Friday, May 13, 2016

Not feeling P.C. Whipped enough about toilets these days?

Well, here you go. Another opportunity to get your guilt on.

I very much appreciate your training of guide dogs to serve as service animals. I know it takes a lot of time and patience and self-sacrifice and for those who need such service animals; folks like you are a Godsend. However, please do not now chide readers about using any public waste-elimination seat. A few facts:

One: Nowhere does the law say that only able-bodied must wait their turn in line. Which brings us to...

Two: As I have a brain with a long memory for details that do not matter in the whole scheme of things (it is a curse, trust me), I can tell you that in all my years of using public restrooms, I've never once seen a person who is qualified by law to use the big stall having to wait her turn as everybody moves out of her way. I have been in quite a few states and both large cities and small towns. Most folks have awesome manners in this most basic of human functions. 

Babies learning to "hold it in" always get to go to the top of the line. Old folks and anyone with a cane or walker who are huffing and puffing and have trouble standing are next to be bumped to the fore. 

Three: The law says accessible to, not "only used by." 

Therefore your post, while I am sure is well-intentioned what with your heart being in the right place and all, is just another way to make the P.C. Whipped feel guilty. In other words, you've hit upon writing about a problem that is a not a problem; therefore, you've wasted my time and, since time is money, you owe me some money.  I believe you have fallen into the trap of seeing nails everywhere because you only know about hammers. 

Anyway, since I am not P.C. Whipped, and since I have not committed a crime nor deprived anyone of their opportunity to eliminate bodily waste in a timely fashion, I am not feeling guilty...only aggravated that I fell for reading your article because it started out as if it would be different. 


An Example of the many Random but Nice People Who are Tired of Being Chided as if They are Total Hate-Mongering Idiots

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