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On The Border (Live)

Picktchers at an Exhibition

Salty Dog

Jimmah Carter: U.S. is 'most warlike country on Earth'

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Friend of the Devil (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock: Dr. Bernice

#AskRobertRedford About Climate Change!

by Kim D.

Because he and Leonardo DiCaprio are the experts . . . .

Via Yahoo News:

 Well, he got a few interesting questions but probably not the ones he expected:

Ohio Pool Party Poopers Arrested - Police Brutality or Justified Force?

by Kim D.

A mother and two minors were arrested after causing a disturbance at an Ohio pool. Was this a case of racism and police brutality? First hear from the defendant and her lawyer and then the response from Sheriff David Clarke: 

Donald Trump Compared to Charleston Shooter

Ted Cruz Explains Why Karl Rove Is the DIRTBAG You Always Thought He Was

The Creepy Heckling of Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church

by Kim D.

The Church of Wells has an issue with Pastor Joel Osteen and his megachurch. Actually, it appears the church and its elders have a problem with several people as evidenced by the need to have a "rebuttal" page on its website.

However, this past Sunday, some church members set their sights on Lakewood Church of Houston and heckled Pastor Osteen during his 11 am service. The disruption prompted the removal and arrest of six men from Wells, TX.
So far no one from the Church of Wells has spoken about or offered an explanation for why Osteen and the Lakewood Church were targeted, but the episode spooked several churchgoers who left in anticipation of possible violence erupting along with the protest and heckling. That leaves many to speculate about the motives, concluding this was basically nothing more than an attention seeking stunt by a small church.

@HillaryClinton wants your $5. Hurry, time is running out.

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Steve Winwood - I'm Ready (Live)

Ma Belle Amie (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: Telstar (Live)

It's Drink O'Clock: Radar Love

Hillary's Pledge

This poor girl cultishly believes that Hillary cares about her and connects . . . 

Pretending To Be IncogNegro

Walmart's Inconsistent Pandering - Anyone Need an ISIS Flag Cake?

by Kim D.

In the wake of the Charleston shootings and jumping on the bandwagon that the Confederate flag is in part responsible for continuing a culture of racial hate, Walmart has effectively scrubbed its retail empire of this symbol. That would be fine if only the retail giant would be consistent with its censorship.

Last week saw the celebration of the Supreme Court's ruling in favor of gay marriage in all 50 states. Walmart has been among the more liberally social, even advocating for gay rights. If this is truly the company's stance, why on earth would it sell a symbol of hatred? In Iran, there are no effective gay rights' issues because dead men don't speak nor can they marry. But you can buy an Iranian flag on Walmart.com for $54.88.

Perhaps the most ridiculous example of Walmart's political correctness gone amuck is starting to go viral. If you want a Confederate flag cake that promotes the message "Heritage not Hate," Walmart won't bake if for you, but they evidently don't have a problem making an ISIS flag cake, the epitome of hatred of anything not associated with ISIS ideology.

Chuck Netzhammer recently tested the boundaries and posted the results to his YouTube channel:
On 06/25/15 I attempted to get an Edible image cake printed with the confederate flag image on it at Walmart. It was denied. The next day I had them do the same for the ISIS battle flag image I brought to them. They cheerfully did it. and sold me my ISIS cake. WTF Walmart! ISIS is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery, and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States........but you can't buy the General Lee toy car at Wallmart? It's a damn shame.

Ted Cruz Battles The Press - 'Too Conservative' To Win Election?

Will a nuclear agreement be reached with Iran by June 30th? Will one ever be reached with Iran?

By Rob Janicki
To no one's surprise, it appears there will be no agreement reached between Iran and the western allies in regard to any cessation in development of Iran's nuclear weapons development program.

This process of an inch forward and a foot backward is Iran's game plan.  With all the talk of the success of the economic restraints imposed upon Iran, I offer this simple little insight.  Iran is still enriching uranium to weapons grade levels, essentially openly for all the parties to know and understand.

Meanwhile, the two sides talk over each other, which plays into the strategy of Iran. Time is on Iran's side.  This game being played by Obama and our allies is going nowhere.  Relaxing economic restraints on Iran was the first major mistake.  It was the economic restraints on Iran that brought them to the bargaining table in the first place.  Relaxing the restraints, while gaining nothing in return, would be considered a failure by most rational observers, but not to the Obama administration.  They have put more spin on this continuing negotiation process than a Merry Go Round at Disneyland.

Apparently for the Obama administration, holding Iran to a ten year window on non nuclear development is the ultimate goal to be achieved, because that's the best deal the Obama administration can envision.  It seem to be a case of the blind leading the blind.  The next question is why our allies are going along with Obama's self imposed insanity in these charades passing for negotiations?  

Have you wondered what would happen in 10 years if the Obama administration were able to strike some deal with Iran and its nuclear weapons development program?  Will Iran have been dissuaded from any further serious development of a nuclear weapon?  Not hardly, since their real goal is to annihilate Israel and achieve hegemony over all the nations of the Middle East.

The western allies need to reinstate all economic sanctions against Iran and add even more sanctions.  The Iranians only understand the force of power when it's applied to them.  They view the negotiations with the western allies as an ongoing weakness they can exploit for their own benefit in the development of their nuclear weapons program.

I fully expect Iran to gain a nuclear weapon within two years.  It only takes one nuclear weapon for Iran to exert even greater influence over its neighbors.  Of course, by then Obama will be out of office and will never accept any responsibility for an established Iranian nuclear capability.

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The Charlie Daniels Band - The South's Gonna Do It (Again) - Live


Gringo Honeymoon (Live)

Bob Seger - 'Hollywood Nights' Live in San Diego 1978.

There Goes Another Love Song

Meat the Press

Louis Prima Rocks the Joint - Just A Gigolo (Live - 1959)

3am Rainbow

The Rainbow White House

Our Founding Fathers are doing somersaults in their graves.

Bottoms Up! A Guide to Surviving Your Husband's Colonoscopy

by Kim D.

My husband has been rather difficult for months. Actually, he has been a complete jerk. When I had finally had enough and my inner Leo began roaring back, he finally admitted he had a problem. For at least a month he had been bleeding every time he had "to go." Of course I told him what he already knew - he had to go to the doctor, who prescribed the thing he's been dreading for seven years. He needed to have that colonoscopy which was highly recommended when he turned 50. 

Unfortunately, this meant I would be having one too, at least in spirit. Now that the procedure is done and four polyps have been removed, we are still waiting for biopsy results; however, the good news (and bad news) is that the bleeding was caused by internal hemorrhoids. All in all, the process leading up to the procedure is the worse part, and some basic steps can make the experience much easier. 

1. Check your marriage license and read the fine print. I know somewhere in mine it states that in the case of bad or questionable health, I promise to research, prepare, and administer to any and all issues my husband has. Once he had made his colonoscopy appointment and was given instructions, he passed them along to figure them out.

2. Know your husband's family health history. I know my family's health history but never considered that I should ask about his. During this process, we discovered that his paternal grandfather had colon cancer. Had I known this I would have bitched him into having colonoscopy when he turned 50. Once I knew my husband was experiencing bleeding in his stools, I immediately thought the worst: colon cancer. This possible diagnosis initiated the first of many sleepless nights.

3. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure, begin asking questions from friends and family. A colonoscopy doesn't make for pleasant conversation, but once you bring up the subject, you will find most are willing to talk and reveal the down and dirty details. One of my neighbors suggested I read a piece written by the humorist Dave Barry.

4. Do some research. Reading Barry's column to my husband helped somewhat. Being reassured that he would feel nothing and be unaware during the colonoscopy provided some anxiety relief. However, the cleansing process described raised new concerns. My husband was prescribed SUPREP which was to be the instigator of the nuclear intestinal bomb required to cleanse his system. My neighbor had told me that this was the worst part because of the incredible putrid taste of the medicine. However, she had been prescribed GoLightly, a similar cleansing product.  Let me assure you that with SUPREP this step in the process has been greatly improved. It has a berry smell/taste, and when mixed with cold water and chilled for several hours, my husband was able to chug his first dose (a pint) with ease in a matter of seconds.

5. Begin the cleansing process the week before. Had I known this, I would not have fed him a huge meal the night before prep was to begin. Secretly, though, he deserved this, so this step is optional. Eating a light diet, high in fiber, will clear out some of the junk. Also, adding Miralax to food will help.

6. Prepare a good shopping list. The day before the colonoscopy, the diet is highly restricted to clear liquids only. Broth is basically substituted for meals and beverages should contain no dyes, especially red or purple. This was the biggest sacrifice for my husband who enjoys one or two classes of red wine nightly. You could buy your husband some cartons of chicken broth, or be kind and make homemade. Luckily my neighbor makes her own broth, which is rich in flavor, and shared plenty with me. I bought Ginger ale, clear Gatorade, and a case of water and stocked the fridge. Hours before ingesting the SUPREP, he also needed to take two Ducolax and a bottle of lemon-flavored Magnesium Citrate, which is truly the worst part and is assured to make your loved one gag. Also recommended are plenty of flushable wipes which will be kinder than regular toilet paper to the rear after numerous trips to the bathroom once the SUPREP kicks in and the extreme cleansing process begins.

7. Leave the house! This is a very important step, especially if you have young children. If your husband like to read, buy him some magazines. If not, get some DVDs or start him on a good Netflix series which he can pause and/or rewind when needed. Privacy is the best gift you can give someone going through the cleansing process which will last for several hours.

8. Tell your loved one to avoid the Internet or news, especially the day before or day of the procedure. My husband's procedure was at 7 am and he was awake and watching the early morning news. Unfortunately, one of the stories was about a patient who had recently sued his doctor after a bad colonoscopy experience.  This, of course, renewed his anxiety.

9.  Plan ahead for the next day's meal. I wasn't thinking about this. Of course he would be starving after the procedure. I was expecting him to come home and go straight to bed and sleep off the anesthesia. No luck here - he wanted a huge breakfast once we were home by 9 am. I scrambled to make his breakfast before I had to take my son to camp by 9:30.  I should have made a breakfast casserole the day before or bought a quiche.

10. Buy a bottle of Probiotics (which will promote good colon health) and your favorite bottle of spirits and give yourself a pat on the back. Bottoms up! You've successfully made it through your husband's colonoscopy. If you are like me, you will be emotionally drained and exhausted, but hopefully, things will soon be back to normal and the sleepless nights of worry (three week's worth for me) will be over.

Trey Gowdy Owns Race-Baiting Liberals on Voting ID Laws

It's Cartoon Time: Snagglepuss - What's My Lion?

Liberal blowhard out at Fox News Channel.

By Rob Janicki
It seems that FNC could no longer continue to put up with liberal clown Bob Beckel and his continuing personal problems.  Beckel has been plagued with addiction problems with drugs and alcohol at various times in his adult life.  Beckel went through back surgery in February and was admitted into a drug rehab program in April for an addiction to pain killers, undoubtedly due to his back surgery.  This latest ongoing situation culminated in Beckel's release from FNC.  I suspect that Beckel may have had other similar problems over his career at FNC and this latest episode was simply the straw that broke the camel's back.

To be fair, Beckel was, at times, an engaging, gregarious and fun loving member of The Five on FNC.  Most of the time, however, he could be seen scowling at comments about liberal politicians or liberal issues, from other members of The Five.  It was not unusual for Beckel, the liberal douche bag, to let loose with an expletive from time to time, when a comment from a panel member rankled his liberal sensitivities.

More than four months after he last appeared on the cable news network, Bob Beckelofficially has been let go by Fox News Channel. “We tried to work with Bob for months, but we couldn’t hold The Five hostage to one man’s personal issues,” said FNC’s EVP Programming Bill Shine said in a statement today. “He took tremendous advantage of our generosity, empathy and goodwill, and we simply came to the end of the road with him. Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera will be among those rotating on the show for the near future.”

Beckel started with Fox News in 2000 as a contributor and moved up to The Five in its beginning in 2011, a program that has continued to be a hit for FNC.  Beckel's political high point came in 1984 as Walter Mondale's campaign manager.  He previously worked in the State Department as an undersecretary.  More on Beckel's checkered career can be found at Wikipedia.

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Too Hot To Sleep

The Late Randy California

Randy California was born into a musical family in Los Angeles and spent his early years studying varied styles at the family's Los Angeles folk club, the Ash Grove. His uncle, Ed Pearl, was the founder of the Ash Grove. He was 15 years old when his mother Bernice Pearl and new stepfather, Ed Cassidy (later to become a founding member of the band Spirit, with Randy), moved to New York City in the summer of 1966 because Cassidy had a number of jazz gigs lined up. It was there, at Manny's Guitars, that Randy met Jimi Hendrix. He played in Hendrix's band Jimmy James and the Blue Flames that summer. California, Cassidy and Pearl lived in an apartment building in Forest Hills (Queens), New York called the Balfour, whose other residents included future Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker, who cites California's blues-based guitar style as an influence on his own playing.
Randy California drowned in the Pacific ocean in 1997 at the age of 45 while rescuing his 12-year-old son Quinn from a rip current near the home of his mother, Bernice Pearl, at Molokai, Hawaii. He managed to push Quinn (who survived) toward the shore.

In The Mean Time

The Sum of All Things

Two Head Woman

Franklin Graham: Christians should prepare for persecution after #SCOTUS gay marriage ruling

Mmm Mmm Good: A Deep Fried Big Mac

It's done. Wisconsin eliminates 48 hour waiting period on handgun purchases.

By Rob Janicki
Wisconsin has had a 48 hour waiting period to purchase and receive a handgun since 1976, while 10 states and the District of Columbia have waiting periods of some duration for handguns and/or all firearms.  Wisconsin Governor, Scott Walker, a Republican, signed the Bill into law on Wednesday.  The law will go into effect in one week, with much wailing done by state Democrats and anti-gun activists, with all kinds of pleas to emotional arguments as to why this is a bad law.  No data to support their argument, but plenty of emotional appeals.

With his signature, the all-but-certain Republican presidential candidate eliminated the state's 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases and allowed off-duty, retired and out-of-state police officers to carry firearms on school grounds. Both measures passed earlier this month in the GOP-majority Legislature with bipartisan support.

Much to their credit, not all Democrats in Wisconsin opposed these two Bills.  Anti-gun activism in Wisconsin has not been well received, since Wisconsin is essentially a rural state with a long and treasured history for hunting and adding an economic benefit to the state, with both residents and out of state hunters contributing to the state's economy.

The governor, who was joined Wednesday by Republican lawmakers and families who supported the measures, has been an outspoken supporter of gun rights. Walker previously made Wisconsin the 49th state to legalize concealed carry — even in state buildings — and signed a "castle doctrine" bill giving homeowners more legal protections if they shoot an intruder.

Here are the arguments for and against these two Bills in simplified form.

Supporters of eliminating the waiting period said it'll better allow people to protect themselves, while opponents said it would lead to people caught up in fits of rage or depression to obtain weapons quickly. Supporters also say it inconveniences law-abiding citizens, that background checks can be completed in hours and women would be able to get guns faster to protect themselves and their families from abusers.

By contrast, California, where I happen to live, has a 10 waiting period for all firearm purchases.  There is no data to support this arbitrary waiting period in California, but considering that every statewide elected office is held by a Democrat and each chamber of the state legislature has a substantial liberal Democrat majority, it becomes clear that the California waiting period is based upon ideological grounds, rather than any sound and rational data

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Indiana to oppose Obama's EPA restrictions on coal fired power plants

By Rob Janicki

Indiana will not comply with President Barack Obama's plan to battle climate change by requiring reductions in emissions from coal-fired power plants, Republican Gov. Mike Pence said Wednesday.

Governor Pence seems to be playing hardball with the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan created by the EPA, not because he particularly wants to, but because he has to with Indiana's very heavy dependence upon their coal fired power plants in the state.  Governor Pence's motivation is open to debate and discussion and it will be highly contested by environmentalists and the Obama administration.. 

Environmentalists will counter claim that Governor Pence is in the thrall of the coal companies and is opposing any environmental restrictions on the use of coal for power generation solely to satisfy coal producers and users.  The implication is that Pence receives some political benefit from opposing the EPA's proposed Clean Power Plan that is greater than his interest in protecting and improving the health of Indiana's population.

Indiana may be more dependent upon coal for power generation than any other state.  Closing coal fired power plants will most certainly be economically devastating to Indiana as will the costs of conversion to a whole new natural gas fired power generation system.  

Coal related jobs will be lost, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.  The cost of energy in any conversion will be costly to those least able to shoulder the burden of higher energy costs.  The poor would be hit hardest with increased costs of energy.

In any conversion from coal to natural gas, a balancing must be made through a cost/benefit analysis.  In other words, the benefits must significantly outweigh the costs of any coal to natural gas conversion or any portion of a conversion.  It's an economic analysis that must be made, but which environmentalists refuse to acknowledge, since the costs are significantly greater than any demonstrable health benefits

Mark Maassel, president of the Indiana Energy Association, which represents the state's investor-owned utilities, said the group believes "the Clean Power Plan will be extremely costly for Indiana customers, which also means it's also bad for the economy. It's very questionable whether it will be supported in the courts."

I suspect that Governor Pence is counting on the courts to overturn any EPA plan to put greater restrictions on coal fired power generation plants in Indiana.  Whether Pence believes the proposed EPA restriction will be overturned in court or whether he is playing a delaying game is not certain at this time.  The following is what Indiana may be up against in their fight to overturn any EPA regulations imposing even stricter pollution emission standards on their coal fired power generation plants. 

A federal appeals court earlier this month threw out a lawsuit from a coalition of Indiana and 14 other states that claimed the EPA exceeded its authority last year when it proposed climate change plan.

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Low Down

Even When I'm Blue

The Road to Hell (long version)

Candy Everybody Wants

Fire on the Mountain

It's Drink O'Clock Thirty: People Sho' Act Funny

It's Drink O'Clock: Three Sheets In The Wind

Good Morning: Songs That She Sang In The Shower

Greg Gutfeld: Confederate flag flap distracts from real question

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Al Sharpton Has Massive Struggles Using Touch Screen

It's Drink O'Clock: Stevie Ray Vaughan & Dick Dale - Pipeline

Ohio's 8th Congressional District: 2016 Republican Primary - J.D. Winteregg vs. John Boehner

Who Are We Really Fighting? 

By J.D. Winteregg
I'm running to represent Ohio's 8th Congressional district, in part, because I know how to fight the so-called “progressives” who are destroying our great nation.

Whether ignorant of what progressives represent or compliant with their agenda, my current representative--Speaker John Boehner--has proven that he has neither the ability nor inclination to fight progressives on behalf of his constituents and the American taxpayers. It's time that we have a fresh face who both understands what he's fighting and is prepared to fight it “tooth and nail.” The Speaker talks about it. I’m the guy who’ll actually do it.

To effectively fight the progressives, we have to understand their twisted thought process. To better understand that process, we have to know what makes them tick. There are three main things we must know in order to begin fighting the progressives: their message, their tactics, and their goal. Because messaging and tactics rely so heavily on the endgame, I'll address their goal first.

The goal of progressives is to achieve "social justice" through the destruction of capitalism. Having spent more time in academia than anyone should spend, and having been “taught” by professors who were so progressive they boasted about sharing a cab with Bill Ayers, I've come to understand how they plan to achieve "social justice." To progressives, capitalism is the reason for every bad event in the world today. Capitalists are oppressors who exploit innocent people for labor; capitalists care nothing for those at the bottom rung of the social ladder; capitalists will stop at nothing to ensure that poverty lasts. Progressives view themselves as great liberators--they're the world's thought police and they believe their “solutions” will ensure that every voice will be heard, that every mouth will be fed, and that everyone will contribute to society according to their abilities. To them, "social justice" is only achieved when outcomes, (not opportunities), are equal.

So what tactics do progressives use to fight the evil capitalists? There are many, but I will not reprint Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” in this post. Suffice it to say that they attack any institutions that thrive in or perpetuate the free market. Welfare destroys the family institutions, culturally hegemonic bullying destroys the religious institutions, and a progressive push in education to standardize instruction to reflect socio-cultural "values" destroys the economic engine of capitalism. Progressives will stop at nothing to ensure these institutions--the very institutions on which our great nation was constructed--are under constant attack. The values of our Founding Fathers are perpetually eroded because progressives refuse to stop until "social justice" is achieved.

To employ these tactics, the most important arrow in a progressive's quiver is language; progressives live and die through messaging. They have the advantage of years of study in higher education institutions; they've studied the words, phrases, and messages that reach, misinform and persuade the masses the best. They know that if they control the language, they control the message. Like a linguistic Houdini, they know that they can distract people from the message that matters with a message that fits their agenda. Sadly, this is the area that the Republican leadership understands the least. It's time we change that.

Here's how we fight progressives. First, get me in office. Go to jdwinteregg.com and contribute. We need someone in there who understands progressives and who understands how to fight them. I understand both things. Second, begin to view things the way they do: oppressor vs. oppressed. Understanding their endgame helps us to understand how they frame the message. Comprehension of that side isn't an endorsement; it's a weapon. Third, never buy into their message. Don't argue what they want you to argue. Rejecting their false premises allows us to begin to present the message we know works best for us. Define our message and stick to it. Finally, don't reinvent the wheel. Use what they use (within the confines of ethics). They've shown that they're good at what they do, and if you're like me and believe we're the smarter side, we'll do it better.

I'm running in the Republican primary because I know how to reject false premises, frame the debate and articulate the benefits of conservatism (without pandering) to “the 100%.” I owe nothing to DC lobbyists, pundits, bundlers or consultants, so I’m free to represent my future constituents in Ohio-8 and join forces with the small number of conservative voices in Congress who understand that they've been elected to represent the people and not the special interests. It's time we have a representative who understands America's progressive radicals, and it's time to support GOP leaders across the country who aren’t afraid to stand toe to toe with those radicals.

In a sick liberal move, the ACLU has honored abortionists with medals for promoting human rights.

By Rob Janicki
Unbelievable as it is, the liberal ACLU has honored murderers of human fetuses with medals for promoting human rights.  It's uncertain how this practice of fetus abortion advances human rights, but that seems not to concern the baby murder mill operators, which continue to practice eugenics and black genocide.  

It must be noted that black abortions constitute almost 40% of all abortions annually in the United States.  This is an obvious attempt to continue Sanger's program of eugenics and genocide of minorities and can hardly go unnoticed by anyone with any common sense and understanding of the true basis for Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

The American Civil Liberties Union has awarded three Alabama abortion clinic owners, as well as National Abortion Federation president Vicki Saporta, with the Roger N. Baldwin Medal of Liberty for their commitment to abortion, Alabama Media Group reports.

The ACLU has long supported abortion, most recently suing to block a 24-hour waiting periodin Florida (a policy the Supreme Court has already deemed lawful in Planned Parenthood v. Casey), and testifying against Ohio legislation to protect preborn babies with Down Syndrome from abortion.

Obviously these murder mills can't be inconvenienced with having to observe a waiting period, in order to do their dastardly deeds of depriving the unborn of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed to these very baby murderers that claim they only act in support women's reproductive rights.  Eugenics, the belief and practice of cleansing society of misfits with the potential of having genetic defects was pushed by Margaret Sanger at the turn of 20th century.

It also became an institutionalized genocide of blacks by liberal racists such as Margaret Sanger as evidenced in the quote below.

"We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities.  The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx) - Obama saying n***** was astute, important and correct

The True Meaning Of The Confederate Flag: Angel of Dixie

Rush Limbaugh: Dems 'Responsible' For Confederate Flag, 'When Did This Become A GOP Problem?'

Nobody verified Clinton Foundation a legal charity

NEW YORK – Along with filing financial reports filled with errors and misstatements, “Big Four” accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers neglected to verify whether the Clinton Foundation obtained tax-exempt status for its various sub-entities, including its AIDS charity, contends respected Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel.

As WND has reported, Ortel’s six-month investigation indicates the Clintons have diverted tens millions of dollars donated for charitable purposes to the personal enrichment of themselves and their close associates.
He says PWC neglected to exercise due diligence in fulfilling its professional responsibilities in conducting even the most basic inquiries required of an honest audit.
PWC, he says, failed to inquire whether the Clinton Foundation has applied for and received duly issued IRS tax-exempt determinations for its various sub-entities and activities, including fighting HIV/AIDS globally under the auspices of the Clinton Health Access Initiative Inc., also known as CHAI.
He notes that there as an “Old CHAI” and a “New CHAI” that was created after Hillary Clinton became secretary of state. In addition, the foundation launched the Clinton Global Initiative and numerous foreign funds and endowments created, for instance, in conjunction with George W. Bush to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
In his draft report, Ortel says PWC’s “work product concerning the Clinton Foundation in 2013 is riddled with errors.”
Ortel documents “each material deficiency in appropriate detail,” but he also poses an important preliminary question: “Did PWC, as part of its 2013 audit, establish that under applicable laws and regulations that the Clinton Foundation, including its various sub-entities and numerous charitable endeavors, many of which have been foreign based, is duly constituted as a tax-exempt organization?”...   Read more 

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RadioActivity: Apology (April 1, 1949)

The USS Gerald Ford

The Wilson-Pakula Act of 1947 - Will liberal Democrats in New York (are there any other kind?) turn on a fellow traveler?

By Rob Janicki
New York, a very liberal state, has a little known law, the Wilson-Pakula Act of 1947, which might be used to keep avowed socialist and Independent Bernie Sanders off the Democratic presidential primary ballot for 2016.  It should be remembered that Senator Sanders, although an Independent in his home state of Vermont, caucuses with Democrats in the Senate.  Sanders is a radical socialist.  

This arcane Wilson-Pakula law prohibits anyone from running for the nomination of a political party, which they are not officially affiliated with.  There is an exception, however.  If the candidate gets permission from the political party apparatus, usually a state party central committee of prominent party members, the individual may find themselves on the party's nomination ballot.

Lest we forget, however, Hillary Clinton is the prohibitive favorite daughter of Democrats in New York and Bernie Sanders is just an interloper from next door neighbor Vermont, although Sanders is as liberal as they come and is to the political left of Hillary.

Bernie Sanders, to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, must find his way on all the important state presidential primary ballots as a Democrat and not as an Independent.  That would be a kiss of death for Sanders.  New York is one of those very important states that Sanders needs to be on the Democratic presidential primary ballot in order to go forward and to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.  

Recent polling has seen Sanders drawing closer to Hillary, with the latest polling having Sanders at 31% to Hillary's 41%.  Sanders is on the up side of this trending in the polls, while Hillary has seen an unsettling decline.  Every other Democratic hopeful or possible Democratic candidate has been polling in single digits, not exactly heartening for anyone serious about capturing the Democratic nomination. 

Will New York Democrats allow Sanders to enter the Democratic presidential primary, even though he is not officially aligned with the New York Democrat Party?  Will Hillary's tumbling polling numbers erode resistance to Sanders from the state Democratic Party apparatus, thus allowing Sanders to enter the New York presidential party on the Democratic ballot?  

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a staunch Hillary supporter and he wields tremendous power in the state Democratic central committee.  Will he roll over on Hillary to allow Sanders on the ballot?  That's the real question.  It's too early to tell what will result, but if Sanders does not find his way on to the Democratic presidential primary ballot in New York, he will most likely be in serious trouble in other state primaries.  Financial supporters will be reticent to contribute to a Sanders campaign that becomes moribund in a state of limbo over a failure to get on the Democrat primary ballot in New York. 

There will be a lot of politicking going on in New York Democratic circles and Hillary, if history is any guide, will be in the thick of any movement seeking to bar Sanders from the Democratic primary ballot.  Of course, Hillary will not publicly denigrate Sanders, since that might tarnish her manufactured persona of being a champion of the people.  It wouldn't look good if Hillary was viewed as just another back room politician seeking to sink a political dagger in the back of a party rival. 

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Ramadan Inn

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: The Green Leaves of Summer

Tecumseh Valley

Telephone Road

Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (Live)

Right and Wrong (Live)

Song off the live album, "Big World". The album was recorded in front of an invited audience at the Roundabout Theatre in New York City on 22--25 January 1986. Jackson's intent was to capture the excitement and spontaneity of a live performance, but without any noise from the crowd. The audience remained silent during the recording as per Jackson's request, so we do not hear any applause. In the manner of a remote broadcast, the music was mixed live from microphones on each musical instrument and sent directly to a stereo digital tape recorder. Unlike most remote recordings, no post-recording mixing or overdubbing was performed.

RadioActivity: Bob Hope Show - Guest/Jack Benny (Nov 9, 1948)

The Wisdom of Sally Kohn


Heckle, Jeckle - Watch Rubio Turn an Awkward Moment to His Advantage

By Kim D.

Last week, Senator and presidential hopeful Marco Rubio was interrupted during his speech at the Road to Majority conference. A gaggle of squawking protesters, demanding amnesty for illegal immigrants, chanted a DAPA mantra, providing a rather loud distraction from Rubio's speech.

Rubio kept his cool, took a sip of water, and waited for the protesters to be escorted out of the room. Then he said:
“That’s the difference with the United States. If you do that in another country, you would be in jail tonight.”

“If you do that in another country, your family’s house could be raided, your businesses can be closed, and American people have the right to interrupt speeches, we have the right to be rude, they have a right to be wrong.”

“We live in a free society, and I thank God for that everyday.”

Dana Loesch & Some Lib Chick Debate Gun Control - The Kelly File #2A

Greg Gutfeld: We can't let a fiend test our fabric

Can we talk about the idiots who are once again trying to push for more gun control?

By Rob Janicki
Less than 24 hours after the mass murders of nine people in Charleston, SC, President Obama spoke to the need for more restrictive gun laws to prevent these kinds of crimes.  To use this highly emotional moment to push for more gun control is despicable and deceitful, since it implies that more gun control laws could have prevented this dreadful situation from happening.  Nothing could be further from the truth of the matter.

There is no gun control law that could be enacted that would prevent another massacre we just saw in Charleston, SC, short of confiscating all guns from legal gun owners.  And that wouldn't even slow down those people mentally disordered and bent upon a heinous criminal act with a gun.  Nor would it be able to confiscate guns from criminals, since they would not willingly give up any guns they may have.  There is no honor system among criminals to give up their guns in the face of any gun control law.

Dylann Roof, charged with murder and probably numerous other crimes in the deaths of nine innocent people at the Emanuel AME Church, did not obtain a gun fraudulently from any loophole in South Carolina gun laws or any federal gun laws.

Dylann Roof received the gun he used for his savage and senseless murderous rampage as a gift from his father on his 21st birthday.  There is virtually no way to prevent a gifting of a gun to a family member or possibly even a close friend.

Gun control laws have absolutely no effect upon those with intentions to use a gun in a criminal activity.  Criminals steal guns and buy guns on the black market.  There is nothing that can be done about this means of acquisition, despite what every liberal gun grabber may say to the contrary.

Gun control laws simply make it difficult, if not close to impossible, to legally obtain and possess firearms for any legal reason, not the least of which is self defense.

It's estimated that there are over 300 million firearms in the United States, which has a population of over 300 million people.  To think that such grizzly crimes as we have seen in Charleston, can be averted with more gun control laws is simply ludicrous.  The cities and states with the highest gun related deaths all have one common denominator.  They all have the most stringent gun control laws in the United States and they are all enclaves of liberal politicians that have failed miserably to address the root causes of illegal gun usage within their jurisdictions.

When liberal politicians can figure out how to prevent criminals from obtaining guns illegally and without impinging upon the 2nd Amendment rights of all legal gun owners, I might be inclined to listen to their proposals.  Until then, liberals have absolutely nothing worthwhile in the least to contribute to ending or even limiting, let alone reducing the illegal use of guns that results in headline news of gun deaths due to  mentally disordered individuals.

Rational people know that liberals really seek to control people, not guns.  Every totalitarian regime in history has made gun control and confiscation at the top of their "to do" list upon their acquisition of power at the barrel of a gun.  Had there been one legally armed individual in the Emanuel AME Church, Dylann Roof may not have gotten away with any of the murders he appears to have committed.  However, Dylann Rood reasonably surmised that no one would probably be armed in the church, which meant he could exercise his evil intent with relative ease and little possibility of his being stopped or even injured in his sick rampage.

Further restricting legal gun possession is an open invitation to criminals to use a gun in the commission of a crime without fear of any immediate consequences to their personal safety.  States that have reasonably obtainable concealed carry permits have lower criminal usage of guns than those states with very restrictive concealed carry permits.  

An armed society is a much more polite society.  When criminals don't know who is carrying a gun, they are less inclined to use a gun in the commission of a crime for one simple reason.  They become more concerned with their own immediate personal safety than using a gun in a situation that may find them confronted with a victim armed and willing to use that firearm to prevent the criminal from their intended crime. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

We Now Conclude Our Broadcast Day: Even in the Quietest Moments (Acoustic-Live)

Manufactured Racial Divide

Every time an incident purported to be the example of systemic racism in America hits the headlines, we are somehow forced to take a side. Why is not enough to have compassion and empathy for victims and their families. Why is it not enough to hate the actions of those who inflict violence and death?

As soon as the color of the victims and the color of the suspect make the headlines, those pushing the narrative of perpetual victim-hood rush to their keyboards to identify markers of racism. In the case of the recent Charleston Shooting, it developed that the shooter is a disturbed individual who actually does hold racist views. But it is not enough to denounce his actions and demand justice. Those pushing the narrative sought to use the tragedy as an example of rampant racism in our nation.  Former Obama Admin. official Brandon Friedman raced to tie Gov. Nikki Haley & the confederate flag to the story. The flying of the confederate flag circled social media as a symbol of accepted racism in the South, all of my favorite race baiters passed it around. The question 'Where can we be safe?' came from several who really don't view the shooting as the crazed actions of a lone shooter.

Somehow, I am responsible for both my ancestors, who may or may not have ever owned slaves, and the actions of some racist lunatic in Charleston. I can't say anything about waiting for evidence or not jumping to conclusions that will not irk the people who believe that our world is filled with racial injustice. I can not help but feel that I am being judged on the basis of my skin color. Where are these people, of my color, who think that the actions of the shooter in Charleston were justified or acceptable?

The narrative that our nation is somehow polarized over whether racism is acceptable or not is false. The overwhelming consensus is that the shooter acted unacceptably, horridly, and should be brought to justice. Why can't we agree to let the extremists be the outliers and unite in our disdain for their actions? Are we expected to identify with the shooter based only on the color of our skin? Can we only grieve for the victims and their families if we are of the same race? 

It is time to recognize that our nation is no longer a nation that quietly accepts racism. I believe that my generation commonly recognizes the atrocities of race-based mistreatment in our history. Yet, activists consistently divide us by the lives and actions of our ancestors. We are the generation of Americans with the opportunity to put it behind us. Not to forgive or forget but to progress to a new state of existence, where the color of your skin has no bearing on the content of your character or aptitude for success. Let us unite against those who seek to keep us divided.

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