Friday, September 23, 2016

Shadowbanning sucks! It's Rather Orwellian

by Kim D. 

Are you feeling neglected on Twitter? Did your followers stop chatting with you? If so, you might be shadowbanned.
According to the article "Twitter Meets Orwell," 
Take consolation in the fact that you certainly aren't alone in your Twitter ostracization. It's nothing personal - you probably are rooting for the wrong team in Election 2016 or appear to be doing so by a hyper-tweeked algorithm.

Don't get too upset by shadowbanning, says Daddy Warpig, who claims it usually is temporary punishment, but how do you know for certain if this had happened to your Twitter account?
What stinks is that there is no way to reach out to Twitter to rectify this problem unless you are on Jack's good side or are a verified account with some clout:
At present time, no one knows for sure how one catches a temporary case of the shadowban bug. And, if you cannot see my tweets or view our blog, you might not even see this information, but in case you should happen to break through this Orwellian barrier, here are some tips to avoid this Twitter hell:
Good luck out there in the Twittersphere. With the new rules, suspiciously creeping in as we are 40-some days from a pivotal election, you will need it.  Either that or just start posting cat memes.

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