Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Twitter Permanently Bans Shady @Nero

by Kim D.

Even should Daddy win the presidency, it may not help Milo (aka @Nero) with his Twitter ban. So what did Breitbart editor and Twitter troll Milo Yiannopoulos do this time to justify silencing? Evidently, he triggered Saturday Night Live comedian Leslie Jones over the crappy remake of Ghostbusters.

However it wasn't only what Milo tweeted that got him suspended - he simply pointed out that everyone gets hate mail and that she should quit whining about it: "If at first you don't succeed (because your work is terrible), play the victim." This started a back and forth which drew the attention of Milo's followers (over 300k) who chimed in and ramped up the harassment of Jones in some disgusting ways.

There's tons more but you get the idea - this is what the AltRight does best. Pick a target, focus, and attack viciously. But here's the problem, these cruel and racist tweets were not sent by Milo. Take a bow AltRight - you got Milo banned. Yes he attracts followers with this sick mentality and yes Milo loves the attention and probably found some of the attack on Jones to be hilarious.  He's a poop stirrer, plain and simple, which is why he must be silenced.

It doesn't matter that all high profile accounts who write sensational tweets have thousands of followers who tend to pile on and attack. Basically, the double standard is alive and well here.  Milo does not have the right to be on Twitter. He signed the Twitter TOS just like all of us. If he violates the agreement repeatedly, he can be banned.  However, let's not kid ourselves, if Milo were a flaming liberal, as well as fag, he would still be tweeting away at this moment.

According to a Twitter spokesperson:
Another side to this debate could be the fact that right-minded individuals tend to suck it up and deal with hurt feelings a little bit better than those on the left side of the spectrum. Those who whine and screech the loudest get more action, plain and simple. Stick and stones people - Twitter cannot be a safe space and only regurgitate opinions with which you agree.

The more voices the better on social media. These platforms give you the power to silence those you don't want see. Mute and block buttons work great.  For me personally, I may not have agreed with everything Milo has tweeted but he was on my mobile notifications for a reason - he's entertaining. I'll miss the controversy.

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