Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Obama lurching from one disastrous situation to another.

By Rob Janicki

President Obama, with slightly more than thirteen months left in his administration, has been lurching from one disastrous decision or indecision to another, sometimes as if he's been in a trance, going through the motions and at other times resisting common sense and the advice of his own advisors.  

Witness Obama's claim that climate change is the greatest challenge to the world today and the foreseeable future and may well be a contributing factor to the rise of terrorism.   While astonishing as this claim may be, that global warming may have given rise to terrorism, he studiously and tediously refuses to call terrorism by what it is, radical Islamist terrorism bent upon creating an apocalyptic confrontation between Islam and all the infidels of the world.

Over the almost seven interminable years of Obama, we have seen the many sides of the man, some of which have been downright despicable, with most showing a lack of understanding of how the world works, not to mention a lack of leadership skills and a complete disdain for the Constitution and the rule of law.

The past year or so has seen President Obama fall into fits of pique and petulance interspersed with curious decisions to do little or nothing, while telling America and the world that all is going along according to his plan, as if he really has any discernible plans for dealing with ISIS, the Middle East, or Russian and Chinese aggressive actions aimed at expanding their spheres of influence in the world.

For all practical purposes, Obama has given up on the economy and has chosen to watch it from afar as it lurches about in mediocrity.  Perhaps, Obama's detachment is a blessing for America, considering what burdens he placed on America's burgeoning national debt as failed in stimulating an economy that could have recovered much sooner and stronger, had the Obama administration not saddled it with the failing and costly Obamacare.

The only time we have seen President Obama resembling a man of action has been when he has been out campaigning, fundraising and schmoozing with the rich and famous.  If Obama is said to have one superior talent, it has to be a combination of campaigning and  fundraising, because it has demonstrably not been in the area of leadership of the most powerful nation in the world.

After almost seven years, we have seen America's economy plod along at a historically low rate of recovery from the recession of 2008.  Considering that government injected over one trillion dollars to spur the economy, no one can say that it propelled the American economy into anything but a mediocre recovery.  No where near a great rate of return on the investment of taxpayer money.  Still further, real unemployment and underemployment over the seven years of the Obama administration is just about as bad as can be in an economy since the great depression.  Food stamp recipient numbers have increased almost exponentially under the Obama administration.

One shudders to think of what Obama will come up with in the next 13 months as he tries to run out the clock on his presidency.  It simply boggles the mind to imagine what he will do to create some kind of lasting legacy that exists only in his narcissistic mind.

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