Friday, July 1, 2016

What's Holding Them Back from Meeting Other #AltRight People?

by Kim D.

Amazing question . . . and with 16 hours left to vote, most of the Alt Right lonely hearts are fearing the dox, although geography problems are a close second.  The bio for the account asking this thought-provoking question is accompanied by an Aryan beauty promoting "race realism" and the website Identity Evropa.

Who or what is Identity Evropa?

We are a generation of awakened Europeans who have discovered that we are part of the great peoples, history, and civilization that flowed from the European continent. We reject the idea that our identities are mere abstractions to be deconstructed. We oppose those who would defame our history and rich cultural heritage. In a time when every other people are asserting their identity, without action, we will have no chance to resist our dispossession.
In other words . . . . White Power! (insert pale fist here). Hmmm . . . some had issues with the poll options and helped with "alt" options as only good Tweeters would:
All kidding aside, reading through the timeline of Ms. Alt Right one will find a wealth of dating advice to promote meeting and procreating with like-skinned others:

Okay . . . so the kidding wasn't aside although as the progeny of a people who bred those with blonde hair and blue eyes, this whole discussion is rather sad. I know, I know . . . I'll say it so you don't have to: CUCK! 

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