Monday, May 9, 2016

Favorite Movie Scenes #1

Send me the clip of your favorite movie scene and I will post it here with a link to your Twitter page.

Use Twitter Direct Message to give me the link to your clip.

Because if you simply tweet it to me in the public forum there is no sense in posting it here since everyone will have already seen it.

Get my drift?

Anyhow, here is one of my favorites starring Alan Ladd as Shane and Jack Palance in his first screen role as the psychopathic gunslinger, Jack Wilson.

Alan Ladd's Line, "I heard you're a low down Yankee Liar" refers to Jack Wilson's taunting of a drunk sodbuster he had previously goaded into drawing a pistol as Wilson gleefully shot him to death in the muddy road in front of Graftons General store/Bar.

p.s. Shane was wounded in the gunfire, but the damn clip ends before we find that out.

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