Thursday, September 1, 2016

Radical feminism is a hate crime

by Angela Durden

I’ve been saying it for years: Radical feminism is a hate crime against men.

Radical feminism does not celebrate differences in gender: They punish them. We now have more evidence of the success of RadFem’s campaign to incite hate in this story about two men. One dead. One now a murderer.

And why? Because some damn woman didn’t get the RadFem Memo about giving her inner warrior permission to open her own damn door, that’s why. Because her inner warrior was a drama queen that wanted to see two men fight over her. Because that damn drama queen complained to her boyfriend that some other man dissed her. Because her inner warrior needed a man to fight her fight for her.
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And the murdered man. A father. Going into a McDonald’s for a burger. Gets shot dead. What about him? He was probably confused as hell to see a gun pointed at him for not holding a door for a woman — especially after doing exactly what he was trained to do by RadFems who have been torturing men for over fifty years with this no-win set of instructions:
Do not hold back a woman’s inner warrior from being strong and opening the door herself. To open a door for a woman means you are disrespecting her power. We are women. Hear. Us. Roar.

More like Hear. Us. Whine.

Only this time the last thing Mr. Robinson heard was the roar of a gun as it went off and killed him dead.
And where’s the woman? Can’t find her. Her inner warrior doesn’t want get her butt caught by the Po-Po. She doesn’t want to give up her man who, I am certain, is hiding out and wondering why in the hell he listened to that bitch anyways.
Murdering Dude, I know you are just as confused. You’ve been hearing the same RadFem messaging, but some woman turned your head with promises of awesome sex and next thing you know, you’re gallant manhood, DNA deep but unused to operating in real time, went and overreacted.
Look, Murdering Dude, you aren’t smart enough to go on the run. Give yourself up.

And while you are at it, get your own little revenge and tell the Po-Po where to find that &%*#& who just ruined your life. Let’s see how strong her inner warrior is behind bars.

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