Tuesday, June 14, 2016

#OrlandoShooting - Suicide by Cop?

by Kim D.

Flipping on the TV this morning, the buzz is that the Orlando shooter, who murdered 49 in a gay night club and, subsequently was killed by police, was, in fact, homosexual or had such tendencies. This adds another dimension to the conversation - was this merely a deranged individual who could not cope with the dichotomy of adhering to Islamic faith and living a life true to his nature?

Was the shooter - he who shall not be named - simply following the advice of a friendly imam who declared the penalty for being gay, according to Islamic tenants, is death? 


Was the shooter simply being compassionate to his fellow homosexuals and redeeming them, along with himself, in Allah's eyes? Or does evil prey upon the weakest among us to carry out its darkest deeds? 

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