Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hey, Pops, Guess What? Syrian Refugees Are a Comin'

by Kim D.

This morning started off pretty well until I saw this in my Twitter feed:
My first thoughts are great - that's 10 minutes down the road from where my parents live and about five minutes from the Robinson Nuclear Plant. Besides, why McBee - the heart of Bubba land? 

There are only three, main things to know about McBee, South Carolina:
1. Unless you want to be severely reprimanded or punched in the face, never call the town McBee. It's pronounced MAC - Bee.
2. Watch your speed - the town has always been known as a speed trap. It's one of those small, Southern towns that has a courthouse, a jailhouse, an old caboose as a library, a Subway, a few gas stations, an elementary and a high school, and a couple of churches. Highway 151 cuts straight through the center of town which is the main road which leads from Charlotte, NC to the Darlington 500 races and Myrtle Beach. It's one of those towns for which if you blink while driving through, you miss it. Add to that, the police have nothing better to do on most days than to sit in concealed areas and wait for unfortunate speeders to pass through.
3. McBee's main claim to fame sits on the outskirts - McLeod Farms - one of the largest peach producers in the state.
So, I ask, again, why McBee, SC? Before the trolling begins shaming me into acceptance of people who cannot be fully vetted and are coming from an ISIS-infested region of the world, please stop. This is happening in South Carolina for one reason only - federal dollars. South Carolina is one of the poorer states and it has suffered greatly under the Obama administration. 

One website describes McBee as being located "within the state’s “Corridor of Shame,” a broad swath of poor, rural South Carolina that features some of the most corrupt local governments and most poorly-run government school systems." Just down the road, folks in Hartsville would nod their heads in agreement, especially my dad. 

Well watch out Pops because they are a comin'. According to Fits News . . . 
. . .  lawmakers in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina have been desperately trying to reach Haley to voice their opposition to a new planned resettlement complex in McBee, S.C. Haley – who has been a bit, um, “busy” lately – hasn’t returned their calls.
These lawmakers say they have received word that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – in conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) – is in the process of relocating more than five dozen mobile homes near McBee, S.C.The purpose of these homes?  To provide accommodations for a Syrian refugee resettlement.
Governor Nikki Haley has recently been sued for rolling over and allowing the influx of refugees into the state:
While this drama plays out, remember again that the proposed refugee resettlement complex in McBee is just down the road from a nuclear power plant. Knowing not all refugees can be 100% vetted is it worth the risk? It only takes one ISIS jihadi to make things go BOOM!

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