Wednesday, May 4, 2016

And the Good News Is . . .

by Kim D.

Sorry Mrs. Perino - I'm stealing your line this morning. While the cheerleaders for Donald Trump were waving their pom poms last night in victory, they were also celebrating the death of the Grand Old Party. They did it and stuck it to, not only the Establishment but, every single politician.

And the good news is that this primary has shown everyone's true colors. We know now who our neighbors and the faceless, anonymous people we interact with on social media are. We see who the major and new media are. We know now that big government will be the burden all will bear for at least for the next generation. Progressivism, whether it have a socialist or national populist face, has won.

Whether the next president be Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders (yes - that's still a possibility), the leviathan known as big, corrupt government has won. So, you see, no matter if you feel like #NeverHillary or #NeverTrump this morning, it simply does not matter.

The secession has begun. The GOP is now officially on fire and will die a slow agonizing death. And the good news is there is a chance that rising from it's ashes will be something new, something more unified.

And if I'm wrong, there's always #Kayne2020, who can light the final match and burn it all down.

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