Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Paper ballots: A good idea that will get no traction

Three months hence, Americans will cast their ballots in a most unusual presidential election. Emotions run high, but they always do. What has never run this high, at least since Reconstruction, is the smell of larceny in the air.

Can voting machines be hacked? Will judges be coerced into keeping polls open so that all the dead may vote? Can certain news organizations that have proved themselves thoroughly biased and corrupt be counted on to fairly report on or even mention irregularities? Will they strategically withhold results, colluding with their favored party? The list of potential concerns is endless.

That’s a tame version of what could happen. For a look at the worst-case scenario, check out this from John Robb at the Global Guerrillas blog.

Of course, paper ballots take longer to count (and recount). The country has become conditioned to fast election returns. But the potential for dirty dealing should trump (get it, hahaha) any of those factors. But it won’t. As you read this, the cheaters are plotting.

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