Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Fowl Story that We've Heard Before: Obama Pardons Turkeys

By Elizabeth Nelson

Okay, so this pardon is for freeing turkeys, not a high-profile Muslim, thousands of Illegal aliens with a horrific criminal record or a terrorists. 

These are just misunderstood turkeys named Abe and Honest.  Fitting that the runner-up turkey that almost hit the dinner-table was named Honest. Because we all know that Obama wouldn't willingly pick anything Honest, if it cornered him in a broom closet.

A fortunate fowl named Abe edged out his rival Honest in the annual pardon contest, which now takes the form of an online vote.

After pardoning Abe, Mr. Obama said the runner-up, Honest, “looks like good eating” but acknowledged both birds would be freed and spared the Thanksgiving table. Read more Washington Journal

Although hokey, the pardoning of the turkey goes all the way back to President John F. Kennedy in 1963. However, I'm sure Kennedy's jokes about saving his turkeys had to be better then Obama's. 

Obama should really stick to what he does best, taking vacations, and fire whoever wrote his turkey jokes, because they smell as bad as his foreign policy. 

After watching this short clip, I sit dumbfounded at the little information I took away and that "it's hard for him [Obama] to believe that this is his seventh year pardoning a Turkey."  I can understand why it's hard for him to believe. I never expected him to be in the White House this long either, to be honest with you. 

Perhaps he gave Americans more credit and his reelection came as a shock to him, as it did to the other 49% of us that didn't vote for him, because we were well aware of the failures of his first term and foretold of the Cold War Thaw, demise of America and 19 trillion dollar National debt we're seeing now, if he were reelected.  Not to mention, I'm sure he expected to be impeached by now.

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