Monday, July 25, 2016

The party against walls just built one #DNCchecklist

by Kim D.

For all the screeching about gun control and fear mongering that something horrible would happen at the Republican presidential convention, held in the open-carry state of Ohio, things were relatively calm. This is a fact that the major media ignores.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia, as the Democrat convention begins, a huge four-mile, eight-foot-tall fence wall has been erected. 

Barriers like this are standard protection but progressive protesters had no problem making an issue of the fence wall at the Republican convention. Oh the irony - the party who screeches Trump's border walls are racist and ineffective has no problem whatsoever walling itself off from and and all harm that should come its way. 

Perhaps the heightened security is wise - those Bernie-like terrorists are all riled up after the DNC has been caught red-handed favoring Clinton for the party's nomination.

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