Thursday, August 18, 2016

Feminists Claim Snickering at Black Names Is Bad

by Kim D.

Another idea from the wild and wacky world of Everyday Feminism - finding some black names odd-sounding or snickering when mispronouncing them is a bad thing and indicative of white supremacy. "How White People Subtly Reinforce White Supremacy When They Laugh at Black Names" is written by a white teacher who stresses at the beginning of each school year once class rosters are issued.  She says she teaches in a school where her race is the minority.  

She further claims there are not many black teachers to turn to for help in figuring out how to pronounce black children's names so she tries her best:
No one likes to have their name butchered, especially children, especially if an adult is doing it, especially if that adult is white. The only solution I’ve found is to soldier on with the first day’s attendance and just try my best: 
Me: Shah-NEE-Qwa?  
Child: Shah-NAY-Qwa. 
Me: JAY-Marcus? 
Child: JAH-Marcus. 
It’s uncomfortable, but I get through it and eventually learn. However, one thing I’ve stopped doing is going to other white people for help. That’s a recipe for disaster.
Simple question comes to mind here - why doesn't she simply ask the children to introduce themselves on the first day of class.  Even the shyest child can be coaxed into saying his or her name out loud. Take note of the pronunciation and problem solved.

Making an issue out of the fact that black children may have names which may sound foreign is white supremacy. Finding certain names to be odd or funny is just human nature. Don't roll your eyes because you know it's true - just ask those who are jumping on the trend wagon naming little white girls Legna (Ley-nah) which is "Angel" spelled backwards . . .  

 . . . or Crystal Metheny. *snicker*

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