Saturday, February 6, 2016

BREAKING! Goat Rapist on the Loose in Florida!

by Kim D.

Is Isis already here or is some cousin-loving sicko raping goats in the small Florida town of Caryville?

To answer the question above, yes, this could be some sicko acting on beastiality fantasies. Something similar happened in July 2014 when a West Virginia man got frisky with his neighbor's goat while high on bath salts. However, the timing of this current goat rape attack eerily coincides with Florida's import of Syrian refugees. According to refugee resettlement stats:
According to the Daily Mail, we may know more about the goat rapist soon. Police efforts to catch the deviant have not been successful so far which has led Pecina, the goat's owner, to take action. In addition to photographic evidence proving the molestation, she has collected DNA samples for testing.

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