Monday, May 2, 2016

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to Be #Trigglypuff

by Kim D.

Calling all parents! Heed this warning - check your child's entitled privilege and stop the insanity of future social justice warriors and their fight with the realities of life. College used to be the place where students could challenge ideas and find their voice. Now it is the antithesis, a place where that voice parrots the brainwashing of progressive professors and spends every waking minute miserable and in search of ways to silence ideas which do not fit with the unrealistic notion that life should be equal and fair.

Every parent should study the phenomenon of Trigglypuff. Her real name is purported to be Cora Segal, and she is a student at UMass College. She also was the "triggering" figure which led to Steven Crowder's epic rant about social justice warriors. If anyone watched Crowder's rant and thought it was mean-spirited, meet Trigglypuff:

Triggly has quickly withdrawn from social media; however, fortunately, for scientific purposes only, the Internet is forever.  An archived view of her Facebook profile page shows a progression of her formative years as a teen blossoming into a young woman. During this critical time in a young woman's life, it is apparent that Miss Puff has struggled with her weight which we can assume has contributed to depression and acceptance issues.

Warning - no child should go through these formative years as obese.  Childhood obesity is detrimental to physical and mental health. On this point we should agree with FLOTUS to some degree - to help break the cycle of childhood obesity, parents need to be equipped to help children deal with this crippling disease and with much more than school lunch fascism.

In comparison, my son is only six, yet he has a six-pack, a product of genetics and four years of gym and swim classes. I will admit that we have done pretty well over the years, although we are suffering along with most middle-class Americans at the end of Obama's reign due to over-regulation and a stifled economy. One could say we are privileged because we have been able to afford gym classes for our child. He is proud of his physique and vows never to lose his six-pack. 

However, lately it has been a challenge to pay all the bills. How do we do it? We budget, dine at home, forego expensive vacations, and wear discount fashion. Compare this to my sister-in-law who always struggled economically but insisted her daughter attend dance class from a very young age. Today she is a well-adjusted, healthy teen building her brand on and Instagram. Growing up in an economically challenged household is no excuse not to reign in the excesses that can creep in and take over a child's life. 

An odd statement attributed to Triggly is that "fatness has nothing to do with health" which factual life experiences and the Mayo Clinic tell us is complete and utter horseshit. However, it must be the notion that helps Miss Puff get through each day in denying the reality that she must change her perception of obesity and lifestyle choices if she hopes to live a long and healthy life:
A negative self esteem is ripe pickings for identity politics. One look at Triggly's Facebook group page indicates her identity search - which, quite frankly is all over the place from Feminists for Liberation to Decolonize Native North America to Spread Love not Hate to Fat Studies. The old adage is true - you are with whom you hang, and Trigglypuff identifies with overweight, Native American, gay, cisgendered, feminist, socialists.

Not convinced? Here is how she describes herself on OK Cupid:

My self-summary
Warning - parents need to have high expectations for children. No matter what issues kids face, they need to know they are expected to be a productive citizen. They need to understand the realities of life. Nothing truly is for free and men slapping on dresses does not equal the "woman" experience. Children should not be burdened to understand what they truly cannot. It leads to confusion and misery. [At this point - go back and watch the Trigglypuff video a second time and ask yourself if this person has many happy moments]

In comparison, my step-daughter, now 27, has no clue what the term cisgendered means, along with most sane people over 30. She has never engaged in the "trans" debate in a negative or positive way and wouldn't have a clue she is "cis" something, being straight and not disappointed she was born sans penis. 

She decided to forego a traditional four-year college education for an associate's degree in photography. She is happy and passionate about her chosen profession. Even though she doesn't make the big bucks in this economy, she is slowly building a business and is focusing on her craft, her talent and ministry to the community. She doesn't consume herself with the social justice warrior mentality and is perfectly fine with photographing a gay wedding.  At first we were worried about her educational decision but are now thankful she was spared the mental torture we see so often displayed on college campuses. 

It goes without saying that I'm not a psychologist or the perfect mother. However, I do know that parents must be involved with their children, try to help foster a good self esteem, and address health and mental issues as they arise. Being proactive with educational and physical skills at an early age gives children the best weapons to fight against being sucked into and consumed with the social justice warrior mentality. No child or young adult needs to be a Trigglypuff, not even Cora Segal. 

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