing of JFK. These allegations were pulled out of thin air and sloppily put together in a manner only meant to rally the troops and place doubt in the minds of undecided primary voters. Perhaps this was simply practice for Donald Trump in preparation for taking on the leviathan oftentimes known as the Hildabeast.

Floating shameful conspiracy theories are a part of Trump's strategy. Among low information voters, his poll numbers skyrocket each time he floats a scandalous rumor. Why would he stop especially now that he has his sights set on Hillary Clinton? 

The Clinton family drips scandal and the Vince Foster suicide/murder is a perfect weapon to hurl at Hillary and Bill before the general election begins. For those willing to investigate the entire story, even if they conclude Foster committed suicide, they have to admit he was depressed and driven to take his life because of his association with the Clintons. 
Apparently, Foster was to do Hillary's dirty work and he was hounded to rid the White House travel office of long standing employees in order to plant Clintonites to these positions. The firing of these employees was a scandal in itself which caused a huge uproar about alleged cronyism. In the end, none of the charges leading to the firings were substantiated. Hillary was proven to be a liar when she denied any involvement:
She now insisted that the firings were not her fault. Others had misconstrued an "off-hand comment": she had meant only to suggest that the staff should "look into" questions about mismanagement. Hillary also insisted she didn't know the "origin of the decision" to remove the employees, and that she "did not direct that any action be taken." An official report issued seven years later concluded that her statements had been "factually false."
Working for a corrupt administration and an overbearing and equally horrid FLOTUS, is it any wonder Foster would want to permanently sever ties? Could dealing with day-to-day corruption and Hillary Clinton drive one to suicide?
At the time, Vince Foster felt deeply responsible for the imbroglio and was worried that Congress might investigate. White House aide David Watkins remembers Foster saying to him "My God, what have we done?" and expressing concern that Hillary's role in the firings would come to light. He urged Watkins to protect "the client" at all costs. Foster knew that in shielding Hillary, he might have to mislead congressional investigators under oath - a grim prospect for a man who took pride in being a straight arrow. 
By mid-July, he had lost more than a stone in weight and seemed unusually subdued. He twice told his wife that he felt under pressure and was thinking of returning to Arkansas. Talking to a colleague about his dealings with Hillary, he said: "It's not the same." On one matter after another, he confided, she would bark "Fix it, Vince!" or "Handle it, Vince!" and leave him to pick up the pieces. 
On July 16, Foster and his wife drove to an inn in Maryland for the weekend. At dinner that night, Foster cried when Lisa asked him "if he felt trapped." Three days later, he called his doctor, who gave him a prescription for the antidepressant Desyrel. The following night, July 20, he was found dead.
However, was it really suicide? The problem with the Clintons is that even moderate supporters would have some doubts. They have been at the heart of so many scandals that involvement in the murder of Vince Foster is plausible. The FBI was the one key thread that led each formal investigation to conclude the death was suicide - the same FBI under the Clinton administration. 

To put things in perspective, of all the Obama administration scandals, who believes the Department of Justice has acted impartially to impart transparency? Or, the IRS has acted impartially and treated all Americans fairly? If answering affirmative to either of these questions, it's way past time to lay off the Kool-Aid. You have a drinking problem.

Much evidence has been submitted that questions the death of Vince Foster and concludes sinister forces were involved and the FBI and others participated in a cover-up to protect the Clintons. Could this evidence be skewed? Of course, that's what conspiracy theorists do best. However, whether it be suicide or murder, Vince Foster's death can be directly associated with Hillary and Bill which makes it the perfect weapon.

Gutfeld: Whole Foods shouldn't have let hoaxer off the hook

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fun Hashtag for a Day that Ends in "y" - #Slogans4Hillary

by Kim D.

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