Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The elites' war on (your) cash goes on

World governments’ ongoing war on cash, and by extension the war on freedoms of all citizens, is being fought on many fronts, including propaganda. From an essay by Dr. Kenneth S. Rogoff in The Wall Street Journal:

Gee, I thought portability and near-universal acceptance would be considered good things, but not to those of Dr. Rogoff’s ilk, who worship central bankers and their power to decree low or negative interest rates, punishing savers. The hole in that nefarious plan is that if interest rates are too low or negative at the bank, people simply stuff currency under their mattresses. He goes on:

Later in the article, an excerpt from his new book “The Curse of Cash,” Dr. Rogoff tries to appeal to statists: 

His conclusion: 

This orange cat’s conclusion: Dr. Rogoff, who teaches public policy at Harvard, must be a budding communist apparatchik or perhaps a closet Nazi. My scholarly opinion is that he may go f**k himself.

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