Sunday, July 24, 2016

Vote Like Ivanka for What Is Right for Your Family and Country

by Kim D.

On the final day of the Republican convention, Ivanka Trump spoke eloquently in support of her father's candidacy for president. 

While she has been criticized for promoting some policies which are in no way conservative or in favor of free market ideals (perpetuating wage gap myth and affordable child care), one notion at the beginning of her speech should be praised:
Like many of my fellow millenials, I do not consider myself categorically Republican or Democrat. More than party affiliation, I vote on based on what I believe is right, for my family and for my country. Sometimes it’s a tough choice. 
I'm with her - she's advocating to vote your conscious, like so many others have done as well. Her conscious tells her to vote for her daddy, and no one would ever question a daughter's loyalty to family.  However, for the majority of us who have never worked for, met, or have family allegiance to Donald Trump, we need to look at all the facts and decide what we believe is right for our families and for the country.

While no true conservative will vote for Hillary Clinton, many will also not vote for Donald Trump, especially after the convention fiasco and vengeful punishment for Ted Cruz's defiance of not bowing and kissing the ring.  Many do not understand how the confirmed nominee of the Republican party comes out and doubles down on the lies he perpetuated during the contentious primary.

If you missed it, Trump is not taking the fight to Hillary Clinton now that he is the firm nominee - he's still trying to make the case against Cruz, an action of a guilty conscious needing to have the final word on the matter to justify the clown show of booing monkeys he and his team of narcissists orchestrated Wednesday evening of the convention. Here - listen for yourself and ask "Is this the person we actually nominated to beat Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz":

Forget the fact that Cruz delegates were not allowed to be on the floor of the convention during his speech, is it no wonder that the boos were resounding when the Senator refused to endorse? Forget the fact, that Trump declared in a town hall to Anderson Cooper that he would not support the pledge, no one would support a person who attacked one's family. If your wife was mocked as ugly, your father accused of plotting to kill JFK, and you were accused of having multiple fictitious affairs by a publication which supported your opposition, could you turn around and tell the American people "this guy is great - vote for him"? 

Cruz made a strategic error in trusting the Trump machine; it's that simple. He should have taken the road of Kasich and all others who decided to stay home and not speak at the convention. The pledge to support was already null and void.


Trump was correct and honest about one thing he did say in his July 22 press conference. Cruz did add a line to his speech. After saying "I want to congratulate Donald Trump on winning the nomination last night," he added a line which Trump said could be considered nasty: "And, like each of you, I want to see the principles that our party believes prevail in November."   Both lines, however, were cheered by the clapping monkeys.  Both were positives. Could it be lyin' Don wants people to believe Cruz maliciously inserted the "vote you conscious" line instead? 

Could it be that Trump simply isn't a politician and doesn't know what he's doing?  We've heard that excuse numerous time before from his surrogates. Does that explain why he isn't taking the fight as fervently to Hillary Clinton as he's still doing with former primary rivals. Word is out that Trump is backing a superPac to go after future elections of those who didn't endorse, namely Cruz and Kasich. Check out the latest on this from The Hill:

Bloomberg, citing one unidentified source, reported the Republican candidate’s plans to target Cruz's and Kasich's future campaigns on Friday.
Trump signaled such a plan in a speech on Friday morning, the day after the close of the convention, while blasting Cruz for refusing to endorse him in remarks before the convention Wednesday night.
Is this simply more stupidity from the one who claims he has the best brain or are Trump's true colors showing? Does he really want to beat Hillary? Does he want to be president? His actions are screaming no with a shrug and sly grin.
The best thing Trump ever had going for him was his celebrity and name recognition. Hillary's ineptness and criminal activity makes her unqualified to hold political office.  All Trump needed to do was keep repeating the tag lines that made him popular with his base and welcome those on the far right and moderate left to join him.  If he had followed this strategy, there would be no question what he wants and who would be the next president of the United States.

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