Thursday, September 15, 2016

I Was Wrong - #BadSelfEater Was No Rick Roll

by Kim D.

I thought I had figured it out!
But, sadly, no - the Bad self eater (or Federal Beast) countdown was not what I expected, but I can appreciate the elaborate ruse to gather tons of social media attention to a very important issue of the day - abortion. T. Russell Hunter appeared at the end of the countdown and gave an anti-abortion presentation, which, in part, was difficult to watch, especially in the graphic medical abortion portions.

He got a bunch of flack for what some felt was a huge letdown which kind of proves Hunter's point. We are so caught up in what we perceive to be big government evils that we have been desensitized to abortion.
Not everyone was a hater and tweeted approval for the big reveal and message it promoted:
If you missed it or care to watch, be quick about it - YouTube has already put a warning on the video: The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially inappropriate. Viewer discretion is advised. If enough people complain, it will most likely be yanked from the site.

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