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Twelve Steps to Temperance for Journalists and Reporters

ROTW Contributor: Angela Durden

1. I admit I am powerless over ego-propping print bylines and television facetime. I know that my reporting angles are unnaturally influenced by my arrogant, self-righteous do-gooderism towards those I have judged to be helpless, stupid, ignorant, and who don’t agree with me.

2. I have come to believe that not all situations are as cut and dried as I once believed, and that Accuracy and Truth has power greater to repair than does my narrow view. If I stop reporting with pre-conceived biased judgment and only do my job – that is, simply telling what happened – this could restore readership to the paper and draw more viewers to the screen.

3. I have made a decision to turn my opinion and my arrogance over to the care of Accuracy and Truth whether or not my editor or producer agrees with it.

4. I have made a searching and fearless moral inventory of the reasons I hold so dearly to Political Correctness at the sacrifice of Accuracy and Truth, and found that I am actually quite prejudiced, racist, narrow-minded, and don’t wish for equality for all.

5. I have admitted to my readers and/or viewers, and to myself, and to the subjects of my stories, the exact nature of my wrongly held attitudes and beliefs.

6. I am entirely ready to have the viewers and/or readers help me remove all these defects of my character by reading their letters of discontent and paying heed to their honest feedback about my delivery of the news.

7. I have humbly asked my viewers and/or readers to help me remove my shortcomings.

8. I have made a list of all persons and subject matter I have harmed, and am now willing to make redo the story and accurately tell the truth about what happened – and in that telling there shall be no slant to prop up my ego or narrowly held beliefs.

9. I have made direct amends to such subjects and news stories wherever possible.

10. I have continued to take personal inventory and, when I am wrong, promptly correct it on the spot without making excuses and without evading my moral responsibility to Accuracy and Truth.

11. Through pleas and deep reflection I have sought to improve my conscious contact with my readers and viewers, even if they are in fly-over country, asking only that they know I am now accurately delivering the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of the story, challenging “spin” from interview subjects, while leaving the reader or viewer to come to their own conclusions about the rightness or wrongness of the story, and that they give me the power to carry that out.

12. Having had a moral awakening, I will carry this message to other journalists and reporters to practice these principles at all times in all our stories, knowing all the while I may be maligned and criticized for leading the charge for Accuracy and Truth.

Marco Rubio: Why Are We Still Talking about My Amnesty Plan?

Is the Jeb! Campaign Toast?

Unless the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire are wrong to a staggering degree, Jeb Bush’s candidacy is toast. That means his donors are out well over $100 million.

People  on the ground could have told these people that Americans aren’t fond of royal families. (Hope that applies to Hillary, too.) From Politico:

Of course not. People like Karl Rove still think they can derail Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and somehow persuade a brokered convention to pick El Jeb. More from Politico:

And finally this:

Translation: Hey, there’s a graveyard. Now listen to me whistle.

Tear Down the EPA's Blend Wall! #Cruz2016

Al Jazeera bites the dust

It would be remiss of me not to mention the pending demise of the cable news network Al Jazerra America, which is shutting down April 30. Boo-hoo, cried NOBODY anywhere.

From The New York Times:

It’s hardly surprising that America didn’t cotton to a cable news channel owned by Mideast interests that didn’t mind sprinkling in anti-Semitism. The question is why these suckers paid such a high price to get into your living room.

Mr. Gore and his partners launched Current TV in 2005 and toyed with formats before settling on liberal drivel. Keith Olbermann worked there a few minutes, it has been rumored. Cenk (rhymes with stink) Yugur hosted a program called “The Young Turks.” Jennifer Granholm, once the governor of Michigan, bored people nightly.

Every twist and turn of programming was accompanied by lavish praise from The Times, dozens of stories. But the ratings never grew from what could be accounted for by pets like me accidentally stepping on remotes.

When oil money came calling, Mr. Gore was all ears. Smart people never buy anything he is selling.

Jeb Bush: Delusional or on a political suicide mission?

By Rob Janicki

What exactly is Jeb Bush trying to accomplish?  The message is as clear as mud to me.  If Jeb believes that somehow he can salvage a losing campaign to ultimately win the GOP nomination, he may be more than merely delusional.  He may be severely schizophrenic or worse yet, he may be engaged in some form of suicidal roulette with Donald Trump.

It's been said that Jeb is attacking Cruz and Rubio big time to eliminate them through internecine fighting, all in order to line himself up against a final Armageddon of sorts with Donald Trump.  If this is true, Jeb seriously needs professional mental health counseling.  It's just plain crazy.  

If Jeb does not understand reality, then let me point it out to him.  The Bush brand name is worn out.  Two and out is enough of the Bush brand name for most Americans to deal with in a generation.  Voters are running away from political dynasties, witness the falling numbers of Hillary Clinton.  Combine that with Jeb's lack of visual charisma and you have a losing candidate with no chance of winning the GOP presidential nomination. 

It should have been a clue for Jeb to observe that he has squandered more campaign money than any other Republican candidate or combination of Republican candidates.  Combine the failure of results in the spending of campaign funds and the continuing low polling numbers racked up by Jeb and a rational person would be compelled to acknowledge that Jeb is flogging a dead horse.  Wishing for a result contrary to the facts on the ground is, at the least, delusional.  Destroying other GOP candidates in the process of satisfying one's political ego is unconscionable, yet Jeb is doing exactly what he accuses Donald Trump of doing.

Jeb's plan can only result in a high probability of a Trump victory as the GOP presidential nominee.  In no way can it result in a Jeb victory.  It's time for Jeb to stand down and return to Wall Street as a political consultant for the hedge fund mangers and brokerage firms looking to maintain their influence with the DC insiders. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Jesse With The Long Hair

Ruh Roh, I'm late for Happy Hour: Soily (Live)

RadioActivity: I Was A Communist For The FBI - "I Can't Sleep"

Original Air Date: April 30, 1952

Susan Sarandon Stumbles Trying To Defend Bernie Sanders & Socialism

#FeelTheBern Thoughts: Avocados and Healthcare

by Kim D.
Bernie is pounding away on the campaign trail and advocating for a single-payer health care system. He calls it Medicare for all and claims that access to health care is a universal right. On Monday night's Democrat town hall, he tackled questions on his health care proposals and taxes. In defense of his plan to significantly raise taxes to pay for his proposed social programs, Sanders said:
"If you are paying, now, $10,000 a year to a private health insurance company, and I say to you, hypothetically, ‘You’re going to pay $5,000 more in taxes — or actually less than that — but you’re not going to pay any more private health insurance,’” Sanders said. “Are you going to be complaining about the fact that I’ve saved you $5,000 in your total bills? So, it’s demagogic to say, ‘Oh, you’re paying more in taxes.’ Let’s all talk about — we are going to eliminate private health insurance premiums and payments not only for individuals, but for businesses.”
So, basically, if Americans pay a little more in taxes, they can have more affordable healthcare. Not better healthcare. As a declared Democratic Socialist, Bernie wants his version of a single-payer system to look like this:
In this system, every American would be automatically enrolled into Medicare. This is commonly referred to as “Medicare for All.” Like the systems in many other industrialized countries, private practitioners could still provide care, but everyone would be covered by a national health care plan. This allows for private delivery and public financing to insure guaranteed health care for all and effective cost control. This is how Medicare is delivered today for all Americans over age 65.
For anyone who thinks this is a viable idea, put on your deep thinking cap and consider this:
The problem is that Medicare already faces $43 trillion in unfunded liabilities and denies healthcare claims at a higher rate than any private insurer. "Medicare for all" would drive the country into bankruptcy. 
Sanders touts other countries as examples of where using a single-payer system to address healthcare needs has been successful, like Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But don't expect him to ever include Venezuela in that list. In 1999, Venezuela amended its constitution to declare healthcare as a right and issued in its version of Medicare for all called Barrio Adentro. Here's a little more history:
Beginning in June 2003 through a trade pact with Cuba, Venezuela began to bring Cuban doctors, medical technology, and medications into rural and urban communities free of charge in exchange for low-cost oil. The 1.5 million dollar per year program expanded to provide a broad network of small neighborhood clinics, larger regional clinics, and hospitals which aim to serve the entire Venezuelan population. (1) Chavez has referred to this new health care system as the "democratization of health care" stating that "health care has become a fundamental social right and the state will assume the principal role in the construction of a participatory system for national public health." (2) In Venezuela, not only is health care a right; it is recognized as essential for true participatory democracy.
Sounds legit but let's take a look at the present-day healthcare of Venezuela:
Around 70 percent of medicines in Venezuela, including ibuprofen, treatments for hypertension and birth control, are now in short supply, according to the Venezuelan Pharmaceutical Federation, a trade association of pharmaceutical workers. Codevida presented an assessment of the situation in March to the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, the regional human rights body, with a lengthy list of additional staggering figures: Around 15,000 people with kidney diseases who need dialysis don’t receive minimum standards of care for their conditions; more than 45,000 people with HIV face shortages of antiretroviral drugs; and nearly 60 percent of pregnant women in the country receive no prenatal care, even while teenage pregnancy rates soar due in part to scarcity of condoms and birth control.
For those who claim that Venezuela is not the same as Denmark, perhaps, it's not. For instance, the Denmark system is dealing with 5 million citizens while Venezuela is trying to service 30 million. Imagine government control of healthcare in order to service over 300 million Americans (legal and illegal).

I still come back to the fact that we have a friend who lives in Denmark and contracts with oil and gas companies in environmental cleanup/protection. When he needed to have LASIK surgery, he scheduled in advance and came to Houston to have the procedure done.  Why when he had universal healthcare in his own country? When he tore a ligament in his leg while on assignment in Kazahstan, why did he opt to wear a boot for several months until he could come to the US to have surgery?

Of course I asked him why and he shook his head and said, "No, you don't want to have surgery done in Denmark. If you have a cold, sure but major surgery, no. The waiting list would be too long and the medical specialists can't hold a candle to what you have here in the States."

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Teens die after drinking Mountain Dew and racing fuel 'Dewshine'

How To Get Revenge With A Football by Marco Rubio

Hello, HUCK #IowaCaucus

Hillary Clinton Attends Fundraiser...At An Investment Bank.

Breakfast Time: Post Sugar Rice Krinkles Cereal

Hillary Clinton: ‘Anybody Who Knows Me Knows You Can't Buy Me’

I didn't think Hillary could be bought.
She looks more like a rental.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moore Likens Flint Crisis to Ethnic Cleansing

by J.R. Holmsted

Michael Moore sure is making the rounds on the networks promoting his new documentary, "Where to Invade Next." In fact, many conservatives were outraged at Megyn Kelly (again) for his appearance on the The Kelly File last night. Inevitably, he has dropped a few controversial statements along the way. His interview with Jake Tapper on CNN was no exception.

"These people are poor, they didn't vote for us, they don't have any political power..."

Totally reasonable to jump to the conclusion that this was a form of ethnic cleansing through neglect and inaction. TOTALLY.

Steve Earle - The Revolution Starts ...

New video shows 'El Chapo' being booked

Comic Relief from The Flipside

"This Presidential Election is Comedy GOLD!"

Megyn Kelly Speaks Out

"Donald Trump is a showman. He is very good at generating interest." 

Good or bad, ain't that the truth?!

Have We Fallen for the Media and Clinton Game? #Trump2016 #Cruz2016

by Kim D.
In spirit last night, I was just as obnoxious as those outwardly bashing Trump and calling him a coward for his decision to skip this week's Fox Republican primary debate. I'll admit, after weeks of seeing the relentless and, at times, baseless attacks on Ted Cruz, it felt good to strike back. If you look at my Twitter timeline, it is tweet after tweet hammering the guy who the polls say is the front runner. It wasn't until this morning that it dawned on me how hard I and many others have fallen for the game that is being played reality-show like with twists and turns that are driving people literally nuts.
Everything Donald Trump has done in this campaign has made major headlines. Every news outlet features the front runner or a major story about him each day. Anyone who follows me knows I am a Ted Cruz supporter (check the bio). However, I have said that Trump is wicked smart and has played the media to his advantage. In his world bad publicity is actually good; it has kept his name at the forefront of people's minds. Love him or hate him - the media has made him relevant and the poll numbers show it. 
No matter what Donald Trump does or says, his supporters will love it, and many are cheering on his decision to skip Thursday night's debate. Their prediction is that ratings will suck which means Trump wins yet again. Both Fox News and Donald Trump are guilty of the created drama; however do Trump supporters really love the policies he has presented or is the fervor to support his candidacy more about revenge? Of course, the same could be asked of any Cruz supporter. For instance, why am I cheering for Cruz striking back over weeks of being pummeled as a nasty Canadian?
So many of us are sick of the establishment writing the rules to benefit them and the elite 1%. We are tired of business as usual and want to shake Washington to its core until all the rotten apples fall to the ground and rot away into oblivion. I understand that passion and believe that Cruz and Trump supporters share this common denominator. However, both candidates cannot win, and much like the nastiness that developed between Clinton and Obama in the race for 2008, there will be too many bruises for the guy in second place to get in line and support the one who wins the right to be called the Republican nominee.

We have become so divided and the media loves it. The ratings have never been better. However, you know who loves it more - Hillary and Bill Clinton. The Republican primary has been the overwhelming shiny object to detract attention for Hillary's scandals. Have we fallen for the game?

Hidden Cam: Common Core Insider Reveals Info About LA Bid Rigging Scandal

Have an Olde Frothingslosh

The unbelievable stat for today comes from The Brewers Association, which represents the beer industry (as opposed to a bad baseball team). At last official count, there were 4,144 breweries in the U.S., breaking the record set in 1873. Craft brewing has become a phenomenon, accounting for more than 11% of sales.

Two generations ago, America was down to fewer than 100 breweries as the treasured regional brands that ruled the 1950s were consolidated. Some brands disappeared, like Old Georgetown, Richbrau (Richmond) and Regent (Norfolk). Others survived, like the watery Lone Star, “the national beer of Texas,” now owned by Pabst.

(BTW, the craft revolution has not been kind to the Pabst flagship brand, Blue Ribbon. It was once the official brew of hipsters, who ignored the fact it’s got a bite that will take out the back of your throat.)

Now consider the plight of bartenders, who have always had to listen to asshats discussing wine vintages or insisting that their scotch be old enough to vote. Now they must deal with millennials asking if they carry Olde Frothingslosh Stale Pale Ale – spiced for the season, of course.

I didn’t make that one up. It’s been a running joke in Pittsburgh since Rege Cordic ruled the morning airwaves on KDKA in the 1950s and did hilarious fake commercials. Years later, Pittsburgh Brewing relabeled some Iron City cans as Olde Frothingslosh; they were a hit.

Hillary Clinton Likes Spouting Cliches

#RIP Abe Vigoda

It has now been confirmed. We think. Veteran character actor Abe Vigoda, the man who gained little fame until it looked like he had one foot in the grave, has finally passed away at the age of 94.  There is little to new say in the latest and final obituary, because reports of his demise have been floating around 30 years or so, well before Web browsers were invented.

From The Associated Press:

Again, from The AP:

Racist Chris Matthews: 'Two Cuban Guys' Set to Debate Thursday

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

RadioActivity: Damon Runyon Theatre - "Romance in the Roaring Forties"

Original Air Date: Oct 17, 1948

Attention liberals: Chick-fil-A!

It’s micro-aggression day, so let’s roll out the topic … Chick-fil-A. Enjoy the sound of liberals’ heads exploding.

This chain of restaurants will forever be enshrined in controversy because in 2012 company executive Dan Cathy (son of the founder) made public statements opposing gay marriage. Noses were out of joint; the PC police called for boycotts and predicted disaster.

The marketplace responded by making Chick-fil-A #1 in the most important quickservice metric, sales per store. According to QSR magazine, it booked $5.8 billion in 2014, $700 million more than the previous year. It is bigger than any pizza chain.

Mr. Cathy quickly said he’d leave the gay marriage issue to the courts and politicians and go back to selling chicken. That chicken is delicious. The service is fast and friendly. But stories about this chain’s success are hard to find, lest those writing them be thrown out of the Media Liberals Club.

Business Insider’s Hayley Peterson highlighted some interesting facts, including the disclosure that owning a franchise is within the grasp of motivated people. You must be a millionaire to open a McDonald’s. The out-of-pocket cost to open a Chick-fil-A is $10,000. Ms. Peterson reports that the company “pays for all startup costs – including real estate, restaurant construction, and equipment.”

Of course, there is a catch. The ongoing franchise fee is 15%, plus half of pretax profit remaining. Those granted franchises often are limited to a single unit, which they are expected to tend to like a mom-and-pop operation.

To the haters: U R stoopid.

Mika Brzezinski: How Does Clinton Relate to Someone Below the Poverty Line?

We Lost Our Health Care Plan Just Like #TedCruz

by Kim D.

The latest scandal attributed to Ted Cruz, in another weak attempt to derail his candidacy for president, is that he lied when he said his family had lost their health care plan due to Obamacare. Well, like the Cruz family, many of us lost the health care plans we had. Oh, we were offered the option to purchase a new one, but the reality is the plan we had, along with the doctors we have come to depend upon, was canceled.

In Texas, if you are self-employed, you independently purchase a health care plan to meet the needs of your family. Last year my husband and I were floored that our premium was increasing by $500 per month until our daughter turned 26 at which time the monthly hit job would be reduced. We have BCBSTX which offers the largest network of doctors. We also elect to have a health savings account attached to the plan which limits our choices, as only a less than an handful of plans are available with an HSA option.

We paid the premium last year to the tune of $1,350 per month until May when our daughter turned 26 and could no longer stay on our policy. At that point, the premium was reduced to $1,128 per month. This fall we were sent a letter indicating that our plan would be cancelled and that a similar plan would be selected for us. This sounds exactly like what happened to the Cruz family:

Unlike Ted and Heidi Cruz, my family is not working day and night to capture the support needed to win a Republican primary race.  We do not use a broker. So we were aware that a change was coming but unaware of how horrible it would be. 

You see, for many years, at the end of summer, we would receive a letter from BCBSTX stating our plan would be canceled and that we would have an opportunity to select a new one in November. This year I was actually pleased that we would be given a comparable plan and would not have to go through the plan selection process yet again. So, we really didn't get too worked up about this latest cancellation and change. until our new policy cards arrived in the mail along with an assigned doctor. 

We now had an HMO plan and were each being assigned a primary physician. When I called to discuss options with an insurance rep, I discovered that this plan was the best BCBSTX could offer us. However there was some good news; the rep said our policy would be decreasing by $2 per month.

So now, we cannot have the insurance plan we want nor keep our doctors and the only benefit is that we pay two dollars less each month. To add insult to injury, our network is very limited. No doctor we have a relationship with, medically speaking, will be approved under this new plan.  We are very lucky in that we have had good health but are now faced with a difficult decision - do we keep paying $1,125 per month for no benefit?  Or, do we let the plan go, pay the penalty, and keep our fingers crossed that those candidates who want to continue with Obamacare (Hillary) or want a single-payer system (Bernie) are defeated? We had five days to make that critical decision.

Some may read this and think, why is she complaining , , , at least her family has health care.  So what if she has to see different doctors. Let me explain the problem. My son has seen the same pediatrician since birth and this doctor has 4 1/2 stars as rated on Health Grades. If we retain the HMO plan we have been forced into, my son loses access to this doctor and has been assigned to a new one which we will have to travel to another town to see. Add to that, I looked up the new doctor's score on Health Grades which is disappointing 2 1/2 stars.

So essentially we pay the same and get less benefit. For a middle-class family, that is not fair. We are not wealthy millionaires who can afford to buy whatever insurance policy we want and pay extra for any doctor we want to see. In 2013, our premiums were $700 per month. In 2014, they were $850. In 2015, $1,128 (actually more like $1,240 because for the first five months we paid a lot more). We were held ransom to increasing prices because we wanted access to the doctors we trust. Now we are told pay up and, by the way, you see the doctor we tell you to see - one that is not as good as the one you had. Thanks Obamacare.

Bernie Sanders: We will raise taxes ... yes, we will

#FeelTheBern Thoughts: Calories and Ice Cream

by Kim D.
Well that's good news because Americans are becoming more angered with the political process and the game politicians play with each day that passes. And for those that love Ben & Jerry's ice cream more good news . . .  they can down a gallon of the newest creation, "Bernie's Yearning," without gaining a pound.

The founder of Ben & Jerry's, Ben Cohen, announced that the new flavor creation will be called "Bernie's Yearning" and described it as "plain mint ice cream beneath a solid layer of chocolate on top."
For those skeptical about the "not gaining a pound" thing, it works much like Bernie's economic plans.  Think of it as free calories.

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Young Iowa voter to Clinton: My peers are unenthusiastic about you and think you're dishonest

Clinton again denies misconduct with private email: 'Nothing that I did was wrong'

Her shtick is as tired as her sagging jowls.

O'Malley: Climate change biggest issue for young voters

Martin O'Malley and his campaign team have put together one helluva fantastic circular firing squad type of campaign.

You may fire when you are ready, Gridley...

Clinton: I will tell the truth about Benghazi 'until I'm elected president'

Monday, January 25, 2016

RadioActivity: Phil Harris / Alice Faye Show - "Phil the Movie Star"

Original Air Date: April 24, 1949

Vomit Bag Alert: Obama - One thing that 'gnaws' on me is political polarization

Boeing’s long goodbye

You probably didn’t notice that a major U.S. manufacturing company, Boeing, gave away the store the other day. After a century or so of producing planes in America, the company has agreed to build its first offshore facility in China, which figures to be a huge market for planes in decades to come.

The Boeing news is linked to uncertainty surrounding the U.S. Export-Import Bank, a favorite target of congressional conservatives trying to prove they are tough on corporate welfare. (Prediction: All the talk will be forgotten after the 2016 campaign season and the Ex-Im Bank will be revived, rested and ready to go.)

From Forbes:

(In fairness, the writer, Loren Thompson, does disclose in the article that Boeing contributes to his think tank.)

China is juiced about this deal, in which a state-controlled company will install interiors and paint exteriors of single-aisle planes assembled at the main Boeing facility in Renton, Washington. A win-win, right? Not in the long run. This is where the giving away the store comes in.

The Chinese don’t invent much, but their hobby is keeping up on the latest technology in every field. Boeing makes the most advanced and expensive planes in the world and has agreed to send its intellectual property to a foreign power for studying and reverse engineering. Eventually, China will manufacture that same technology and peddle it to the world at a lower price.

I have no dog in this hunt. But pity folks with grandchildren.

Hillary Clinton laughs, ignores question asking for transcript of speech to Goldman Sachs

Buyer Beware #MakeAmericaAwesome

by Kim D.

In case anyone was wondering, the National Review is not alone in its call to dump Trump as the Republican nominee.  The superPAC Make America Awesome is dedicated to the mission of defeating Trump as well. Libertarian and online communications strategist Liz Mair explains the superPACS latest ad - "Buyer Beware":
“As voters finish their ‘shopping’ for a candidate, we’re highlighting that if you ‘buy’ Trump, you’ll get a lot of crap you never wanted. Four bankruptcies, a record setting number; even more huge, new, crippling debt, as a result of his spending plans; big government, since Trump’s policy agenda is almost identical to your average liberal Democrat’s; single-payer health care, which Trump advocates while praising Canada’s health care system; and things like government watchlists, to boot. The ad deliberately avoids the glitz and slick editing that many political ads utilize, to emphasize the stark message: Buyer beware; the Trump ‘package’ contains a lot of stuff you didn’t bank on, and you really don’t want.” — Liz Mair, Strategist, Make America Awesome

Portland Commissioner Steve Novick Calls Reagan A "WACKO"

But he supports Bernie the SANE . . .

Gov. Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz for President

Sunday, January 24, 2016

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)

Bing Crosby With Dick Powell - Lullaby Of Broadway (Live)

In the Still of the Night (Live)

Gutfeld: Trump must run as a Democrat

RadioActivity: Dennis Day's 1st Show

Original Air Date: Oct 8, 1939

Let's Play Bridge

Got the #Blizzard2016 Blues? #Snowmaggedon2016

by Kim D.

In Texas it's a little cold this morning. Presently where I am it is 37 degrees and the sun is shining. By noon we will be hitting the mid 60's and loving the day. All bragging aside, I do feel the pain for those suffering from this massive snow storm on the east coast and to prove it I found some tweets that will bring humorous warmth to a brutally cold situation.  Enjoy!

Hillary Clinton denies paid speaking fees were meant to influence her politically: 'Absolutely not'

Clinton Attacks Show That They #FeelTheBern

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin is here for you, America

Cone of Silence

German Migrants Emptying Their Bowels In The Children's Pool and Masturbating In The Hot Tub

Abortion Supporters Disrupt 2016 #MarchForLife

Dear Fat Feminists... No Thanks! #LouderWithCrowder

#FeelTheBern Songs: A Bernie Sanders Punk Song

For better or worse, there are at least 81 songs about Bernie Sanders.


#FeelTheBern Thoughts: Sour Cream and Socialism

by Kim D.

Bernie Sanders, as a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has shaken up the 2016 presidential race much like Donald Trump. The reason is simple - after eight years of George W. Bush and another painful eight of Barack Obama, many Americans feel they have suffered enough.

Factions exist in both the right and left sides of politics, and they want the system blown to shreds. Trump supporters want retribution from tradition lost. Sanders supporters have been convinced that utopian socialism will lead to paradise gained, a true equality, an idea that has been tried many times, resulting in failure.

So what is a Democratic Socialist anyway? A more confusing socialism?  Recently, Chris Matthews tried to understand and asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz:

Matthews thoroughly stumped DNC Debbie, showing her complete ineptness as the spokesperson for the Democratic party. If anyone should know what Bernie Sanders stands for it should be her. Perhaps Debs should have just explained democratic socialism as yogurt - a less icky sour cream. At least we would get the concept a little better and give her credit for answering the question.

In 1989, Bernie claimed America was ignorant of socialism because many were equating the construct with communism. What would Bernie say today? "It's about creating a society where all can do well, not just a handful of billionaires." Perhaps the Young Democrat Socialists of America can explain it better than even Bernie can:

Democracy and socialism go hand in hand. All over the world, wherever the idea of democracy has taken root, the vision of socialism has taken root as well—everywhere but in the United States.
Okay - but to get where Bernie and his brothers want us to be would be a painful process for most Americans. Essentially, freedom would have to be abandoned to give government the power to reconfigure things from the top down. 

No wonder budding young democratic socialists love Bernie and this concept - they are no where close to being at the top, meaning they have nothing to lose. If democratic socialism were to win the day this November, they would only be gaining - universal health care and free college. But, no doubt, should this happen the basic explanation for America's conversion to democratic socialism will be that the fed up majority showed up to take stuff from the people who didn't win.

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