Monday, May 16, 2016

When vegans act like a street gang

By Mouser the King Cat

The vegan community in L.A. is up in arms, so much so that Tinseltown’s press is on the story:
L.A.’s vegan vortex has angrily turned on the most prominent vegan restaurant group in town … as word has spread that its owners are not just eating meat but raising and slaughtering animals at the working farm where they live in Northern California. Matthew and Terces Engelhart, the husband-and-wife proprietors of favored entertainment industry haunt Cafe Gratitude, tell The Hollywood Reporter they’ve been receiving death threats against them. It has also spawned a deluge of one-star reviews on their local outposts’ respective Yelp pages, a boycott group on Facebook that tallies 571 members at press time and plans now underway for a protest at the Larchmont Village location.
The story goes on to quote Mr. Engelhart: “People have taken up the mob mentality. It saddens me that the choices we made in the privacy of our home would lead people to feel so betrayed that it’s elevated to threats on our lives. I’m very discouraged.”
According to the Facebook scold, “The reason we’re so upset is that veganism is a belief system. You are patronizing a restaurant that you think has that philosophy, and it turns out it doesn’t. Vegans should know that this restaurant has a farm that slaughters animals.” To which I reply: Fine, stop eating there. Maybe the celebrity customers (including Beyonce and Jake Gyllenhaal) will lead the way.
No cats are vegans, but my assistant has met some; he says they tend to be memorable because they bring up the subject six times a day without being asked. Like many strains of liberals, some vegans apparently regard their dietary preferences as a secular religion and think heretics should get the death sentence. F**k them.

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