Friday, November 27, 2015

The corruption of higher education in America.

By Rob Janicki

The corruption of higher education in America didn't happen accidentally.  It's always been a goal of liberalism.  You see, higher education is where minds are molded and those that do the molding of these pliable young minds determine the future of America to a very great extent.  

Education, in general, is one of the pillars of society that liberalism seeks to control, just as it seeks to control the national healthcare system and the economy through the fiscal and monetary policy of government and its many agencies and institutions like the Federal Reserve System.  Control of these areas translates out to intensive control of people, their behaviors and literally their health and wellbeing.

Education is simply one of the means to control people, their thinking and thus what can be expected in their responses to the tenets of liberalism in its many forms.  What higher education institutions have become in America today are liberal 're-eduction camps' that seek to build upon the K thru 12 public education experience of mediocrity.  Public education in America today ranks in the lower half of the developed industrial nations around the world.

From my personal experience in education in southern California, fully one-third of students entering community colleges are doing so as probationary students pending their passing remedial classes in math and English.  Imagine what that says about these students and the high schools that actually awarded them a diploma, essentially telling the world a lie that these students were prepared to meet the challenges of further higher education in America.  Meanwhile, liberals are pushing for free college educations for everyone, including these functionally challenged students.  Only in the minds of liberals does doubling down on stupid make sense, since it does contribute to their ultimate goal of people control.

And what has higher education done for American students once they arrive in those hallowed halls of higher learning?  They offer them curriculums in nonsensical and meaningless areas of study that lead to nowhere in the world of work that you and I know.  Instead, these curriculums prepare these students to become 'community activists' and such, cast in the mold of their liberal progressive professors.  

Higher education today is nothing but 'boot camp' for preparing liberal progressive government parasites, since government will more often than not accept these phony degrees, whereas the private sector seeks people with meaningful and relevant areas of study that most closely align with their business goals and objectives.  The federal government is the largest single employer of people in America, which should tell us something is terribly wrong in the economy when an organization that  essentially produces nothing and contributes very little to the economy is the largest employer of labor. 

What we are seeing around colleges and universities across America today is the result of liberals having captured the minds of the future that will lead America and those that will unquestionably follow those new young leaders.  Despite this message of doom for America, there is some hope, which I will discuss in the waning days of 2015. 

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