Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The latest indication that the Trump train is off the rails.

By Rob Janicki

Donald Trump seemingly continues to derail his own campaign train with his latest diatribe against a sitting federal judge, who is sitting on the case against Trump and the charges of fraud over Trump University.  Forget about the issues and all the other trivia associated with the upcoming trial.  The trial is personal to Donald Trump and has nothing to do with his bid for the GOP presidential nomination and the inevitable match up with Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt woman in American political history.  Trump should have never brought up the subject, since it smacks of racism to demand a judge be recused from a case simply because of his ethnic heritage, without one shred of evidence pointing to judicial bias by the judge

Trump has publicly called the judge out as being biased against Trump because the judge has an Hispanic surname and is of Mexican heritage, although he, the judge, was born in Indiana.  It was the judge's  parents who were immigrants to the United States from Mexico, but somehow Trump has called for the judge's recusal from the Trump U. case for some imagined bias on the judge's part.  It's interesting to note that none of Trump's lawyers have called for the judge to recuse himself from the case.

As has been noted before, when someone crosses Trump, there will be retribution to pay and judge Gonzalo Curiel is the latest victim to receive Trump's wrath.  When Trump feels he has been wronged he will seek, by any means, to destroy the object of his enmity.  Judge Curiel is no different.  Sadly, Trump will continue to beat this drum of bias falsely based upon the race/ethnicity of Judge Curiel.

Judge Curiel
Trump has placed many of his political supporters in a very precarious position of having to deny Trump's charge of racial bias, while denying that Trump is a racist in a presidential campaign that will need all the Hispanic American votes possible in order to win the presidential election this November 8th.

Trump's behavior is not a one off aberration.  Since Trump entered the GOP circus marathon, he has managed to alienate just about every voting demographic group possible, from Hispanics to Muslims to women to politicians he will have to rely upon for their political support, if he expects to win the presidency.

Perhaps Trump's phenomenal campaign style will be able to sustain such hateful vitriol with all the accompanying negative consequences from denigrating Judge Curiel.  I'm beginning to wonder if that is a possibility, which then raises the question of what kind of people actually support Trump and his highly questionable judgment and temperament to be president.

I no longer expect Donald Trump to ever demonstrate presidential temperament and judgment.  I fully believe that Trump's cognitive and personality disorders are too firmly engrained within his narcissist personality to be able to change.  What we see in Trump is the real person, a liar and amoral individual, not exactly engaging attributes for someone seeking to become the president of the most powerful country in the world.

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