Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Another Political Distraction for You - Someone Knows Something

by Kim D.

I tried to look at politics this morning and all I got was Rick Perry being slammed for being cast on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars and Larry the Cable Guy being excoriated for kind of endorsing Trump. Yep - 2016 politics are still a clown show. 

Yesterday I told you about a new true-crime podcast, My Favorite Murder, that I had found and enjoyed. Today I have a new one for you: Someone Knows Something. Hosted by David Ridgen and CBC Radio One, this is a true-crime mystery any parent will find mesmerizing.

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The entire season is about a five-year-old Adrien McNaughton who vanished in 1972. He was with his father, a family friend, and some siblings on a fishing trip in Eastern Ontario. At one point Adrien's fishing line got tangled and his father told him to sit on a rock while he untangled it. Once the line was ready to use again, the father looked for his son and he was gone. 

The father called out to an older son and asked had Adrien gone back to the car to which the sibling responded "Yes"; however, he meant "Yes, what do you want?" That simple miscommunication allowed precious minutes to pass and perhaps contributed to the mystery of what exactly happened to Adrien.

Despite an extensive search of the woods and lake, no sign of Adrien or his clothing was ever found. This was a home-town mystery for David Ridgen who decided to make a young boy's vanishing the focus of a 11-part podcast series. As a filmmaker with a history of solving cold cases, Ridgen asks the questions the family has been waiting for and hopes will resolve a heart-wrenching mystery that has haunted them for over 40 years.

Basically there are three main theories for what happened to little Adrien:

  1. He wandered off and got lost in the woods, then was attacked and killed by wild animals. (The area was extensively searched - no trace of clothing or bones were ever found).
  2. He wandered off and made it to a main road where he was picked up and abducted. (Several psychics who weighed in on the case pointed to this option).
  3. He fell into another section of the lake and drowned. (This is the most plausible explanation and cadaver dogs, 40 years later and on separate occasions, pointed to an area of the lake where they detected human remains. However several lake draggings over the years have produced no evidence of human remains or clothing similar to what the boy was wearing at the time he vanished).
Spoiler alert - the mystery remains. But knowing that fact does not take away from the intense search and revisited theories of how a little boy could vanish without a trace. Hopefully this podcast will reach someone who does know something. Moms like me are hoping that lost little boy, now a 48-year-old man, will be found and reunited with a family that never quit trying to find him.

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