Tuesday, June 14, 2016

IRS sued by 426 non-profit organizations on Hit List

by Angela Durden, special to RightingOnTheWall.com

I personally know one of the 426 in this lawsuit.

Mary Grabar, whom I first met years ago at a luncheon hosted by a book publisher, is the sort of woman who takes no guff from anybody. While she never goes out of her way to pick a fight, she's doesn't back down from one when it is brought to her door. Of this she should know how to do from her parents as they fled communist rule when she was a child. A fight has been delivered to her door. She has not backed down. Here's the short version of it. 

Mary, teaching college English beginning in 1993, in the early years of this century, began writing about education with an emphasis on culture and politics' influences on it as delivered via that pretty and caring Trojan horse called Political Correctness. Mary should know the troubles of the encroachment of political correctness and the rewrite of history, as she found it harder and harder to keep a job at the university level while properly serving her students. 

The job of a teacher is to open minds and teach how to think. By all accounts and definitions, Mary Grabar is that and more. So, it wasn't so much that others disagreed with her as she was told to cease and desist. But everyone is entitled to their opinion, right? Isn't open and spirited conversation and debate what makes students valuable to their communities? Well, no, she was told.  

Professors like herself, and many students, on U.S. campuses were (and still are) being threatened with job loss or failing grades if they did not teach and support what the dommes and dominatrices of political correctness had anointed as the holy way of thinking, that is, their most-learned opinion that produces easily manipulated sheeple. 

Dealing with everything from the rabid embrace of Common Core Curriculum and its subsequent shoving down parents' and students' throats to their detriment, to the destroying of the study of the classics in literature replacing those with P.C. Crap by radical professors who openly identified themselves as socialists and communists intent on controlling their little fiefdom with full intent to shut down all opinion not their own...well, Mary had had enough. While being threatened with job loss, and unable to get tenure, Mary did not back down from those self-styled bullies. 

For years, she funded her massive research proving who the forces were behind all this, shedding light on their ultimate goals. She testified (when allowed), and was threatened when she did so. And still the long-term jobs are being denied her causing much financial troubles. There came a time when she set up a 501(c)(3). She met all the requirements, but that didn't stop the IRS from making nasty with her as they did with many other organizations who did not tow the party line. You can read about that here. Now, Dissident Prof is named as a party in a lawsuit against the IRS along with 425 other non-profits who also are not towing the party line. 

Many do not understand the nature of bullies. Bullies don't care about people. Those who stand up against them do care. Strength meets strength. Without that, we all are doomed. 

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