Monday, September 19, 2016

Media Elite and HRC's Team Dance the Tarantella

by Angela Durden

The Media Elite, women of a certain age, radical feminists of all ages, and cuckolded men are bound and determined goddammit to see a woman president before they go out of business or otherwise die. 

That Hillary is painfully and seriously ill is so freaking clear as to be ridiculous. The entire world knows it. The only truthful clarity on this whole HRC health thing seems to be coming from the American public who are posting memes worthy of any snarky British tabloid. Kudos to all of you. Keep it up. I love to laugh. 

But to the aforementioned groups in paragraph one, none of that matters, you see, because she must be president. She deserves it, doncha know, champion of women's rights that she is...and a woman, to boot. We as a nation must prove our allegiance to Women's Rights under threat of having our collective balls cut off and must support this most deserved of women because she is the creme de la creme of all things female.

[Excuse me while I barf. Thank you. Back to the column.]

In any case, with this latest emergency of HRC's at the 9/11 ceremony, and the quick public appearance of an obvious body double (somebody should be fired for that choice), something kept niggling at my brain.

In the explaining away of this story . . . 

 . . . The Media Elite were smiling and happy dancing their way to a presidential win. Gosh, where have I seen that dance before? Then I remembered. 

Why, a little piece of music I had learned as a child on the piano called The Tarantella where, as the story goes, one bit by a wolf spider (tarantella) must have the poison exorcised via a happy dance. In my piano exercise book was a drawing of that happy dance. 

So I went online to find it. YouTube did not let me down. That I have connected the HRC/Media Elite to this video, well...I make profound apologies to the wonderful Polish Dance School that is featured. But when you watch this video, you will totally know what I mean about the explanatory responses of the Media Elite, Hill's team, RadFems, and pussified men.

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