Monday, February 8, 2016

Upside Down World - #FreeChuckNellis @ChuckNellis @support

by Kim D.

Update - Chuck is free from Twitmo tonight! 
I've heard about silencing of Twitter accounts. For many accounts it simply means going to Twitmo (Twitter jail) and is a temporary suspension. Some have been permanently silenced, like Todd Kincannon who did tweet many offensive things spiced up with colorful language. Others like Chuck Johnson pushed too many buttons and broke the rules (i.e. doxxing people publicly sharing personal information). However, silencing people because they have a large following and share contrary viewpoints is unacceptable.
This is what social justice warriors (i.e. wacko liberals/progressives) do. This is not what conservatives, or those who identify as such, should do. Accusations are flying and the suspicion is that Trump supporters are behind Chuck's suspension. Liberals have had ample opportunity to try and silence him but do not appear to have been successful with past attempts. (Although, admittedly, I do not know all of Chuck's Twitter history, so this is said without knowing if he has been through a similar experience before).

This is the first time I've experienced Twitter wars during a presidential primary and the fighting is nasty on both sides.  Berniebots hate Hillary supporters. It has been hilarious to see the number of Bernie fans that retweet and follow me when I tweet a good Clinton zinger. However, the true gut wrenching process is seeing many of your followers who support a different Republican candidate feel the need to troll and twitter slap to make sure 1) you know you are wrong in supporting a different candidate and 2) change your preference. 

Example: I support Ted Cruz. My preference is in my Twitter bio and I tweet many things in support of his candidacy. However, I do not go out of my way to respond to the Trump supporters who I follow and see happily tweeting tweeting their support. Trump is their candidate of choice. They have every right to voice that opinion. I do not feel the need to 1) troll and mock them or 2) change their preference. Unfortunately, this sentiment is not shared by some of my followers. It's at this time when the mute and block buttons become handy.

In the roughly two years since I've been on Twitter, I've never seen anything tweeted by Chuck Nellis that shocked me. The Chuck I've been honored to follow has a great sense of humor, a devout faith in God, and an unabashedly, yet honest, opinion of the current occupant of the White House. His back-up account is staying true to the belief that Obama sucks:
Since Chuck's been tweeting his opinion of the commander in chief ever since I've been following him, this certainly cannot be the source of a suspension. Have the atheists ganged up and decided to silence him once and for all? Probably not. So, what's different? What has Chuck done or tweeted to stir up the masses?

I certainly do not know what Chuck's tweets were that led to the suspension. Once the account is reinstated we will be able to see. Here's is what I do know. Chuck is not a spammer nor is he a nasty troll. However, he does vocally support Ted Cruz as the Republican primary nominee (unless something has changed in the last day or so).

Now, this is purely speculation on my part but it would appear that Chuck's choice of preferred candidate could be the reason for mass reporting which would generate a temporary suspension. Here are what some are tweeting about the suspension:

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