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Jack Benny before he hit the big time

Introduced by young Jack Benny! Here is "Babe" Blake singing the Annette Hanshaw hit, "Mean to Me" with the composer Fred Alhert at the piano! Did she make records and sing on the radio? If so I don't know. Maybe she was a flash in the pan. If she sounds like an imitator of Helen Kane, thats because she was! She's got the total baby vamp voice, but kindly left the boop a doops to Helen! Enjoy again!

Benny was a popular MC discovered by MGM scouts who saw him at the Los Angeles Orpheum Theater. He was signed to a one year contract to MC all the proposed musical pictures like the Hollywood Revue. Did you know that the 30s anthem "Happy Days Are Here Again" came from a Jack Benny movie? It sure did, written for his next picture, "Chasing Rainbows".

Van Morrison & Lonnie Donegan - Sloop John B (Live)

Chick-A-Boom ( Don't Ya Jes' Love It )

Dirty White Boy - (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock: Runaway (Live)

Nobody Cares About the @HillaryClinton Email Scandal... Says Clinton Camp

Metrosexual Gone Wild: Obama to appear on 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls'

Blue Bell Has Arrived in Houston!

by Kim D.
Ever since Blue Bell ice cream was pulled from grocery story shelves in the wake of a Listeria recall, Texans have been in mourning and have suffered through a brutal summer with Breyers and Ben & Jerry. That ends today as trucks began unloaded Blue Bell ice cream and restocking the freezer section of multiple Randalls, HEB, Wal Mart, and Kroger stores.

Kayne West Accepts Meaningless Award Then Makes an Even More Meaningless Announcement

by Kim D.

So, let me get this straight . . . Kayne gets a bull crap  Vanguard Award, admits he's high, advocates for traditional parenting, then announces he's running for president in 2016? Oh well, he probably didn't remember those last two when he woke up this morning.

Part 2 Supplement TX FULL FOOTAGE: Intact Fetuses "Just a Matter of Line Items" for PP

RadioActivity: Suspense "The Doctor Prescribed Death" (Feb 2, 1943)

Wife of Slain Deputy Goforth Writes Letter to Honor Her Husband's Life

by Kim D.

As tweeted by Cathy Hernandez, reporter for KPRC-TV,

Sheriff David Clarke: Barack Obama Started This War On Police

Greg Gutfeld: TV news tragedy proves job references are worthless

When Did #BlackLivesMatter Turn into a Cop Killer Movement?

by Kim D.

Any rational thinking person stunned by the unprovoked shooting death of Houston Deputy Darren Goforth must be wondering how the Black Lives Matter movement turned into a cry to kill white people and police officers. Aided by more radical black activist groups like #FYF911 and #FukYoFlag, that's just what appears to have happened.

According to Breitbart

Members of the #FYF911 or #FukYoFlag and #BlackLivesMatter movements called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops. They encouraged others on a radio show Tuesday night to “turn the tide” and kill white people and cops to send a message about the killing of black people in America.

One day after the show aired, two Virginia journalists were brutally murdered  by Vester Flanagan, a bitter gay black man who claimed in part his retribution was sparked by the Charleston shooting at a black church.
The killings were part of what appears to have been an elaborate plot carried out by a troubled man who — after years of professional turmoil and a growing rage he linked to the mass shooting at a Charleston, S.C., church — was determined to wreak vengeance against co-workers he insisted had wronged him.
Three days later, Shannon Miles calmly walked up to Deputy Goforth at a Houston Chevron station and shot him in the back. After the officer fell to the ground, Miles continued to unload his weapon then simply walked back to his apartment and hopped into his getaway truck. According to Harris County Sherriff Ron Hickman, the attack on Goforth was completely unprovoked with no evidence that Miles had previous contact with or knowledge of the deputy. At present time, the only motive for the shooting appears that Miles targeted Goforth because he simply wore a uniform.

During a press conference this weekend following the tragic shooting, Sherriff Hickman declared:
"We've heard Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter. Well, cops' lives matter, too," 
However, quick to respond was none other than the notorious leader of the Black Lives Matter movement, Deray McKesson:
"It is unfortunate that Sheriff Hickman has chosen to politicize this tragedy and to attribute the officer's death to a movement that seeks to end violence."
I hope I speak for the majority of Houstonians when I say go home Deray. Your Black Lives Matter movement has caused too much heartbreak and senseless violence and has ruined too many black and white lives.

People Who Chose To Deform Their Bodies In Extreme Ways

Millions Facing a Hefty Increase in Medicare Premiums in 2016

Fiscal Times
Nearly a third of the roughly 50 million elderly Americans who depend on Medicare for their physician care and other health services could see their premiums jump by 52 percent or more next year. That’s because of a quirk in the law that punishes wealthier beneficiaries and others any time the Social Security Administration fails to boost the annual cost of living adjustment.

While Congress is largely focused on addressing looming shortfalls in the Social Security Disability Insurance program, a financial time-bomb of sorts may go off in 2016 because of the festering premium problem in Medicare Part B – the premium-based government health insurance program that covers seniors’ visits to doctors and other health care providers, out-patient care and durable medical equipment.

Unless Congress or Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell intervenes, an estimated 15 million seniors, first-time beneficiaries or those currently claiming dual Medicare and Medicaid coverage will see their premiums jump from $104.90 per month to $159.30 for individuals, according to an analysis by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College. Higher-income couples would pay multiples of that increase.

A spokesperson for the Centers on Medicare and Medicaid Services on Friday confirmed that the premium hike is in the works, although a final decision won’t be made until later this year. While approximately 70 percent of Medicare beneficiaries “are expected not to see a premium increase in 2016,” he stressed, “the remaining 30 percent of beneficiaries would pay a higher premium based on this projection.”...   READ MORE

The Democrats dilemma. What will they do as Hillary crashes and burns?

By Rob Janicki
Make no mistake, Hillary will crash and burn, which leaves Democrats
with the question of who will replace her as their standard bearer on
November 8, 2016.

Will it be Senator Bernie Sanders or perhaps Vice President Joe Biden?
Beyond those two, the Democrats don't have anyone that is electable
by any measurement.  Let's face it, former Maryland Governor Martin
O'Who? and former Virginia Senator Jim Webb, both of which have all
the name recognition of a missing person on a milk carton, aren't
going to excite anyone in or out of a coma.

Bernie Sanders' only real role is proving the point that Hillary
Clinton is supremely vulnerable at this point in time.  Hillary's
prospects are only looking dimmer as she faces not only a mounting
public relations fiasco, but the genuine possibility of legal jeopardy
over her private email server, which she used for private and
government communications.  Sanders' ascension in the polls is more of
a negative reaction and alternative to Hillary than to his crumbling
old persona and socialist pipe dreams only a European socialist could
embrace.  Sanders will turn 75 just before the 2016 election.

Then there's Joe Biden, just one step away from another embarrassing
gaffe that highlights his entry level into the world of dementia or
Alzheimer's.  Remember Joe the Groper?  Joe will turn 74 in November
2016.  There hasn't been much that Biden has been on the right side of
history over his 36 years representing Delaware in the U.S. Senate.
Prior to that Joe served on the New Castle County council from 1970
through 1972.

Essentially, Joe Biden has never held a real job in the private sector
at any time in his adult lifetime beyond his mid twenties, which is to
say he has supped at the public trough for an entire adult lifetime.
I don't expect Biden to enter the nomination process because he's just
not up to it and he has too much adverse political baggage to contend
with.  I expect Biden to bow out graciously.

So, where does that leave the Democrats?  There's only one person with
the national name recognition, campaign funding resources and a
campaign team staffed and already in place to fund and run a national
campaign with a reasonable chance to win the Democrat nomination.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, Princess Lies A Lot, representing
Massachusetts, is the only real hope for the Democrats to put up a
credible and possibly electable presidential candidate.  However,
Warren has repeatedly indicated that she is not a candidate for the
Democrat presidential nomination, which is what everyone says until
they are presented with an overwhelming opportunity to enter a

It must be remembered that Warren already has an ex officio outside
election committee made up of former Obama campaign staffers, said to
number about 300, waiting in the wings.  Additionally, Warren has some
very wealthy campaign donors also waiting in the wings for her to
announce her candidacy before they announce their political
contributions to her campaign run for the Democrat presidential

Warren easily matches up with Bernie Sanders in her very liberal
progressive ideological foundations.  But, unlike Sanders, Warren has
never tried to openly associate herself with socialist ideology.
Instead, Warren  simply spouts what are socialist political
principles, while claiming to represent the once great middle class
and a return to the strength and vibrance of the middle class of

If, as I believe, Warren is to enter the fray of campaigning, she will
have a small window of opportunity before the first primary in
January.  If Warren does not enter the nomination process soon, she
will miss two very important debates to be held by CNN and those are
Nov. 14 in Des Moines, Iowa and Dec. 19 in Manchester, New Hampshire,
the two most early telling debates.  Watch for something serious in
the form of an announcement from the Warren faction sometime in
September.  If it doesn't happen by early October, it probably won't

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Bing Crosby - The Story Of Sorrento

Two minutes of gold -- why outsider GOP candidates are leading

Greg Gutfeld TORCHES Geraldo Rivera - I Hope You Live Long on the Backs of Dead Fetuses !

#2A BOOM! Greg Gutfeld to Geraldo Rivera: "Screw you!"

Even WaPo? - O'Keefe: 'Sign of desperation' when Clinton compares GOP to terrorist groups

The Standells invented garage band punk rock in 1966

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RadioActivity: Jack Benny Show - Alexander Graham Bell (May 28, 1939)

A Plea to the PTA - Can't We Have a Fundraiser Like This?

by Kim D.

This year my husband put his rather large foot down. After two years of Mother's Day Out and another two years of private school pre-kindergarten, he wanted to take advantage of the fact that we live in a nice Houston suburb with a top-rated public school. All of my arguments couldn't trump the simple fact that we would be saving over $7K this year if our son went to kindergarten down the street at the public elementary school.

With one week completed, the orientation process continues. My son is struggling with timed work completion, supposedly a necessary skill needed for all the heavy future testing he will be subjected to, while I am adapting to the wonderful world of the PTA. Honestly, I want to be a supportive parent with my time which is why I volunteered for the kindergarten workroom which I assume will be running copier machines, collating massive stacks of papers, and testing my stapling skills - the busy work which parents can do leaving the teacher more time to actually teach.

However, I can already see the long list of fundraisers scheduled via the PTA. The first begins next week as we are tasked to sell Yankee Candles. This means I will be purchasing tons of candles and passing them along to friends and family. Yes, I know I could take my son door-to-door selling to neighbors, but the problem is on our street there are at least five kindergarteners who will be doing the same.

I hate to be a Debbie "downer," but I would love to receive a PTA note like this one recently sent to Dallas middle school parents:

This fundraising effort is an alternative for those parents who don't fit the traditional hands-on role in the school. With many households needing two, full-time working parents to afford the bills, this laid-back approach has great appeal.  In fact, when one Dallas mom, Dee Wise Heinz, posted the school's alternative fundraiser letter to Facebook, it went viral. 
“My first thought was, ‘A fundraiser already?’” Heinz, a mother of three, told ABC News. “But after reading it, my husband and I got such a chuckle out of it and we thought it was so refreshing.” 
“I just shared it with my friends … because most parents can relate to it,” Heinz said. “When it started to go viral, I called the PTA person and she explained that they’d done this for two or three years and it was a big success.” 
Heinz says she believes fundraisers serve a “valuable purpose,” but just thought the letter was a fresh and funny approach to raising money for schools. “There have been a few critics saying if you do this, you don’t have an interest in supporting your child,” Heinz said. “That’s not the case.” 
“I don’t want to diminish the value of fundraisers, but time is a valuable resource also, so I appreciated having the option,” she said. “With three kids, there’s never just one fundraiser and they’re never just that simple, so it does take a lot more time than you realize.” 

Watch Black Church Choir in Birmingham Alabama Sing "All Lives Matter" to Thousands

The Late Great Gram Parsons: Hickory Wind

It was a Lonnnnnnng Saturday night: Sunday Morning Coming Down

Romeo and the Lonely Girl

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Working Class Hero

We Now Conclude Our Brodcast day: Vincent

Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll

Clap for the Wolfman

I'm going to keep posting this Rory Gallgher music vid...

until it gets the hits I believe it deserves, dammit!

That Smell (Live)

H/T  Donna

Life By The Drop

H/T Founders Girl

Since You've Been Gone (Live)

H/T/ Lizzy Lou Who

Feel Right


And I Love You So

Dancing In The Moonlight(Live)

Jerkin' Crocus

Cheap Trick - When I'm 64 (Live)

Related Post: Cheap Trick- Sgt. Pepper's Reprise/A Day In The Life (Live)

Fools in Love

Harris County Sheriff Blasts #BlackLivesMatter: 'Cops' Lives Matter Too'

The Evolution of "Sorrow"

RadioActivity: Bob Hope Show w/guest Gracie Allen (March 25, 1952)

Woman Shares First-Hand Experience With Anchor Babies

Someone tell Trump to start looking for Hispanics named Femal-e.

Raising Can-Do Kids

The Ballad of Eddie Mullet

De Blasio in Deep Caca with Gay Community After Raid

by Kim D.

Normally leftist allies, gay activists and NY city's Mayor de Blasio find themselves at odds after a raid of the world's biggest gay prostitution ring on Fifth Avenue, In fact, the gay activists are furious with the mayor for his role in facilitating a federal investigation of the prostitution enterprise.

According to one gay man who had previously used the service and was curious as to why the mayor had previously marched in the same gay pride parade which also featured a float,

 “Koch, Giuliani and Bloomberg didn’t go after Why is de Blasio?” 
Another gay activist upset over the increase in ticketing of men "gay cruising" Prospect Park fumed:
“The LGBT community hasn’t seen such harassment and intimidation since before Stonewall in 1969. This has become a City Hall war against gay consensual sex. Some wonder whether this is happening to rid the city of ‘gay sin’ prior to the arrival of de Blasio’s friend, the Pope.” 
Those unfamiliar with the world of gay male escorts should take a gander at the openly promoted career of sex work. Click only if you dare.

At issue appears to be the fact that those of the gay persuasion believe services like make male prostitution safer. The main argument, or at least the one featured at the Huffington Post, is that traditionally LGBT persons have been so discriminated against that sex work had become a reliable source of income. By shutting down the site, the mayor and his federal cohorts have punished the gay community by taking away jobs and a safe outlet for sex workers to meet clients. 
But . . . wait . . . LGBT are all about "equal" rights? In all states but one, prostitution is illegal. Either rentboy should have set up shop in the Nevada counties which allow regulated sex work, or perhaps male prostitutes should get out of the bed and open up more florist, bakery, and photography shops to service all the gay weddings. 

Shooting a 4 Gauge Shotgun

Having a Bad Day? Meet the Unicorn Woman, Then Count Your Blessings

by Kim D.

Yesterday I was having a bad day - actually this whole week has sucked out loud. My computer went into meltdown mode after running the Windows 10 update. Every time I thought I had found a fix, either hardware or software would fail, leading me finally no other option but to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows 8.

Once I got things back to normal, I tested the web and, lo and behold, the first thing I saw was a story about the Unicorn Woman. The 87-year-old woman lives in China and began experiencing an itching mole on her head about eight years ago. Now she is facing surgery to remove the five-inch horn, actually a skin tumor. After seeing the video below, my perspective over my computer issues changed. Things in my life could have been so much more worse. 

Real Life Superheroes Who Patrol The Streets

Must Read O' The Morning: Hillary Clinton’s worst punishment will be her failure.

Frontpage Mag
Hillary Clinton has spent a third of her adult life trying to become president. All for nothing.
The first time around, she wasted $200 million just to lose to Obama. $11 million of that money came from the notoriously "flat broke" couple. This time around she was determined to take no chances. 
Together with her husband she built up a massive war chest using money from foreign governments and speaking fees from non-profits, funneled into her own dirty non-profit and a complex network of unofficial organizations staffed by Clinton loyalists, secured an unofficial endorsement from Obama and carefully avoided answering questions or taking positions on anything. There was no way she could lose.
Now she’s losing all over again.
Hillary has a ton of money, but can’t buy the nomination. She’s spending a quarter of a million a day on a campaign operation with no actual organized opposition to speak of. Even before Biden officially enters the race, she’s falling behind the joke candidacy of Bernie Sanders in key states.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars without making an impact. She spent almost a million on polling only to see her poll numbers drop every week. She dropped $2 million on ads about her mother to try to make women like her. It didn’t work. Nothing is working anymore...   READ MORE

@msnbc cutting back on Sharpton blather

By Rob Janicki

After a four year run at MSNBC, Al Sharpton is moving.  Okay, it's a figurative move in some respects.  MSNBC is moving Sharpton's weekday show, Politics Nation, from its 6pm ET weekday time slot to a Sunday morning 8am ET time slot.  It's sort of like moving from an office in the executive suite of offices to a room next to the janitor's storage and supply room.  You're still in the building, but the view is definitely diminished.

Sharpton's last weekday show will be on September 4th.  Sharpton's new cable slot will begin on October 4th, an interesting delay.  This is either a rebirth or reinvention of Sharpton at MSNBC or the last step to show Sharpton the door after the 2016 election or sooner.  Sharpton has personally had a good run, but his ratings numbers have never been good and have only gotten worse over time as the blush has definitely worn off the black rose.

What's been interesting with Sharpton is that MSNBC has allowed Sharpton air time while Rev. Al has also been a very strident activist on black issues from Ferguson, MO, to Baltimore, MD, to Charleston, SC, to #BlackLivesMatter and every other demonstration and issue in between.  I can't remember a news network ever allowing an on air host of a supposed news program to actively pursue a partisan political agenda.  MSNBC should have amended its logo to include a reference to the Democratic National Committee as their media and public relations consultant.

For reader amusement, the latest cable news ratings breakdown can be seen here

Friday, August 28, 2015

Thank. God. It's. Finally. Friday.

Hillary to Ed Henry: I'll answer just one of your questions since 'that's what you are ENTITLED to'

Ben Carson: 'We don't need a Department of Veteran Affairs'

Carly Fiorina calls out CNN debate criteria

Dan Joseph: The Time My Boss Kicked the Crap Out of the Ghost of Margaret Sanger

The Smithsonian thinks that Margaret Sanger is a big time hero. Brent Bozell respectfully disagrees.

Does the GOP deserve the likes of billionaire demagogue Donald Trump as he upsets their train to no where?

By Rob Janicki
You bet the GOP deserves the fallout from Donald Trump.  I'm not a fan of Donald Trump, but then again I'm not a fan of the GOP leadership, elected or otherwise.

The GOP leadership learned little to nothing from the rise of the Tea Party.  Instead of learning that the Tea Party represented a significant portion of Republican voters and the mood of many Americans, the GOP leadership decided that they would play hardball with these anti establishment upstarts from the boondocks.  Who were these novices to tell the pros in the Republican Party anything?  After all, the GOP leadership were longtime seasoned professional politicians.  They played and continue to play the Party seniority game and we know how that has worked out for all on the political right.

Meanwhile, conservatives and other right of center leaning Republicans had to put up with the likes of John McCain and Mitt Romney, neither of which can be described as anything but liberal Republicans.  Conservatives actually outnumber liberals in the GOP, but because liberals are entrenched within the elected and unelected leadership, it is difficult to effect change for conservatives as liberal Republicans have managed to lock so many conservatives out of decision making roles in the party.

Fast forward to the present debacle of the Republican presidential nominating process.  It's in a shambles all due to the fact that the GOP leadership refused to acknowledge and embrace the conservative undercurrent in America.  For the GOP leadership, it was going to be doing business as usual and if these upstarts didn't like it, they were made to suffer with lesser assignments until they could be brought to heel to the demands of the established GOP leadership to go along to get along.

So now we have many long time establishment Republicans doing a lot of whining in the background about how Donald Trump is about to destroy the Republican Party and its chances of winning the presidency in 2016.  And these whiners may be right, but that's not really the issue.  A person like Donald Trump would have not had a chance to enter the Republican primary, none, if the Republican Party had looked to the reality before them with the great unrest of the conservative right wing of the party.  The liberal establishment of the GOP leadership is responsible for their own undoing of the party.  They had the opportunity to change with reality before them, but chose to resist the tide of change.

GOP leadership didn't just ignore conservatives, they went out of their way to crush the hopes and aspirations of all those conservatives for a return to real Republican principles of political leadership.  Republican leadership cannot blame Donald Trump for anything.  GOP leadership has wrought what we see today in the primary campaign and will reap the whirlwind of a defeat, all because of their long  ongoing intransigence to bring conservatives into the GOP leadership and begin to actually practice the principles of Republicanism.  

Now for something positive.  The Democrats have a lot of problems, not the least of which is their current leader in the polls and the once presumptive candidate to be coronated, Hillary Clinton.  Now that Hillary is in free fall, Republicans have a narrow window of opportunity to get behind a real conservative, not some populist despot in training, and put up a real conservative.  After Hillary fails, no one can seriously say either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders can win in an America yearning for a smaller government more responsive to Americans and their needs to regain a growing economy to benefit all Americans. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Jumpin' Jive

Here's a clip from the movie "Stormy Weather" (1943) featuring Cab Calloway and his orchestra performing "Jumpin Jive". After awhile they let the Nicholas Brothers jump in and lend their feet to the action.

Pink Floyd's David Gilmour covers the Beatles: Here, There and Everywhere

It's Drink O'Clock: Rock Me All Night Long

James Carville is Back to Cover Hillary's Tracks

RadioActivity: X Minus One - No Contact (April 24, 1955)

200 retired generals and admirals write letter to Congress urging rejection of #IranDeal

10 Of The Weirdest Competitions In The World

Poll shows 'Liar' most common word that comes to mind when people think of Hillary Clinton

Dan Joseph: The #PlannedParenthood Song

Middle school QB does ninja cartwheel to avoid sack, throws touchdown bomb

This kid is going straight from middle school to the NFL, probably.

Good morning! Here we are again.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Obligatory #NationalToiletPaperDay Post

Happy birthday Toilet paper!

On this day in history: 580 AD - Chinese invent toilet paper 

Okee dokee. I don't know how historians have nailed the exact date of TP's birthday to August 26. And I don't care. All I want is for a damn roll to be hanging within reach when need be.

 Much like the advent of the automobile was responsible for the end of the buggy whip industry, toilet paper brought an end to the evil corporate corn cob cartel and their powerful Washington lobby. The softer ass revolution had begun. 

Here is more than you need to know about modern day toilet paper:
[...] Joseph Gayetty is widely credited with being the inventor of modern commercially available toilet paper in the United States. Gayetty's paper, first introduced in 1857, was available as late as the 1920s. Gayetty's Medicated Paper was sold in packages of flat sheets, watermarked with the inventor's name. Original advertisements for the product used the tagline "The greatest necessity of the age! Gayetty's medicated paper for the water-closet."

Seth Wheeler of Albany, New York, obtained the earliest United States patents for toilet paper and dispensers, the types of which eventually were in common usage in that country, in 1883.

Moist toilet paper was first introduced in the United Kingdom by Andrex in the 1990s, and in the 
United States by Kimberly-Clark in 2001 (in lieu of bidets which are rare in those countries.) It is designed to clean better than dry toilet paper after defecation, and may be useful for women during menstruation. [...]  Wikipedia
The following pictures and accompanying text Via Cowboy Bob's Cowboy Dictionary:

The only commercial toilet paper in the U.S. from 1857 until 1890, Gayetty's Medicated Paper (also known as "therapeutic paper") had to compete against free alternatives in the form of farmer's almanac and Sears & Roebuck catalog pages... and even corn cobs and leaves. To assure buyers that they had the genuine article, each sheet had inventor Joseph C. Gayetty's name watermarked on it. The "Medicated" term referred to the fact that the sheets were treated with aloe. Users still had to look out for the occasional splinter in the sheets. It wasn't until 1930 that Northern Tissue invented a "splinter-free" toilet paper.

Gayettys Medicated Toilet Paper

Advertising sheet for Gayetty's Medicated Paper

Modern day TP humor: Toilet Twitter

Say hello to my little friend...
Toilet Paper Gun Prank

Greg Gutfeld: No awards for Center for Medical Progress?

It's Drink O'Clock: Show Biz Kids

@markknoller Trolls Josh Earnest in Back-to-Back Questions

RadioActivity: Ellery Queen - "Green Gorillas" (Feb 12, 1947)

Shooting on Live TV: Reporter, Cameraman Killed After On-Air Gunman Opens Fire

Biden's choice, in 60 seconds

Curt Schilling suspended by ESPN over tweet

Trump slams two American corporations for moving manufacturing plants to Mexico. Why?

By Rob Janicki
Donald Trump, the GOP's resident populist and major headache, was at it again over the weekend with his demagogue like rant against Nabisco and Ford for their moving manufacturing to Mexico.  It's not clear from Trump's rant whether he was suggesting a boycott of these two American companies, although he did indicate that he would not be eating Nabisco products like their world famous Oreo cookies.

So why did these two companies move some of their manufacturing to Mexico?  It wasn't because they are particularly fond of Mexico or Mexicans anymore than they might be fond of Canada and Canadians or any other nation and its workforce.  

The answer to these moves is simple and yet Trump did nothing to address the real reason for these companies and their latest actions.  The United States has the highest corporate tax rate (39%) of any other country in the industrialized world.  Corporations have an obligation to maximize their profits for the owners of the corporations, which are typically stockholders.  Public ownership of corporations accounts for 65% of the general pubic through their 401k pension plans and similar invested pension plans and personal stock portfolio holdings.

So what Trump has done is falsely direct attention away from the truth of the matter that government has failed, through its corporate tax code, to make American business competitive with foreign corporation.  Instead, Trump has given people in the American labor force the idea that corporations are throwing them under the bus for the sake of profit.  

But, Trump knows the function of a business entity is to make a profit for its owners and employees.  Without profits there is no business and there are no jobs.  Private enterprise is not a social welfare endeavor.  Most businesses want to be good community citizens because it makes good business sense to engage in positive acts within the community to encourage an exemplary partnership between the community and its labor force and the business. Businesses want the best labor force and working with the community to establish a good relationship virtually guarantees that the local labor population will look favorably toward the local business in a mutually satisfactory result.

Donald Trump could have gone a long way in explaining the underlying reality of why American companies are essentially compelled to off shore jobs.  Trump could have taken the opportunity to enlist popular support to move, if not push, government toward reducing corporate taxes to stimulate job growth in America.  That would have been the conservative principle to enunciate, rather than implying that American businesses are somehow at fault for killing jobs in America only to move them offshore.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Creepiest Google Maps Images

A Look Inside at Reagan's Ranch - Dana

According to Earnest, Obama Has Preference for Biden over Clinton

One Mom Talks Common Sense about Ferguson and Protests

"Anchor Baby" Supercut

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants "Another 50 Livers/Week"

Hillary's hits keep on coming. A collection of lies that make Hillary look less likely to win the Democratic nomination in 2016.

By Rob Janicki
Hillary Clinton's behavior in responding to very serious allegations in regard to her use of a private email server for government communications is perplexing to most knowledgable observers across the political spectrum, including the liberal MSM.

Hillary and her sycophants have come out with what amount to juvenile responses to serious questions from the MSM, both friends and foes alike.  The following article form Investors Business Daily highlights 19 of the lame excuses proffered by Hillary and her supporters.  They are either obfuscations or flat out prevarications of the truth. Read the introduction and follow the link to the complete IBD article.

Corruption: Hillary Clinton's email scandal has grown into a credible threat to her candidacy. Worse for her, she continues to offer up a defense filled with contemptible excuses, weak explanations and outlandish dodges.

When asked Tuesday if she wiped her entire private email server clean before turning it over to investigators, Clinton responded with a retort suitable for a playground argument.

"Like with a cloth or something?" she asked, while making a wiping motion with her right hand.

It was a snarky answer — don't tell us the humorless one was trying to employ humor — and it's received a lot of attention.

But it's not Clinton's only try at putting a layer of fog around the personal email account she used while secretary of state. She has let forth a steady stream of nonsense to steer public attention elsewhere.

Read the entire IBD editorial for the list of Hillary's 19 lame excuses for the use of a private email server for government communications. 

What is amazing is how many liberal journalists and liberal legal authorities are contradicting Hillary's entourage of spin masters in their attempt to provide cover for Hillary's highly suspect actions surrounding her use of a private email server to conduct government business.  How could Hillary conduct government business with all its classified information and documents, without using the one and only email system she claims to have used as Secretary of State?  

The FBI investigation and the House Select Committee created in 2014 to investigate the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya that resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador, Chris Stevens, are looming in Hillary's future.  In 2014 Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) became chairman of the House Select Committee and has called for an earlyOctober hearing this year to include Hillary Clinton's testimony about her role in what is being alleged as a scandal coverup. Hillary's emails will play a central role in determining her participation in the decision not to send emergency rescue forces to Benghazi and may well show the extent of Hillary's use of her private email system to transmit classified documents in violation of federal law.