Friday, December 4, 2015

The liberal fallacy of "stricter gun controls equals a safer citizenry."

By Rob Janicki

There is absolutely no fool proof means to make Americans completely safe from the criminally minded who are intent upon committing crimes against property or people.  An effective police presence can tamp down petty crimes, but when it comes to major crimes, it becomes more of a law enforcement reporting function, with an after event investigation for police to perform, with a smaller number of crimes solved and perpetrators convicted.

Statistics indicate that in those jurisdictions with greater legal gun ownership, plus accessible and obtainable concealed carry gun laws, crimes against property and people are lower and often significantly lower on a per capita basis when compared to jurisdictions with highly restrictive gun laws making it very difficult to purchase a gun legally, let alone even carry a weapon for self defense.

Fast forward to the after massacre posturing by liberals over the San Bernardino mass murders.  Once again, President Obama is calling for more "common sense" gun controls after the horrible slaughter of 14 innocent people and the wounding of 20 others in San Bernardino, California, on Wednesday.  To be fair every likely liberal political suspect chimed in with the same refrain, "If only we had more gun controls, this heinous crime would never have happened."  Demonstrably false, but that never inhibits liberals from lying and/or twisting the truth.

Enter President Obama and his predictable rant for further gun controls.  Obama didn't specifically state any solutions, but his solution, or at least one of them, has always been to institute an assault weapons ban across the U.S.  The problem is that those "evil assault rifles" just happen to be the largest seller of long guns in the U.S..  A huge industry of gun manufacturers and accessory suppliers exists to provide legal gun owners with those same rifles for hunting, competitive target shooting, recreational plinking and home and personal defense.  It isn't likely there will be another assault weapons ban in America.

Interestingly, Obama uses Europe as an example of what tougher gun controls can do to make people safer.  Unfortunately, Obama is looking in the rear view mirror of history and must be oblivious of the fact that guns are being illegally imported into Europe in large numbers from Russia through the Balkans, since the borders of the European Union are even more porous than America's southern border.  The black market for guns in Europe is growing exponentially and will continue to do so with the increasing threat level of the radical Islamist terrorists and the influx of Muslims throughout Europe, especially young Muslim men emigrating from Syria and other middle east hell holes. 

Back to recap the tragedy in San Bernardino and the guns used in this horrific crime. The problem the gun grabbers and their call for greater gun controls is that California already has tough gun control laws.  In other words the facts of this latest tragic event don't fit the solution for even greater gun controls in California.  

Still further, news on the San Bernardino event reveals that the two perpetrators of Wednesday's massacre acquired the two semi-automatic rifles and the two semi-automatic pistols, legally under California law.  This means that background checks were performed by the responsible governmental agencies charged with preventing unlawful gun purchases by individuals not entitled under law to purchase firearms.

The problem is in data collection for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  If the input data is incomplete, inaccurate or untimely, the output provided to regulatory agencies will be highly suspect and potentially allow for criminals to slip through the system.  Let's tighten up the reporting system first, before any further restrictions are attempted to restrict legal gun purchases and gun ownership.

So, Mr. President, aside from confiscating guns from everyone in America, just what "common sense gun laws" do you propose that would not violate the 2nd Amendment and all the case law behind it to protect individuals to legally own firearms?  All I hear are crickets chirping.

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