Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Have we seen the last of Marco Rubio? The mystery continues.

By Rob Janicki

This one is for all the Marco Rubio fans who were devastated in his presidential primary loss.

After dropping out of the presidential primary race, which saw Marco faltering badly and reducing himself to the low level of Donald Trump, Marco Rubio came out with the standard phrase of a defeated politician, 'I'm going to seek other career opportunities outside of government.'  That's standard boiler plate for a politician seeking to lick the wounds of political battle and a dismal loss. 

That statement from Rubio opened the door for GOP Florida Congressman, David Jolly to announce he would run for Rubio's announced open seat on November 8th.  Rubio's hand picked choice was supposed to be for Florida Lieutenant Governor, Carlos Lopez-Cantera, his friend and favored replacement.

However, Marco never endorsed Lopez-Cantera and the campaign never got off the ground and it looked like Jolly would be the GOP candidate to fill Rubio's seat, or at least make a serious run for it.

However, in politics, nothing is ever final until it's final, no matter what anyone might say.

Now comes the intrigue about Marco Rubio's current intentions and here are two significant clues.

David Jolly has withdrawn in his attempt to seek Rubio's seat, which leaves Rubio the opportunity to reconsider whether leaving the United States Senate would be in his best political career interest.  Leaving a position of power, influence and visibility does little to nothing to improve one's future political fortunes. 

Second and very important, Marco Rubio has until June 24, 2016, to file papers indicating his intention to run for re-election to his Senate seat.
So, in a matter of days it will become apparent one way or the other whether Marco Rubio will run for re-election and hopefully maintain his solid conservative performance in that august body, which would possibly position him for better things to come in his future political career..

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