Monday, November 30, 2015

The 2015 UN Climate Conference farce begins today in Paris

By Rob Janicki

In what would be better described as The Climate of Hysteria Conference in Paris, we find world leaders gathering around the concept of man made climate change as the great Satan of this century.  Forget about global jihad by Islamic terrorists.  It's all about global climate change, the latest liberal subterfuge for the failed idea that there is global warming afoot and it's man made, which can be reversed if mankind will only act to forestall usage of fossil fuels and their evil resulting carbon dioxide (CO2), a green house gas.

The historical record indicates that there has been no global warming for over the past 18 years and 7 months, but that is just a minor detail and an inconvenience for liberals to explain as they roll out their narrative of impending doom.  The fact that earth seems to be experiencing extreme weather conditions is explainable, since all the extreme events we have seen in recent years, when compared to historical records, are not that extreme at all and fall within the parameters of modern record keeping.

So, if there has been no global warming in over 18 years, then the climate events that some have called extreme, could not have been caused by man made warming conditions, like the increase in carbon dioxide through the burning of fossil fuels.  In other words, climate changes that are viewed as extreme by proponents of global warming cannot be attributed to man made warming and, still further, can be explained as falling within the historical record of climate change and thus are normal oscillations in climate.

If there has been no global warming in over 18 years and extreme climate events can be explained to fall within normal historical parameters how can any reduction in man made greenhouse gases reduce a problem that does not exist in nature's climate reality?

Rational people who are actually involved in the scientific study and analysis of climate and weather   realize that man has little power to control nature, which is the real driver of global climate and weather and has been at it for over 4 billion years.  Much is said by global warming proponents about rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, and they have been rising and are now at about 398 ppm.  What these alarmists don't reveal is that during the last Ice Age the C02 level was in the 600 ppm range.  Are we then actually heading for another Ice Age?  Many climatologists are now predicting a mini ice age by the year 2100.

Lest anyone forget, plants consume CO2 and give off oxygen in the photosynthesis process.  Greater CO2 levels result in greater plant growth and crop harvests, thus reducing global hunger and poverty.  But that result does not fit the liberal narrative that man made greenhouse gases must be regulated by government for the good of the collective.

One can only imagine what kind of international agreement will come out of this UN Conference.  It should be very interesting to see what Obama will do with any agreement that he brings back for legislative examination.  It's already being reported that an agreement has previously been prepared and will actually be presented for the approval of this august body of liberals to saddle mankind with greater costs for energy, which ought to increase both poverty and hunger, while throwing developing nations back into third world status. 

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