Sunday, November 29, 2015

The rich don’t act rich

by Mouser The King Cat

David Brooks writes for the op-ed pages of The New York Times, where he is billed as a conservative voice. Those on the political right use him as a piñata. But compared to the wild-eyed loonies at The Times, Mother Jones magazine and Mizzou, he’s fairly conservative.
Mr. Brooks opines but also reports. A recent assignment was for The Times’ Sunday magazine, where articles must be produced with a substantial lead time. He tagged along for six days on Four Seasons’ new 24-day, around-the-world vacation, where the travel is by private jet and guests are pampered at the chain’s luxury hotels during two- and three-night stops.
The price tag: $120,000. (For those thinking bucket list, a homework assignment: Research life insurance viatical settlements.)
This passage was pretentious enough to give Mr. Brooks’ critics ammunition:
With that last sentence, asshat detectors went off, triggering predictable online derision.
Then Mr. Brooks’ luck changed — for the worse. Terrorists murdered dozens in Paris (some presumably tourists) a day before the magazine actually hit the streets.

So if somebody puts “Asshat Court” on TV, Mr. Brooks could be tried and sentenced to a trip through the grinding poverty of Appalachia. In a crappy  rental car.

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