Monday, December 7, 2015

Obama continues to be AWOL on calling out Islamic terrorism.

By Rob Janicki

In the past, President Obama has often been criticized for "leading from behind" with Libya, Syria, Ukraine and Iran being the most prominent examples of this disturbing failure of leadership. These examples continue to rise to the forefront in the public's perception and only further highlight and reinforce the obvious conclusion that President Obama lacks leadership skills at the very least.  

But there's more. 

Let's not be coy.  Many believe that President Obama's cognitive processes are being ideologically driven more than any other force that may be directing his many foreign policy decisions and their resulting failures.  Obama has never made a decision that was not based in his deeply held radical leftist political and ideological principles.   Every decision has been based on whether the particular decision will further his immediate political needs and will maintain the direction of his desired ideological outcomes.

That said, and regardless of what one may think and believe are President Obama's underlying motives for leading from behind, the fact is that his actions and inactions at critical times in foreign policy have left America adrift on the world stage..  Obama has heralded a vast number of foreign nations allied against ISIS and radical Islamist terrorism, yet virtually none of these phantom allied nations has manifested any real or tangible evidence of combating radical Islamic terrorism directly. 

Still further, President Obama continues to dance around the simple terminology of "radical Islamic terrorism".  He seems completely incapable or unwilling to acknowledge the brutal savages of radical Islamic terrorism and simply refers to the various organizations by their specific self proclaimed names.

If President Obama cannot, or more likely will not, address mankind's greatest enemy as radical Islamic terrorism, what chance will America and the world have in defeating the greatest scourge since World War II?

President Obama's political and ideological foundations seem eerily to be drawn from the very most radical American leftists of the 1960's and 70's.  Wait!  Those people and their radical leftist thinking were Obama's mentors.  Moving on and in conclusion.

President Obama's narcissism, coupled with his deeply ingrained leftist ideological thinking, have led him to believe that he could literally change the world, much like the many tyrants through  history have believed.  One has to wonder what Obama will do in the waning days of his administration as he sees the framework of his delusional dreams, of some kind of mystical and magical legacy, fall apart before his very eyes.

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