Friday, June 24, 2016

My Kiddo Told Me to Vote @DLoesch for President

by Kim D.

As far as the notion of the first woman president goes, I agree with my six-year-old son - Dana Loesch would be a much better choice to lead this nation than Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, she's not on the ballot, nor would she have any desire to be nominated.

So now you're wondering, well how did this discussion start anyway. We were headed to tennis camp first thing this morning, and I cut on "Kid's Place Live" on Sirius XM hoping to hear some kiddie tunes. Instead we landed in the middle of a political discussion. Yes, on a kid's radio channel.

The host of Ted Radio Hour, Guy Raz, was explaining the 2016 presidential election and the voting choices. He first explained that Donald Trump was a rich businessman who had never run for political office nor had any first-hand military experience. Then he pivoted to Hillary Clinton and gave her resume - FLOTUS, Senator, and Secretary of State.

My son listened as Guy explained that it took a lot of money to run a successful presidential campaign. Mr. Raz pointed out that Hillary has worked hard and has raised 40 times the amount of money that Trump has despite the fact that he is a rich man and has the money to fund his own campaign.  The discussion was factual but, in my opinion, was skewed toward Hillary Clinton being seen as the most logical choice which I'm sure is by design - get the kiddos to engage their parents in a political discussion in which they are armed to give an opinion on who should be president.

After taking in this information, my son said "Mom, who are you voting for?" That was a tough question to answer honestly so I simply said, "I prefer neither; I wanted to vote for Ted Cruz." Having met Senator Cruz in April of 2015, my son agreed that would have been the better choice, but not being able to understand the complexities of the issues America faces when making this important decision, he simply said, "Well, if you can't vote for Ted Cruz, then why don't you vote for Dana Loesch." 

Besides him having a huge crush on Dana, because - what guy wouldn't - and yes we watch her show on the Blaze, at this point I now realize how much he actually listens to my daily dose of political podcasts which usually begins with Dana Loesch then pivots to Andrew Klavan and Ben Shapiro and ends nicely with the Great One, Mark Levin. I'm raising a staunch conservative which hopefully will serve him well as an adult and dealing with the side effects rising from the policies of either a Trump or Clinton administration.

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