Thursday, September 1, 2016

Feminazis Goals: Equality or Superiority?

Hullo there, dear readers! Meg’s back in the saddle! Sadly I have to report something heinous and infuriating to you. It pains me to type each and every word about this story
A 31-year-old father was shot to death at a McDonald's in Northern Los Vegas. Why? Did he try to roll over that Mickey D’s? No. Did he attempt to abduct a child at the MD’s hygienic playground? Nope. Did he even insult someone with obvious anger issues? Nah. His offense was NOT holding a door open for a woman. Apparently, she was extremely offended that he failed to do so. She argued with him over his severe offense, and then she called in for back-up, telling a man whom she was with about it. The white-knight pulled out a gun and murdered the man.
The man’s 14-year-old daughter, gratefully did not witness the attack. But because a woman was offended for not having the door opened for her by a man, this girl loses one of the most important roles children need in their lives. If I was the offended woman, I couldn’t live with myself over this.
Did I mention the deceased was black? Yep, headline should read “Woman has black man killed for ungentlemanly conduct.” Doubt that will fly in our Feminazis saturated culture. However, Black Lives Matter should run with it. Maybe the two groups will fight it out and we won’t have to hear from them for a while.
I am so irritated with my fellow sex. I just…I can’t. Was she also upset that he didn’t roll out the red carpet, massage her feet, buy her chocolates and ask her about her day? Does she expect worship because she has lady-bits? I wish there was another species name we could give them so we didn’t have to associate.
Men, I am so sorry. On behalf of women, I am sorry. Yes, it’s true for a while you kinda ruled the roost and oppressed women in various ways. Those days are dead and have been dead for some time. Not that it doesn’t occur still, and especially in Islamic countries, it is just such a non-issue to me in first-world Western countries now.
I can and do vote, own a gun, have a job (where I am paid the same as the men-folk), own property/possessions, make my decisions, etc. Congratulations, we’ve got equality! So why are they still fighting for our so-called ‘rights?’ Because they don’t really want equality. If they did, they'd want to take on some of the unfavorable things you men have to deal with. No, these women want to be boss…dare I say, bossy to every man. Actually to women too, the ones who don’t agree with them that is.
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One day they say, “How dare you hold the door open for me! What? Do you think I am some dainty flower who deserves special treatment?” Next day, “How dare you not hold the door open for me! I am a woman and deserve respect!”
I think they just enjoy watching you poor boys hop from one foot to the next. Like those scenes in Mafia movies when they shoot at the feet of their victim and say, “Dance, pretty boy!” It’s sadistic because so many of you guys actually try. 
Maybe it is because you hope to get in our pants, maybe it is because you want us to just shut up, but you try to appease. Know this fellas, you can’t make these women happy, hell, you can’t make any woman happy. So stop trying gents. Be a decent man and respect people the way you ought to. Just be your-beautiful-testosterone-fueled-selves…that’s why real women want you in the first place.

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