Monday, July 25, 2016

Feminists reveal what's behind anti-trans bathroom rhetoric

by Kim D.

Brought to us by the fabulous, Everyday Feminism, we now know the true agenda behind the anti-trans bathroom movement. It has nothing to do with a woman's right to privacy. It's about fear. They illustrate this point with a preachy comic which comes with a trigger warning:
(Content Warning: Anti-trans rhetoric and references to violence)
Basically the comic features a woman gathering signatures against allowing trans people to use the restroom of their choice. Unfortunately she asks a trans person to sign who asks "Where am I supposed to pee?" The petitioner basically says check your pants and follow gender assigned while the trans person counters with safety concerns about outing himself/herself in a man's restroom. Then the emotional plea begins - the one to consider the feelings of trans people to which the petitioner opens her head and reveals her brain which is all bound by restrictive fear.

When the trans person exclaims that the bound brain looks painful and suggests the petitioner takes it off, the counter is to screech "NEVER! Uprooting my fear would require lots of work. I'd rather direct my fear at you. That way I don't have to confront it. That's how fear always wins." With a diabolical laugh the dialog continues: "Until everyone stops seeing trans people as freaks to be feared, I can't lose."

The punchline quite simply is that in the future the petitioner realizes her efforts have been foiled when listening to young children marvel that people ever disputed a trans person's right to use the restroom of their choice as one says "Weird - where would President Hernandez pee?"  

This cartoon is rated boring and unimaginative although it checks all SJW boxes.

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