Friday, November 27, 2015

Michelle Obama: "Monitor Your Family for Racial Intolerance" Happy Holidays

By Elizabeth Nelson

I'm sure everyone remembers when Obama unleashed the Pajama Boy campaign, around Christmas and wanted our family members to pimp and push getting Obama's toxic Obamacare insurance, while we were trying to enjoy our Christmas dinner.  Guess what, the Obama's are at it again, but this time it has nothing to do with insurance but family racism.

She's right, we don't have to eat together or live together in the same neighborhoods.  IF you don't like living around me, my American flag and Christian Car, feel free to move out of my subdivision, instead of acting like a spy for Obama. What other "program" do they want to start, if they're having our children spy on us?

Michelle destroyed school lunches, why not destroy our holiday dinner?

If we don't learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it.  So, because of the Obamas and Obamacare, our doctors are now being asked to inquire if we have a gun in our home and other invasive questions and now our children are "dragging us down the path of racial tolerance" to see if we have the potential to tell an "off-color" joke?  Has everyone forgotten about Eisenhower with his McCarthyism the Red Scare where Americans were "turning in their Neighbor as a Communists." 

What do the Obamas plan on doing with all this information they are collecting from the doctors and all of these kids.  Obama and Eisenhower aren't the only radical Presidents. Remember Roosevelt's Japanese-American internment camps? Also in his internment camps were Kids, Italian-Americans  and German-Americans.  Oh, but this could never happen today, right?


Ask yourself, who could he possibly be talking about keeping in "prolonged detention," especially when he's bent on closing GITMO and he's stead-fast in his decision that, "we will never be at war with ISLAM."  As for Obama's "Rule of Law," we've seen time-and-time-again that in Obamanation, this is empiric, unconstitutional and arbitrary at the end of his pen.

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