Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hillary Says "It's Time to Move on" #Benghazi

by Kim D.

As you watch the clip below, notice Hillary's eyes wandering - not focused as she mocks time and funds spent to uncover as much as the truth possible about the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. "It's time to move on," she declares smugly. I wonder if she would be so bold to say this to the faces of the loved ones who lost family members in this terrorist attack? They still don't know why when the order was given to help, yet no military asset responded.

According to Mollie Hemiway of the Federalist, we do have five big takeaways from the information gathered by the Benghazi Committee:
  1. Administration misled public immediately and continually
  2. Weak Benghazi security points to Clinton's political considerations
  3. Military never sent men or machines to help
  4. Terrorists weren't brought to justice
  5. Administration obstructed investigation
The Benghazi scandal, unfortunately, it completely partisan. Those who made up their mind before the committee investigated are gleefully claiming nothing new to report. Those who wanted every stone unturned to understand the failures that occurred believe the opposite.  

Representative Gowdy challenged us to read the entire report - click HERE. Perhaps we should do so to confirm whether it's time to move on from Hillary Clinton.  In an election where the prospects for our next commander in chief seem so bleak, the one with the lady parts has already proven herself incompetent and unworthy to hold the title.

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