Thursday, July 28, 2016

Successful in San Francisco? The homeless want your money

In San Francisco, media outlets recently colluded, trying to put the subject of homelessness on the front burner. But the coverage was incomplete, because smellevision hasn’t been invented. Now there is a new development: Politicians want to further burden tech companies, because, you know, many of them are successful. From

Ah, there’s that word liberals love – fair. It can be defined any way they want it. More from the article:

Social collaboration? That’s interesting. Maybe if I visit I’ll be welcomed in to play fan-tan at an opium den four levels below Chinatown. But probably not. In the 20th paragraph of the story, CNBC gets around to pointing out the obvious: 

And there’s this from Supervisor Scott Wiener, who opposes this ridiculous tax:

It is always fascinating how liberals are eager to tax success and embrace fascism when it suits their purposes, such as limiting the First Amendment. A better approach would be to round up the homeless and make them get help for their drug and alcohol problems. If we’re on the path to fascism, may as well get some better-smelling downtown streets out of it.

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