Saturday, June 18, 2016

The @Anni_Cyrus Challenge - Can We Americans "Live up to Freedom"?

by Kim D.

If you believe in freedom and American values rooted in the Founding Fathers' dreams of what this country could become, follow Anni Cyrus on Twitter. She's sounding an alarm and few are listening. If open-minded and concerned, especially after the Orlando terror attack, bookmark and visit her website: Live Up to Freedom.

We are living in lazy, entitled days where terrorist attacks on the homeland should awaken the dimmest bulb among us, but, sadly enough, many Americans want to be taken care of by a government which proves, time and time again, that it is inept, not to mention unworthy of the task as protector of a great nation and its people.  The immediate solution is to screech about gun control - take away the everyday Joe's ability to purchase such "weapons of war" and we will, for the most part, avoid guns falling into the wrong hands (aka mental cases).

We hear and read pundits boldly state that the Constitution guarantees the right to live in an America where people can go about their lives and not worry that a gun will fall into mentally unstable (aka terrorist) hands. No. It. Doesn't. The goal of the Constitution was to keep people free. As remarkable as this document is, it can only work when the people embrace the principles as the Founding Fathers designed them and live up to the freedom challenge.

To take this notion one step further, which is a greater threat -  an inanimate object (aka a gun) or an ideology incompatible with the Constitutional goal of freedom?  Perhaps we should stop being so lazy and explore this question. Ask Anni Cyrus about her first-hand experience of being born in Iran and having Muslim stamped on her birth certificate, which was the first attempt to limit her freedom.

Cyrus recently taped an interview with Steven Crowder - click here and go to the 23rd-minute mark. Coming from the perspective of one born to a father who was a imam and a mother who taught Muslim women to be obedient, Islam never made sense to her as a child and still does not to this day. An ideology which promotes obey or die was one she never could understand and ultimately rejected. She escaped the brutal existence of being born a rebel and sold as a child bride at the tender age of 13 and has made it her life's mission to warn America, which she sees as the last bastion of freedom, that Islamic ideology is incompatible with Western ideals and values.

We need to listen not only to what Isis claims its mission is via a caliphate but also to those who have lived as a captive to Islamic/Muslim ideology and escaped. One of the most enlightening notions Cyrus claims is that America is actually late to the Islamic/Muslim debate and are on the brink of falling the way of Europe and allowing sharia law to drastically infiltrate and poison our freedoms. Political correctness has facilitated sharia by cloaking the evil within by an insistence that America should be "inclusive" and multi-cultural.  

During the Crowder interview, Cyrus argues we need to view Islam strictly as ideology and not as religion. Once we do, constitutional First Amendment protections (in a religious sense) do not apply. Another point she explained was the notion of a fatwa and the reality that all who do not strictly adhere to Islam have already been condemned:
[A fatwa] is basically a sentencing that is given to a Muslim who has disobeyed or walked away from Islam or . . . insulted Allah or Muhammad or anything that goes against sharia law . . . In the eyes of Muslims, every person that was ever born is . . . a Muslim - so you might think you might not be a Muslim but they look at you as a Muslim who walked away from Islam because as soon as you were born, you were [a Muslim] . . . it is the whole goal of Islam to turn the planet back to its origin . . . 
This notion explains why a group holding a "draw Muhammad" contest would be automatically targeted for termination. To the fervent Islam believers (aka radicals), it is not terrorism - it is carrying out a sentence for a crime committed against Islam and its leader.

The last eight years have shown that politics is downstream from culture. Just look at the "sensible" party of "conservatives" who are nominating a liberal celebrity to lead its party over other principled, experienced, constitutionally conservative candidates (cough, cough, Cruz).  We need to stop pretending that Islamic/Muslim principles are compatible with a country founded with Christian principles and listen to experienced voices warning us. It's time to take the "Live up to Freedom" challenge and listen to that inner voice that is alarmed when a new mosque opens in a neighborhood near you.

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