Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Another weak Trump takedown from the billionaire dipsh** club

by Mouser The King Cat

The latest member of the Billionaire Dipsh**s Club to take a shot at Donald Trump is Mike Fernandez, a Cuban immigrant from Florida who has wasted more money than anybody else promoting the failed candidacy of Jeb Bush.
Mr. Fernandez’s effort includes plans for full-page newspaper ads in Miami, Las Vegas and Des Moines. (When is the last time you did anything with a full-page newspaper rant except turn the page? At least they don’t cost much.)
Many reporters and other observers are setting aside material for a book about this presidential campaign. I doubt this 10-watt takedown attempt will rate a mention.
Mr. Fernandez, who arrived on U.S. shores at age 12, got wealthy in a field where the government picks winners and losers. Notes Tim Ryan at the outstanding blog LewRockwell.com:

A poor choice of words. Where’s the Secret Service?

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