Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dogged, PETA steps in it

by Mouser The King Cat

PETA members wrongly think cats like me should be vegans (just because they are), and that we shouldn’t own humans, who serve as our assistants. Their overall view seems to be that we should be “liberated,” free to forage, live short lives and eventually be neutered out of existence.
Screw you, whackjobs.
I’ll admit PETA does worthy work in some areas, including investigating cases of cruelty. But like all organizations that attract perpetually aggrieved liberals, too often it throws common sense out the window.
Such was a case from the Eastern Shore of Virginia, across the bridge/tunnel from PETA headquarters in Norfolk. A family has filed a lawsuit seeking at least $7 million after its beloved pet, Maya the Chihuahua, was dog-napped off the front porch by a PETA employee last year and soon put to sleep.
At first, PETA stonewalled. Under pressure from WAVY-TV, the organization later said it had been asked by local residents to help with stray dogs and admitted to a “tragic mistake.” It sent representatives to Wilber Zarate’s home with a fruit basket.
Mr. Zarate’s lawyer, William Shewmake, said the suit was filed because Mr. Zarate’s young daughter cried for weeks, couldn’t sleep well and lost weight. “We want to hold them accountable for what they do and we look forward to a trial in this case,” said Mr. Shewmake.
The prosecutor decided he lacked evidence for a theft case, but the state fined PETA $500 for killing Maya too soon, violating regulations that cover all animal shelters. The zealous employee was fired.
One of the many takeaways here: Don’t get the dominant local TV news operation on your ass. 

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