Thursday, August 18, 2016

Cool Reads: Clinton Cash - the Comic Version

by Kim D.

I'll admit it - I got the Kindle version of Schweizer's Clinton Cash last year when it was released. I read the first chapter then moved on to something else.  It wasn't what I expected as a "read" but knew that the information contained within might be good reference material.  

So, I didn't read it.  I should have as it would have better explained why the Clinton pay-for-play accusations are more than just some nutty conspiracy theory. Knowing there was no smoking gun which proved Clinton and the Foundation had committed a crime, I simply wasn't motivated to read an "untold story of how and why foreign governments and businesses helped make Bill and Hillary rich" until now. 

Thanks to an adaption by Chuck Dixon and Brett Smith, Clinton Cash is now a graphic novel, released in hardcover on August 8th. It looks to be on backorder but via Amazon, the cost is only $11.99. What's cool about this read is finally someone on the right is using a medium to ridicule the left in a way which will inspire a younger crowd to engage in political discourse other than to screech SJW crap on social media.

The graphics are in a classic comic book style and the storyline is rather humorous making this a more enjoyable read than the Schweizer version. 

According to the Amazon blurb: Inside, readers will learn why Hillary Clinton approved the transfer of 20% of all U.S. uranium to Putin's Russia; why Bill Clinton's speaking fees soared during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State; how the Clintons bilked Keystone Pipeline investors; how Hillary's brother scored a rare "gold exploitation permit" from the Haitian government; and so much more.

Stunningly illustrated, hilariously retold, and inspired by the blockbuster book that reshaped the contours of the presidential election, Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel brings to life Hillary and Bill's brazen plot to fleece the planet for maximum profit.

The reviews listed on Amazon are mostly positive although apparent hitjobs are there as well - like that of one reviewer who claimed the book is "vapid right-wing propaganda" (note this review doesn't come from a verified purchaser):

The authors of this book are describing politics, not just Hillary Clinton. That the authors and the Fox News bunch can't understand that is laughable. If they get this worked up over political corruption and cronyism, then there is an endless line of politicians and public officials for them to spend their energy razing. But, I suppose it's easier to get rich by selling books about hot-button politicians.
To hear more about the process behind comic adaptation, click below on Jon Gabriel's link and listen to the interview with artist Brett Smith.

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