Sunday, May 22, 2016

Liberal Snowflake Claims Jesus Was the First Man to Go Trans

by Kim D.

In an effort to combat those upset over the transgender bathroom decree, one liberal cupcake found a bit of logic that's sure to work and convince evangelicals to see the light - Jesus was the first transgender man. Well, according to a Huff Po contributor, her brain can fathom Jesus in that way so she thought it would be kind to share her "deep" thoughts.
As usual, another forward-thinking progressive cannot find a decent argument as to why the rights of a minority should trump those of an overwhelming majority so she turns to Jesus shaming, managing only to get her name in the spotlight for a brief 15 minutes while she retreats to her safe space to bitch and moan about all the mean Christians hurling hate speech her way.
Quite frankly, she poked the bear, and since Jesus did die for our sins, she should have expected some to not live up to the holy standard. So what is this snowflake's expertise on the subject other than being "mildly obsessed with  . . .  the intersection of sexuality and theology"? I'm sure she has a nice degree from somewhere hanging on her wall that she can share to boast how her superior intellect, mingled with her life in the LGBT community, qualifies her to make these claims:
Did you get that? No? Well that's because you didn't attend enough gender studies classes in school or perhaps do not have the need to justify a life choice for which you must use Biblical teachings in a "non- literal" way in order to reinterpret Christianity and make the Word conform to your world. Jesus, as a historical and Biblical figure, was an advocate for one thing only - love. Those who feel the need to justify their morality and/or life choices often tend to mold Him to suit their needs.

For a more scholarly exploration of Jesus' life and teachings - click here. This author does not feel the need to make the Lord bend to an agenda. By using the actual text of the Bible, Jesus' notions about sexuality are documented through actual verse - not fantasy, and, guess what - He simply preached that we should follow God's law and avoid sin for admittance to the Kingdom. 

I won't pretend to have read the Bible cover to cover - I haven't. So, I will defer to those who have and can point to physical words to convey Jesus' teachings. We know He ultimately gave His life because we simply aren't up to job of avoiding sin. Isn't it enough that Jesus paid such a high price so we didn't have to? 

Culture shapes beliefs and sways moral latitudes but that doesn't mean we must change our perception of Jesus to justify our current civil war over who and who cannot use a woman's public restroom. Simply put, if Jesus had been the first transgender man, He would have loved us enough to "literally" share that information.

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