Wednesday, November 25, 2015

God Must Love Stupid: New Black Panthers & Farrakhan Call for a Black Friday Boycott Again this Year

By Elizabeth Nelson

God must love stupid, because He sure made enough of it.  We've watched the fight over the name "Redskins," because it offended all of a handful of "Indians." Now Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers and Luis Farrakhan have yet again rallied blacks to the point that they have their panties in a wad over the decades long tradition of saving up to 75% off items the day after Thanksgiving, known as "Black Friday."  Of course, they aren't saying anything about "Cyber Monday."

Coming to a town near you, boycotts of retail stores that aren't owned by black owners.  I'm sure my all-time favorite town will boycott again this year, as they did last year.  Sit down for this one, Ferguson, MO.

Here in Jacksonville, FL, our boycott goes one step further.  We're tying our Boycott to the death of a teen who died at the hand of Michael Dunn.  Dunn was tried twice for this crime.  The family didn't like the  Attempted 2nd-Degree Murder conviction and the 60-year sentence that went with it, so we tried him again on the mistrial murder charge. 

Of course, if he were a black man killing a white person, I'm sure we would have tried him a second time until the family got the verdict they wanted.  They would have done that to OJ, if he would have had a mistrial, right?

Jordan was killed on Black Friday in 2012. His father is a part of the national “Black Friday Blackout” or “Not One Dime” boycott, where the black community and anyone else who wants to participate are urged not to spend any money on Black Friday. The latest numbers show African-Americans have $1 trillion in buying power.

“This is not a religious movement, this is a unity movement. The type of work that was going on in the '60s for human rights and civil rights, which black and African people failed to receive,” Muhammad said.

This is a unity movement? What are they uniting? After the weekend, they go back to spending full price for the electronics they would have saved up to 75% on.  Oh, wait, what was I thinking, in places like Ferguson, they've already walked out of the store with these items for free.

As if Black Lives Matter and The New Black Panther Party pushing this wasn't enough, Farrakhan couldn't miss jumping onto the racist bandwagon.  He loves hearing the vomitous sound of his own hate-filled voice, as he called for black people to boycott Black Friday and Christmas.  Of course, because they don't need to save up to 75% on items, in this down economy or help their community.


The saddest part of this entire boycott is that it shines a bright light on the ignorance behind it.  Black Friday has nothing to do with the skin color of the person doing the shopping or slavery.  Black Friday actually has three definitions, two of which have a monetary nature.

1. September 24, 1869, the day the markets crashed following a failed attempt by some financiers to corner the gold market. Led to a depression. Read more at: World History Project

2. In a more general sense, any Friday in which a public calamity occurred. 

3. More recently, the term Black Friday has been applied to the day after Thanksgiving in which retailers make enough sales to put themselves "into the black ink" and out of the red.

Read more at Investor Words

We've have swung so far to the liberal left that common sense is no longer common and nothing makes sense anymore.  Police are the enemy and the PC Police are now the heroes of the world.  Don't believe me? Blacks Boycott "Black Friday" because it's too Black.  

I guess now we'll have to call it "Financial Freedom Friday."  Then, we can't forget that the liberals found a handful of "Indians" that found the term Redskins "offensive." Think you're free? Try saying the name "Jesus" anywhere in public today.  Oh wait, Obama's already said, "Gay trumps Religion in the Constitution,"
so Christian, Muslims & their Allah have more freedom than we do.  I guess the Atheists will now have to go after the "offensive" New Orleans Saints.

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